I do not like Green Eggs and Ham

Sep 27, 2015 crumley commented on I, Anonymous.
If I had a Segway I'd roll the shit outta that motherfucker. Id roll all over town like Sir Mix Alot. Id roll over all you pussy ass pedestrians entitled or not. I'd start a Segway gang and we would wreak havoc all over Seattle. In fact My Segway gang would take over the Stranger's office and make it our clubhouse. Fuck all yall!! Segways motherfucking kick ass bitches!
May 18, 2015 crumley commented on Why Descendants of Chief Seattle Led the Protest Against Shell on Saturday.
"They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one; they promised to take our land, and they took it."

Red Cloud
Mar 25, 2015 crumley reviewed Sundance Cinemas.
Went here and was not impressed. Most of the changes are cosmetic. the only new features I liked were the comfy spacious seats. my gripe is with the people that work there. After I bought my ticket I told the girl "Thank you." and got nothing. Rude. I bought some popcorn and a soda. Thanked the kid there also. Nothing. What this tells me is that my business is NOT WELCOME there. So me and mine will never watch a movie at that theater again. Also I will urge everyone I know to do the same. They cant even teach their employees basic manners. Telling a customer your welcome is more than being polite it tells the customer that their business is appreciated. Sundance made it crystal clear that my money was not WELCOME or appreciated at their establishment. So....fuck you very much Sundance.
Feb 19, 2015 crumley commented on Seattle Police Union President to Cops: Get With the Times or Get Out of This City.
Ron Smith said ""I'm going to try to do better on things,"

Hey Ron, Yoda's got some excellent advice for ya "You must unlearn what you have learned.Try not. Do. Or do not."

Feb 18, 2015 crumley commented on New Chop Suey Owners Face Pressure to Change Venue Name.
They should change their name to General Tso's. But if that is too un PC then how about Biscuits and Gravy.
Feb 18, 2015 crumley commented on Five Things We Should Do Right Now to Improve Police Oversight in Seattle.
The Police have lost touch with the community. It would be good if they got to know some of the community they serve. Maybe if the cops took the time to get to know some of us maybe they wouldn’t automatically assume that a minority with a hoody on is a “thug” and maybe if we got to know the cops we wouldn’t assume that every other cop is a threat to shoot and kill us.
Like back in the day there was Officer Friendly who would come to school and educate us about drugs, crime etc. Officers driving down the street would randomly stop and give away Seahawks, Sonics and Mariners trading cards to us kids.
If the Police got to know the community by being involved with the community that would be good.

Feb 2, 2015 crumley commented on First Impressions of Seattle by Someone from Vienna.
Hello visitor from Vienna. Welcome to Seattle.

if you're looking for some good cake try Borrachinis Bakery on Rainier Ave
Jan 30, 2015 crumley commented on SPD Officer Removed from Street Duty as Elderly Vet Says He Was Arrested Because He's Black.
The sad thing about all this is that Whitlatch will probably not learn or evolve from this incident. I'm betting it actually makes her a worse person. She will adopt a victim mentality and blame the black gentleman and the rest of the world for her problems and fail to accept the fact that the face in the mirror is what's causing her troubles. Whitlatch does not seem like a person that accepts responsibility for her actions. I imagine the only things Whitlatch regrets are dating the ex, posting her crap on Facebook and being caught on camera.
Jan 29, 2015 crumley commented on Eight Easy Steps to Help You Break Through the Dreaded "Seattle Freeze".
I have a One step plan on how to beat the Seattle Freeze.

1) Don't be an asshole.
Jan 28, 2015 crumley commented on Video: Seattle Police Jail Elderly Military Veteran for "Walking in Seattle While Black".
That woman has absolutely NO business in a police uniform. She is a coward. William Wingate has forgotten more about courage than that woman will ever know. Who knows the lying coward might shoot next time she imagines seeing a minority do something she don't like. I really wish the good police officers would grow a pair and call scumbags like Whitlach out.