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Oct 30, 2009 rockinsocks commented on Indiana University - Bloomington.
"Is it true if you don't use it, you lose it?"

As a virgin in my mid 20s, inquiring minds (belonging to a slew of 20-something lady virgins) want to know. They also want to laugh a lot at that article... reasonable reaction? Or is this legitimately something to be worried about in regards to future sexual health?
Jul 17, 2009 rockinsocks commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day.
Kim_in_Portland pretty much handled this but here's my hammered out ramble.

This isn't a madcap drama- what your friend is going through is kind of a big deal but it's not like he just decided to wear salami pants for the rest of his life. You may have to lay off the sex til he gets his bearings, but once he does he may resolve to continue the kink or not and you can choose to find a new buddy or wait for the verdict in the meantime.

Whether he decides to keep fucking you or not, if you're up to it and this is someone you care about, you should continue the friendship. It's really easy for some people to go from zero to crazy if they become completely distrustful of where they were before and the easiest way to avoid that is to continue a positive pre-conversion presence in his life.

While I'm from a more lefty-ish side of the pew that is pro good natured kink, maybe he's just into the whole fire and brimestone thing and has moved on from you to getting his want/need of being controlled from an outside source, in which case, stay friends if you want and immediately fuck somebody else. Just don't freak out on him and don't go knee deep into theological conversations you don't want to be in.
Jul 8, 2009 rockinsocks commented on Black Kids Kicked Out of Pool.
So much Pennsylvania related rage...