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Aug 27, 2012 lunasea commented on WA Catholic Church Begins Fundraising Directly for Anti-Gay Election PAC.
In a perfect world, someone would stage a Mass walkout of Catholics who support equal rights for all humans, and no one would show up to church on September 8/9.
Dec 30, 2011 lunasea commented on Here Are the Songs You Listened to 100+ Times in 2011.
Yay for Stupify!!!
Feb 11, 2011 lunasea commented on Hello, I Am Fat.
Thank you, Lindy. You are my new superhero.

As for Dan, you can fuck off.
Jan 19, 2011 lunasea commented on Williams Inquest Day Seven: … And Nothing’s Happening Today, Folks.
So, did you beat all of the levels on Angry Birds, or did you beat all of the levels with 3 stars, and conquer the egg levels too?
Jan 12, 2011 lunasea commented on Palin Panics.
Wait? "T'aint bad"??
Jan 8, 2011 lunasea commented on Congresswoman Shot in Arizona.
I'm wondering if this has any correlation at all to the fact that has been down all morning.
Sarah Palin should be held partially, if not mostly responsible. Seriously, she's inciting people to kill 20 house Dems. How many of them actually have to die before she's arrested?
Oct 21, 2010 lunasea commented on And Who Teaches Straight Teenagers That Being Gay Is a Choice?.
Little aside:
Um, @13, your name is clearly visible in your previous post (@9).
Oct 15, 2010 lunasea commented on KING-5's New Day NW Showcases "Princess Boy" and His Amazing Family.
It's nice that they're covering this, but the host's use of terms like "girls' clothing" only perpetuates the social "norm" that pink & purple things (and kitchen things, and baby dolls, etc.) are for girls, and blue and yellow (and trucks and tools, etc.) are for boys.
My son also likes "pretty" things, but is mocked and ridiculed by kids at school for it, and is learning that mainstream society will not accept him for liking "girls'" things, and he must "man-up" in order to be accepted.
I'm totally going to buy this book today.
Aug 27, 2010 lunasea commented on I Want to Say Something About This Season's Project Runway....
Not only is she a conniving, manipulating bitch, but her designs are the same hipster fashions Seattle's been wearing for years. Hack.
Aug 27, 2010 lunasea commented on Is Our Children Reading X-Men?.
Um, "Is our children"?? If I'm not mistaken, that should be "Are our children..."
That is all.