Jun 8, 2015 DF commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: What Should the Duggars Have Done?.
Agreeing with comment #16. This advice was utterly useless, in that she basically contradicts herself completely in the "here's the right thing to do if one of you children is sexually molesting another" field.
Apparently, her advice is to immediately get professional help for both, and, oh yeah, the professional *is* legally obligated to report to the police, so also be prepared for your child to be taken away, charged, prosecuted, labeled as a sex offender, and put in a juvenile facility.
In dodging the direct question of what the Duggars should have done, she neatly highlights why so few parents are able discern "the right thing" to do when life hands them this shit sandwich. (Their bizarre and disgusting rationalizing after the fact notwithstanding.)
Nov 26, 2014 DF commented on I, Anonymous.
Apr 20, 2014 DF commented on I, Anonymous.
Oh sweet lord.
The very last thing IA writes is that she was NOT, at the time she fell, looking at her phone.
Nonetheless, half the posts above must take up the judgmental battle cry of the empathy-impaired bitch she describes, and smugly upbraid her for exactly that.
I have fallen in the rain, no screens in sight. Yard-saled it completely. Books, purse, cellphone, the works, scattered all around. I realize that some people feel compelled to kick others when they're down, as a kind of voodoo defense mechanism to ward off random misfortune. But if that really would be your actual response to seeing someone slip and fall - even if they WERE looking at their screen - then you have much more serious emotional issues than carelessness.
Nov 20, 2012 DF commented on I, Anonymous.
So now instead of trolls in the comments section, we are cutting out the middle man and being trolled right in the actual letter.
Nov 14, 2012 DF commented on Savage Love.
Another tip from a sex-positive female who is cunnilingus-indifferent: make sure it's warm in the room, and even more so in the area you'll be working in. One of the things I really don't enjoy about the experience is that, between the saliva and my own moisture, it all gets pretty wet. Cold air hits it and - *shudder* - now everything has gone cold and wet.
Nope. Don't think I'll ever be a fan.
Nov 7, 2012 DF commented on We Couldn't Have Done It Without Them.
If they can deny your rights, they can deny mine. If they can can use your sexuality to deny your fundamental humanity, then someone can judge mine, and do the same to me; no one is truly safe.
Fighting for equality and basic rights is ALWAYS enlightened self-interest for any human being.

(A good example is your own vocally pro-woman, pro-choice campaigning, Dan. It's not like you were ever gong to need birth control, or have to decide what to do about an unplanned pregnancy. But you were in there pushing and shoving with us, just the same. )
So yeah, thank YOU.
Oct 10, 2012 DF commented on Savage Love.
Unusually bad advice from Dan. There are sooo many examples of men who will relentlessly try to prevent their gf/wife/ex from obtaining an abortion, regardless of their own willingness or suitability or ability to be a father.
I find it just that he might try to tell her to carry the baby to term as he would be to drive her to an abortion clinic. Which wouldn't actually prove a damn thing about him, except that he opposes abortion, which he already said.

His willingness or unwillingness to "step up" isn't what's being debated. And it doesn't mean he gets to make that call for her, which is the true crux of the matter.
Jul 4, 2012 DF commented on I, Anonymous.
It's easy to be sanctimoniously assholic about healthy choices when your own are not on display every time you step out the front door. Hypocrisy is thick as shit all over this list.
Eat a lot of fried food, red meat? Smoke tobacco? Do drugs? Do you have frequent unprotected sex? How nice that you can totally disown that dangerously unhealthy behavior at any given moment, keep it all to yourself and judge the visibly fat slob who can't.
Jun 15, 2012 DF commented on Michigan State Reps Lisa Brown & Barb Byrum.
I just posted a message to Jim Stamas' FB page, regarding my VAGINA. I think my vagina wants to send him an email too...
Apr 28, 2012 DF commented on What Is the Worst Word in the English Language?.

Please, give me back awesome, excellent, terrific, I can take them, they are generic enough to simply glide by without much of a bump. But lately, people I know, particularly people of the vaginal persuasion, are having magical parties, a magical time, spending magical weekends out of town, and I want to slap them back into this non-magical dimension every fucking time I hear it.

Hold the glitter, girls.