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1:07 PM yesterday Mickymse commented on Pot Activist May Fight Socialist in Capitol Hill's First City Council Race.
She has to run against Sawant because that's who folks like Burgess want off the Council...
Apr 15 Mickymse answered a bunch of weird questions about himself or herself.
Apr 15 Mickymse commented on Interactive City Council Districts Map.
I always love when people point at a map and say it's gerrymandered because it wasn't drawn to favor their personal political persuasion... District 1 has approx. 1/7 of the city's population, and that helped make the decision to go with 7 districts, and they began there which is why it fits so much more geographically than the others. In other places you have to make adjustments to fit the population requirements, so some group is always going to lose.
Apr 7 Mickymse commented on You Can't Just Tell Gay People to Shop Somewhere Else.
So, why would you want to hire a baker, florist, or photographer who SECRETLY hates you? And what if there was "secretly" a disaster right before the wedding? ESPECIALLY the photographer, who could argue pretty convincingly that s/he is being required to participate in and watch your wedding?
Apr 3 Mickymse commented on Total Compensation Is a Deceptive System That Would Effectively Gut a $15 Minimum Wage.
This isn't that hard. It's not a matter of whether or not people have "made a payroll" or "run a business" or whether they've been servers or worked for a commission. TIPS are supposed to be extra money from the customers for good service. They are not supposed to be income. The IRS tries to collect taxes on that PRECISELY because other states have created sub-minimum wages and made tips part of income.

Pay your employees what they're worth. Don't ask me as a CUSTOMER to cover your employer costs. If -- IF -- that leads to some customers tipping less, and a decrease in compensation for SOME service staff, then maybe they'll think about whether or not to continue working in your establishment. That's what other businesses have to do. More boutique establishments offer higher wages and better benefits to attract more skilled workers.
Mar 28 Mickymse commented on Seattlepi.com "Article" Actually Just Taco Bell Advertisement.
As stated above, it's not signed off on by the P-I. It states clearly that it's provided by Business Insider. It's probably a sad commentary about the difficulty of staying afloat financially that they have to have provider networks feeding links... but it seems like a bit of a stretch to accuse the P-I of placing this item as if it is news.
Feb 28 Mickymse commented on A Baker Refused to Make Your Wedding Cake?.
What many people seem to be missing here -- and Dom missed even as he wrote it in his article linked above -- is that the florist in Richland DOESN'T REFUSE TO DO BUSINESS WITH GAYS AND LESBIANS. Not only has (had?) she done business with other queer folks, but she'd done business with this particular gay couple before. She wants the right to opt out of wedding ceremonies. Why is that such a problem, even if you think she's wrong?

That's what Andrew is driving the argument towards. This isn't a debate about broad discrimination against whole classes of people. this is a difficult question of conscience about where the line lies between one person's beliefs dictating the actions of another.

I know that's hard to wrestle with, but that's called part of being in a truly inclusive society.
Feb 25 Mickymse commented on Calls for Taxi Deregulation Ignore Seattle's History of Failed Taxi Deregulation.
Please make a real case, then, Goldy... Folks I know who were around keep citing the report on deregulation; but that report doesn't actually say it failed. And the main points it raises as problems are -- as has been pointed out above -- addressable. We're in a totally different environment today. sure, maybe full deregulation is not the right answer; but it should be abundantly clear to anyone not simply interested in protecting the current industry players that the current situation isn't working for a significant number of consumers.
Oct 30, 2013 Mickymse commented on A Pictorial History of Public Campaign Financing in Seattle.
I don't understand Seattle voters some times...

1) Public financing has not achieved the desired results elsewhere. This was even confirmed by the consultants Council brought here as part of the background on this proposal. And Council's own staff admit that it won't meet the goals initially outlined in studying the proposal. Yet 8 of 9 Councilmembers voted for it, and countless so-called progressives support it.

2) On the other hand, 22 of the 25 largest cities in the U.S. have at least some Council seats elected by district, and yet scores of people are utterly convinced that it can't possibly work here, that it's a crackpot idea, that it's a rich Republican scheme, or that there's no evidence to back it up.

Oct 16, 2013 Mickymse commented on Poll Shows Voters Dissatisfied with Our City Council But Unwilling to Pass Measures That Would Give Council Members Healthy Competition.
Want to know what you get whwen you switch to Districts? In San Francisco, they elected Harvey Milk and the first African American member of their Board after neither could win running citywide.

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