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Oct 29 Mickymse commented on How Mayor Ed Murray Is Stumbling on Gender Pay Equity.
Well, Murray lied -- repeatedly -- about the Domestic Violence office... so why stop now with campaign promises?

But give him a break on the discrimination claim. I mean, really?, $5,000 more is pennies in salary negotiations and ignores the fact that Brazel was TERRIBLE at her job. If it only cost a few thousand to get someone who knows what they're doing, then his staff negotiated that one pretty well.
Oct 24 Mickymse commented on City Unveils Westlake Cycletrack Placement Plans, But Parking-Defense Group Has Other Ideas.
There's bicycle infrastructure on Dexter, parallelling this entire route. What's wrong with using that?
Oct 22 Mickymse commented on Mayor Murray Puts the Brakes on Eviction of Ravenna Tent City.
Too bad Scott Morrow didn't tell the press that Haller Lake United Methodist voted to extend the time that Tent City could stay there... but SHARE refused to accept their offer. Scott prefers to go for publicity and playing political games with elected officials.
Oct 15 Mickymse commented on Another View on the Mayor's Housing Task Force: Major Employers Are Underrepresented.
Rock star reporting there, Ansel... Cindi Barker praised the regulations -- and she OWNS a house! -- therefore she is a NIMBY. In fact, she understands our local land use regs better than some of the DPD staff seem to. Seems like a good addition.
Sep 30 Mickymse commented on Seattle's Second Pot Store Opens Tuesday in the Central District.
@15, because they're hoping he'll turn into Dominic Holden II?
Sep 11 Mickymse commented on Guest Editorial: Progressives Should Support Transportation Proposition 1.
@12, Actually, unlike the County Council with the previous measure, the City Council has several other funding alternatives they could pursure -- like the two Sawant and Licata proposed earlier. Some of them -- again, like the two proposed earlier -- don't even require a vote of the people at all.

Sales tax is a terrible burden on low-income folks right now. What the hell was the point of raising the minimum wage to give low-income folks moer money, if we just make them spend it in taxes? That low-income fare will only be available to those who jump through the hoops to qualify for it, and the car tab "fix" will only rebate 1/3 of the charge!
Sep 10 Mickymse commented on Why a Seattle Cop's "Embarrassing Facebook Rant" Matters.
Errrr, sorry, I meant Ansel. Doh! :-)
Sep 10 Mickymse commented on Why a Seattle Cop's "Embarrassing Facebook Rant" Matters.
I get that this makes Hall look bad, is perhaps deserving of a conversation with his supervisor, and perhaps reveals much to us about his potential conduct as an officer... BUT it still should not be grounds for firing.

If he's making comments on his private social media account, outside of work hours, it really isn't anyone's business.

Dominic, how would you like it if The Stranger decided to fire you based on something you wrote on Facebook? What if SPD or the City complained because of something you wrote about the Chief or the Mayor's Office or the officer who harrassed you?

Would ANY of us be okay with being fired from our jobs for expressing something during our own off-the-clock time and not on behalf of our place of employment? If not, then it's NOT okay to hold others to a higher standard. We don't subject police officers to a morality test or a political oath, and we don't elect officers to their positions either.
Sep 3 Mickymse commented on Another Cyclist Has Died—So Will the City Council Finally Fund Bike Safety Improvements?.
The Stranger hans't been a supporter of more cops, community policing, and improving public safety? Are you reading a different paper than I am?

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