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Oct 8 rubystu commented on Bruce Lee's Emotions Are Nothing to Laugh At.
@8. This is a movie with a campy James Bond villain that uses a prosthetic spikey paw hand to fight. A movie with an extended fight scene where the main character's sister fights and commits suicide to prevent her gang rape. Where a big joke is how many whores a black guy can bed. And where a weaponized cobra is used to clear a room to comedic effect. A movie where Bruce Lee visibly rolls his eyes at the campy dialog. A movie where the entire soundtrack is dubbed, badly. It has a scene showing confined and drugged women pleading for their lives.

It's also an amazing performance by Bruce Lee. I very much respect the emotion that he displays in the scene in question, but it occurs in the middle of a campy exploitation film with a mishmash of violent, misogynist elements. Excuse me for not directly connecting with the characters.
Sep 24 rubystu commented on The Morning News: Seattle Police Cracking Down on Bicyclists, First Hill Streetcar Delayed Until Next Year.
What statistics are cops using to base this ticketing offensive on? Do they have injury data showing these steps are necessary? Do they have data showing prioritizing bike traffic stops will prevent more injuries and deaths than prioritizing motor vehicle traffic stops? Or is this a media driven "war on cars" reaction like in New York?
Sep 5 rubystu commented on Pronto Cycle Share and How the Market Reproduces and Reinforces Seattle's Racial Map.
For those wondering about costs. The value of a bike share bike is much higher than almost any co-op bike. It allow you to park it at a destination and not have to worry about it. Taking the bus to Federal Way and aren't going to come back for a week? No problem. But its a big problem if you have to lock up your own bike.

On top of that bike share bikes are incredibly sturdy, safe, and *maintained*.

They absolutely should be publicly funded as a component of our mass transportation system.
Aug 29 rubystu commented on Please Stop Fighting Over Reclining Seats on Airplanes.
While I agree, with the main point of being kind to fellow travelers, I don't get the privilege of complaining about how packed planes are. Air travel is an expensive and limited resource (not to mention emissions heavy.) Getting to fly at all is a luxury many can't afford. Increasing the number of people who can access a single plane (regardless of comfort) is the populist objective.
Aug 25 rubystu commented on SDOT Director Nominee Scott Kubly: "War on Cars" Narrative Doesn't Reflect Reality.
You rock Scott. Thanks for thinking about how to keep me safe while crossing the street. The idea that deaths are not an integral part of commuting will take a lot of people by surprise.
Jul 22 rubystu commented on Pronto Cycle Share Launches in Two Months! Here's Where They Want to Put the Bike Stations.
@15 It's designed for short trips between multiple stations. As if you were doing errands/shopping in multiple locations. So yeah you can extend the free period for as long as you want by continuing to dock it. The reason it isn't a good solution for tourists is because you can't re-dock it if you are cruising out into the burbs on a multi use trail.
Jul 22 rubystu commented on Pronto Cycle Share Launches in Two Months! Here's Where They Want to Put the Bike Stations.
@12 These aren't really municipally owned systems. They are funded by sponsorships and user fees. Should they by municipally owned? For the very reasons you state, absolutely fucking yes. The systems have been shown to function very well as a component of transportation systems, not so much for tourists. So yeah, SDOT should be budgeting money to expand the system and keep it cheap.
Jul 11 rubystu commented on San Francisco Scares Off App That Lets You Bid on Public Parking Spaces.
@7 The company didn't create the scarcity of parking spots. It is just taking advantage of the surplus value that the city was too feckless to price correctly.

The app just gives an explicit number for what the citizens were already being encouraged to do, consume as much valuable urban space as possible.
Jul 11 rubystu commented on San Francisco Scares Off App That Lets You Bid on Public Parking Spaces.
It only works because San Francisco isn't charging market rate for valuable real estate. It creates the opportunity for parking spot campers to claim public resources for themselves to sell on a secondary market.

Free parking is just corporate welfare for suburbanites.

San Francisco's answer shouldn't have been to introduce further regulation in order to prop up their market distortion, it should have been to charge an appropriate amount for the use of that public good. But San Francisco is so behind the times when it comes to urbanism it isn't worth mentioning.

Jun 4 rubystu commented on How Amazon Buys Seattle's Silence.
If Malcolm Gladwell is against it, I'm a for it.

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