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Call me Scott is considering a more just society: If a law results in power, privilege or authority accruing to the already advantaged, should it be considered an unjust law?
1:37 PM Call me Scott commented on Trump's Worst Week Ever.
Yet, half of likely voters will vote for him. People are funny.
Sep 28 Call me Scott commented on With New Lower Speed Limits, Seattle Will Become More of a City.
Driven at continuous speed, 25mph is the most fuel efficient speed for my car--an automatic Toyota Matrix. I'm happy.
Sep 8 Call me Scott commented on Jill Stein Failed to Show Up in the Ways That Mattered Most at the #NoDAPL Demonstration.
More hate for progressives--about what are the rich white headmasters so frightened?
Sep 6 Call me Scott commented on The Cost of Light Rail Will Be Cheap in the Long Run.
Having visited places where light-rail is ubiquitous and usual, I assert, it is great.
Sep 5 Call me Scott commented on Bumbershoot's Highs and Lows: From Tyler the Creator's Hectoring Raps to Reggie Watts' Buttery Soul.
"It shows a lack of conviction in your own art if you need to constantly manipulate the audience" . . . unless your art is manipulation. Hmmmm?
Sep 2 Call me Scott commented on The Morning News: Seahawks Player Joins Anthem Protest, Mayor Defends Evictions of Homeless.
Still hating on Erin Jones. I'm glad to see SLOG settling into their new neo-con surroundings--with a few . . . ok . . . one notable exception.
Sep 1 Call me Scott commented on To Us, Erin Jones Says She Made Mistakes. To Her Funders, She Says We Twisted Her Words..
@4 indeed! Jones has my vote. Black woman in power . . . that works for me.
Aug 31 Call me Scott commented on Alarming Comments on LGBTQ Youth from the Woman Who Wants to Be Washington State’s Top Education Official.
Watching the left eat their own makes me wonder where to go? I can't go right. Perhaps . . . just to sea.
Aug 31 Call me Scott commented on An Open Letter From Erin Jones to The Stranger.
Seems like a person of integrity. I'd vote for her over the white guy, just because.