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Call me Scott is considering a more just society: If a law results in power, privilege or authority accruing to the already advantaged, should it be considered an unjust law?
Jul 25 Call me Scott commented on Did Anyone Make it to the Straight Pride Parade Today?.
Equal rights for insects is his only good idea.
Jul 23 Call me Scott commented on Revisiting the Town of the Most Famous Horse Sex Death in Recorded History.
I thought this a great piece of writing and a fine piece of journalism. A commenter was offended that you asked potentially unsettling questions of a 'poor woman'. ??? I say keep asking.
Jul 22 Call me Scott commented on Sandra Bland Is Dead Because She Believed in Her Rights as an American.
We should allow Texas to secede. Only if this were an international incident where an American citizen was treated this way by foreign authorities--and then suspiciously died in their custody--would our federal government take any affective notice, to say nothing of punitive action.
Jul 22 Call me Scott commented on The Newly Released Sandra Bland Dashcam Video Is Chilling.
And was the arresting (assaulting) officer drug tested, post-incident? I want pre-employment, random and post-use of force incident drug testing for police officers . . . and I want caffeine to be measured. Take another look at Ian Birk and tell me that guy didn't have some trenti's on board.…
Jul 20 Call me Scott commented on How Washington's New Transportation Package Forces Electric Vehicle Owners to Pay More for Not Using Gasoline.
Society benefits when we socialize and subsidize good practices. Electric cars are unquestionably preferable to I.C.E. vehicles. Plug-ins should be subsidized and gas car owners should pick up that tab. This is how good change is manifested in a regulated capitalist dynamic. You make the more desirable thing more economically attractive--the less desirable, more costly.
Jul 17 Call me Scott commented on Governor Inslee Meets with the Kids Who Sued the State Over Climate Goals.
Postman . . . don't be a prick. "He's meeting with them--but it's not a serious meeting. Don't get the idea that the Gov. is taking marching orders from kids. He's not. He's just meeting them . . . but it's not serious." "He'll meet with other people, serious people. Seriously." Prick.
Jul 16 Call me Scott commented on Entitled Techie Who Didn't Get The Stranger's Endorsement Won't Stop Braying About How Hurt He Is.
I've often found grammatical corrections to be the end-all for 'this conversation's over'. Well-played SLOG . . . unless old Gus responds by showing up with those chunky glasses and a slim firearm at the Stranger office--at which point, a retraction would be in order.

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