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Call me Scott is considering a more just society: If a law results in power, privilege or authority accruing to the already advantaged, should it be considered an unjust law?
Aug 17 Call me Scott commented on No. Do Not Do It. Do Not Put This in Your Mouth. No Matter What..
Smart. Send that sh*t to Oregon. We don't need it in our compost.
Aug 16 Call me Scott commented on EOD: Oh Man. We Really Feel For You, Olympic Pole Vaulter Hiroki Ogita.
@4 . . . indeed. He will get copious head till the conclusion of the current news cycle . . . and hopefully beyond!
Aug 15 Call me Scott commented on The All-American Weed Family.
I would support this producer.
Aug 15 Call me Scott commented on What Do You Know: Millennial Voters Flocking to Clinton.
The abused, the disadvantaged and discounted need no 'convincing'.
Aug 12 Call me Scott commented on Dan Savage to Daily Beast: Take Down Your Creepy Olympic Grindr “Exposé”.
A small clandestine squad of tech-savvy gay men is currently scheming to publicly humiliate or ruin the career of that 'journalist'. Good on 'em.
Aug 9 Call me Scott commented on Employees Taken Hostage Sunday During Armed Robbery at Recreational Cannabis Store.
I was walking the dog in the midst of the police response (intense and weaponized) . . . at which point our walk turned into a run. #getmeouttahere.
Aug 4 Call me Scott commented on This New York Times Video of Trump Supporters is Disturbing.
The slut-shaming of voters opting for someone other than Hillary is alarming--makes me wanna say "Fuck you and the neo-liberal you rode in on".
Aug 3 Call me Scott commented on Seattle Beats Atlanta in Cars Per Household.
A year in Copenhagen sounds nice. Might try to stay on, eh?
Jul 26 Call me Scott commented on A Conversation With a #BernieOrBuster About Dinner.
Oft humiliated gay teen grows into powerful man; tries to excise past traumas by humiliating others.