Mar 31 ragged commented on I, Anonymous.
@12 I agree: when did this column become so lame? It used to be culture-oriented and actually transgressive. Now it's mostly lame, tedious shit like the current topic.
Feb 13 ragged commented on New Records Show Years of Concern About SPD Officer Whitlatch's Behavior (Including a Petco Incident in 1997).
@33 Exactly. Seattleblues is a reactionary little turd who suffers from severe projection disorder (and probably constipation). Because he fears and therefore hates anyone who threatens his fossilized view of "good guys" and "bad guys," he attacks Ansel's reporting on this story as motivated by hatred of the police. No matter that there's zero evidence for such a claim. In fact, the reporting is factual and dispassionate almost to a fault.
Nov 19, 2014 ragged commented on Death to Self-Checkout Machines.
You ever go to that Safeway on upper Queen Anne Ave? Now there's the best argument around for self-checkout. They don't offer that option there, and it's a fucking nightmare to make a simple bottle of wine purchase.
Oct 19, 2014 ragged commented on A Recap of the 2014 Genius Awards.
Sorry, question from the end of that previous comment was supposed to ask "was it intended as some sort of performance art?"
Oct 19, 2014 ragged commented on A Recap of the 2014 Genius Awards.
Re: "Next up, Industrial Revelation joined forces with SRO on a composition that sounded like classic David Axelrod-esque spiritual jazz funk." During this act, the trumpet player began a solo, but he sounded tentative and unsure of himself, like his improv genie had been left in the bottle. Perhaps because of this, he cut out of the horn playing pretty quickly, and then squatted down and started tinkering with some objects on the stage in front of him. We were seated up in the nosebleed section, so it was impossible to make out the nature of the objects, but he sure seemed to find ‘em fascinating. (My wife ventured a guess that they were Lego pieces.) In any case, this mystifying tinkering went on seemingly for ages, as SRO's musical accompaniment soldiered on, eventually becoming sort of arrhythmic and tedious. I kept waiting for the soloist to return to his horn, but it never happened. WTF was he playing with on that stage floor? And why did some of the audience cheer on this awkward display? Just being polite? Was it intended as this on as some sort of performance art? Anyone know?
Oct 7, 2014 ragged commented on The Song of the Day is the Sunrays' "I Live For the Sun".
In case you haven't been outside in a while, it's basically still summer around Seattle.
Sep 2, 2014 ragged commented on Reviews of (Pretty Much) Every Single Band That Played Bumbershoot Sunday.
@14: Thoroughly agree -- why should One Reel be concerned with attracting and satisfying the pre-teen market? Not exactly the hip/sophisticated demographic that "Supreme Ruler" cluelessly takes them for. Lust or harmless puppy-love, SR?
Feb 23, 2013 ragged commented on I, Anonymous.
I Anonymous seems to have lost its way, or at least its original purpose. Why does a complaint like this one (Sasquatch policies) need to be anonymous? It's hardly the sort of lurid, personal, gossipy drama that used to inspire pretty much all of this column's published submissions. The column needs to revert to its hipster-Jerry Springer roots. I want a return to the public shaming of mega-pricks and assholes by people who are too embarrassed or passive-aggressive or even just prudent to go public with their ax-grinding. All the recent public-policy whining just shouldn't be the meat of an I Anonymous column.
Feb 1, 2013 ragged commented on Drunk of the Week.
Oh yeah -- you're thinking of that classic groove by The Temptations: "I'm a slobberin' drunk for your huge, oozing cock"
Jan 14, 2013 ragged commented on I, Anonymous.
What's with the ultra-lame "I Anonymous" columns lately? Where have the snarky, backstabbing, highly personal stories gone? This boo-hoo potsmoking-makes-my-girlfriend-nauseous crap sounds like the kind of nanny state horseshit you expect from the Seattle Times. Compare this milquetoast bullshit to the typical "I Anonymous" column in the (Portland) Mercury and the lameness really stands out. Come on Stranger editors; get your heads outta your ass.