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Feb 23, 2013 ragged commented on I, Anonymous.
I Anonymous seems to have lost its way, or at least its original purpose. Why does a complaint like this one (Sasquatch policies) need to be anonymous? It's hardly the sort of lurid, personal, gossipy drama that used to inspire pretty much all of this column's published submissions. The column needs to revert to its hipster-Jerry Springer roots. I want a return to the public shaming of mega-pricks and assholes by people who are too embarrassed or passive-aggressive or even just prudent to go public with their ax-grinding. All the recent public-policy whining just shouldn't be the meat of an I Anonymous column.
Feb 1, 2013 ragged commented on Drunk of the Week.
Oh yeah -- you're thinking of that classic groove by The Temptations: "I'm a slobberin' drunk for your huge, oozing cock"
Jan 14, 2013 ragged commented on I, Anonymous.
What's with the ultra-lame "I Anonymous" columns lately? Where have the snarky, backstabbing, highly personal stories gone? This boo-hoo potsmoking-makes-my-girlfriend-nauseous crap sounds like the kind of nanny state horseshit you expect from the Seattle Times. Compare this milquetoast bullshit to the typical "I Anonymous" column in the (Portland) Mercury and the lameness really stands out. Come on Stranger editors; get your heads outta your ass.
Nov 21, 2012 ragged commented on I, Anonymous.
@4: I agree; is this really the best thing the I Anonymous editor could come up with this week? You'd think this rag targeted a Peoria audience or something.
Aug 31, 2012 ragged commented on The Stranger Was Wrong About the Danielson-Gonzalez Race, by Matt Luby.
RE: "Worst thing Stranger has ever published" -- what about that troglodyte Stefan Sharkansky who they actually had on staff for a while? (The Stranger's half-hearted attempt at coming off as "fair and balanced," I guess.) Not only was he a nut, but he was a supremely untalented one ... and once he started just phoning his columns in, he became easy to fire for laziness and incompetence.

As for Luby, does anyone know what's become of him? Has he made good on his "threat" to move on to that libertarian Freedom-something institute in New Hampshire? I certainly don't buy his naive "anarchist" blatherings, but he does have some chutzpah, and he's not a bad writer. I can almost see how Dan Savage would've been his inspiration (as Luby claims). Luby clearly admires the subversive, guerrilla-styled approach to political activism that Dan has made a habit out of over the years.
Aug 10, 2012 ragged commented on "Drunk and naked Christian music star Randy Travis threatens cop's life".
@5: Sad maybe; a little comical certainly; and utterly predictable -- what Freud called the return of the repressed. These self-righteously pious types eventually learn that what they hate in themselves will eventually ooze out of the closet.
Aug 2, 2012 ragged commented on The Thursday Morning News.
About the McKenna slump -- it's the dreaded curse of the Blethen Blowtrumpet: It's been all downhill for McKenna since he got the Seattle Times endorsement.
Apr 14, 2012 ragged commented on Coachella Photos: First Friday. Pulp, Refused, M83, Hasslehoff, & more..
@1: You mean like WU LYF? What a poser-looking douchebag.
Feb 27, 2012 ragged commented on Veteran of Disorder.
@2: I knew she was a skanky, talentless, washed-up junkie, but I had no idea she'd ever been sufficiently focused and topical to express a retrograde political opinion. I wonder what she thought of Bush's war on drugs?
Feb 25, 2012 ragged commented on Rap Urbanism.
@1: It's funny you say that about this article, because I was struck by how refreshingly free of Mudede's usual Critical Theory name-dropping this piece is. (When was the last time you failed to notice a mention of Foucault in one of his articles?). But this piece was, for me, a revelation, and it's the voice and consciousness that you should always strive for, Charles. However, I was kind of surprised that you were so subtle and professional in the section where you observe "But it's not hard to see how there might be resentment about the state of things [in Seattle hip-hop], particularly in light of hiphop history." You wouldn't, perhaps, be referring to some schlocky, overly earnest wannabe like Macklemore, here, would you? I wish you'd specifically gone there in this piece, but hopefully folks got the point. Again, great observations (and advocacy) here, Charles.

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