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Those who can, do. Those who don't want to, spend their day commenting on SLOG.

Mar 16, 2015 J. Lasser commented on Lindy West Signs a Big Book Deal and Other Art Stories Around the City.
I hope the book's full of flair, not flare. A book that torched all of the others on my shelf with its burning magnesium glow would be a conversation piece, but also a fire hazard.
Apr 3, 2014 J. Lasser commented on Thursday Morning News: Fort Hood and Chile, The Geology and Humanity of Oso, The U.S.-Created Cuban Twitter, and Desire in Olympia.
The movie chase scene I would like to see reenacted by dinosaurs is the Bullitt car chase in San Francisco.

Duh. Like there's another option.
Mar 26, 2014 J. Lasser commented on Just Thought You Might Like to See My New Ke$ha Pin! Also, What Should We Do in Baltimore?.
Lived in Baltimore for 8 or 9 years, loved it. @6 is spot-on, though a decade ago at least the Brewers Art had great food upstairs as well as my favorite basement bar in town. (The rosemary-garlic fries are worth remembering, and their beers are stellar.)

Baltimore is definitely a drinking town, and Brewer's and Owl Bar are only half a block apart, so if you're pressed for time just do that.
Feb 21, 2014 J. Lasser commented on Barnes & Noble Discontinues Entry-Level E-Reader.
I split my reading between my iPad (mini retina), which has beautiful text but on a device with an easily smudged screen and lots of other distractions and my several-generations-old Kindle (touch).

I like the e-ink e-reader because of a lack of distractions, ability to read easily in bright sunlight, and its light weight and small size, even compared to my undersized tablet. I'll probably upgrade in a year or three.

As far as being "locked in" to the Kindle store, sure I buy books there. But I also get .mobi format books and drag-and-drop them over to the device. I use Calibre to manage my e-books, and it's an awful piece of nerdware, but somebody can and should make an easy-to-use e-book transfer software to put non-Amazon books on Kindle.
Feb 14, 2014 J. Lasser commented on What Do You Think of the iWatch?.
Paul, conventional wisdom contradicts one of your premises: evidence appears to be that posted calorie counts in restaurants don't change (in the aggregate) diner behavior:

Nov 20, 2013 J. Lasser commented on Vancouver Bans Doorknobs in New Housing.
@14 - I'm not worried about my own house. I'm worried about every house I visit. (Maybe I'm supposed to put lever child-proofers in the diaper bag now?)
Nov 20, 2013 J. Lasser commented on Vancouver Bans Doorknobs in New Housing.
On the one hand, this is awesome for disabled people, people whose hands are covered in lube, etc.

On the other, my son (who was at the time 18 months old) did manage to escape a hotel room with a lever, and was halfway down the hall by the time I realized it. So the thought does fill me with a certain amount of dread.

(And, @10, my son is now 23 months old and can't quite do doorknobs despite having figured out the levers nearly six months ago. He knows how but can't quite make it work.There's a coordination issue...)
Nov 14, 2013 J. Lasser commented on Where Should I Buy a New Mattress?.
We had a great experience at the Seattle Mattress Company in Ballard, on 15th at 60th St, and would likely go there again next time we need a new mattress. Which hopefully won't be for many many years...
Oct 22, 2013 J. Lasser commented on Microsoft Ships Exciting New Surface 2! (Also, Apple Announces Stuff People Might Actually Buy).
@6 - I have no interest in an iPad Air. But a retina-screened mini is small enough to stick in my bag and read on the bus. (It would replace my Kindle Touch, really.)
Oct 17, 2013 J. Lasser commented on About That Kid Who Hunted a Giant Pacific Octopus Last Year....
Agreed with @1. My problem -- as a diver and as an eater of local wildlife -- was that (a) he chose to do it at a popular site where his dinner was a regular attraction for folks and that (b) he really didn't care about other users of the site.

There were other signs that he was kind of antisocial, too: bragging about fishing at Edmonds Underwater Park (where it IS illegal for him to do so), the firecracker-in-the-snake hijinks he claimed credit for on his Facebook, and so on.

I have no problem with people who fish in the Sound, however they go about it. I do have a problem with people who take wildlife attractions at sites that are almost more zoo than park. Even if it was legal to, say, hunt the bald eagles at certain parks in Seattle, it would be wrong to do so because of its impact on other users of that park.

The state did the right thing here, in how the six or seven relevant underwater sites are treated. And the kid didn't do anything illegal, so there shouldn't be any legal sanctions against him. But what he did was being a big jerk to other divers at Alki, and they should be indignant. (Though if he's learned his lesson they should move on...)

Frankly, the notion that locavores don't realize that someone has to get the food is idiotic. One of the points of being a locavore, however, is to understand the interaction between what goes in your mouth and the rest of the local community -- something that he probably learned, in the end, maybe against his will.