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Nov 5, 2014 Garrett Kelly updated his or her bio.
May 22, 2013 Garrett Kelly commented on Tornado Truthers.
May 21, 2013 Garrett Kelly commented on The Geography Hate.
There is a link that says "Details About This Map"

"The data behind this map is based on every geocoded tweet in the United States from June 2012 - April 2013 containing one of the 'hate words'. This equated to over 150,000 tweets and was drawn from the DOLLY project based at the University of Kentucky. Because algorithmic sentiment analysis would automatically classify any tweet containing 'hate words' as "negative," this project relied upon the HSU students to read the entirety of tweet and classify it as positive, neutral or negative based on a predefined rubric. Only those tweets that were identified by human readers as negative were used in this analysis."

May 15, 2013 Garrett Kelly commented on Today Is the Day to "Give Big".
The Hollow Earth Radio link doesn't go to the right place.
Their page is here:…
Sep 7, 2012 Garrett Kelly commented on Daughn Gibson at Hollow Earth Radio This Sunday.
Update: Lori Goldston and Cap Lori are also playing.

Still hella early.
Jul 25, 2012 Garrett Kelly commented on Jan Terri Live at Black Lodge, 2012.
Best concert I've ever attended. Nothing compares.