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Feb 16 Paddy Mac commented on I, Anonymous: You've Changed.
Totally Seattle, NOT a person. And it's kinda right. Seattle used to be kind of corny, quirky, and dare I say it, smiles. The Sun. The Rocket. Red Sky. Theater companies with the life span of fruit flies. Low rents. Mom & pops. Keep Clam. Rainier. Comet. Cheap highs. "Freeze?" New thing, C'mon guys. Now it's pre-Chicago. Belltown drive bys. 25,000 Calcutta coders. Californians, Bostonians and Minnesotans whining: work's too hard, rents too high!
Nov 19, 2015 Paddy Mac commented on Can We Maybe Start Talking Seriously About Atheism Again Now?.
Really? You seriously want to talk about atheism and God? OK, fine.

I am not an atheist. I’m a Christian. But I think the Bible is fallible. It was written by people with imperfect perception and imperfect abilities to explain what they perceive imperfectly. What they were trying to do is explain God and in many instances they did so very poorly. But in other cases they did a pretty good job.

For instance: Matthew Chapter 25 which ends with, and I paraphrase Jesus talking: However you treat the least of your brothers, you treat me. He was referring to how people treat people they don't like. Jesus says, clothe them when they're naked and feed them when they're hungry and shelter them when they are homeless. It doesn't get more to the core of being Christian than that.

But there is another kind of “Christianity” called Christian Identity. Like all identity movements, it is more about group affiliation and an attachment of one’s identity to that of the group which supercedes anything having to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ. That’s what most American Christians are today. Timothy McVeigh was one. But, of course, not all Christians or even people given to Christian Identity are terrorists, right?

The politicians opposing giving shelter to Syrian refugees are self proclaimed Christians, but they aren’t really. They are members of the Christian Identity movement. Real Christians think these guys are assholes. But it's complicated trying to do something about it.

I think that's what real Muslims think of their assholes who, if they're not killing people, they're mouthing off, like chanting "Allahu Akbar" during a moment of silence for Paris at a football match in Turkey. They also have people who believe more in a Muslim Identity movement than in the teachings of Mohammad. And I think it's complicated for them to do something about it, maybe more complicated than it is for Christians.

Religion is a Rorshcach. If you bring peace to it, you get peace back. If you bring hate to it, you get hate back. I think maybe the same thing applies to atheism.

So I am not sure Jesus really existed. I hope so. But I don’t think that’s so important anyway. What I do think is important is what the Jesus story is trying to say. There is divinity in humanity. There is also a great deal of evil in humanity. That’s the devil story. Our default setting, alas, tends more toward hate, fear, anger, racism, selfishness … than love, generosity, grace, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, respect, trust. And these better angels of our nature’ as Lincoln called them are the way, I believe the only way, we as humans connect with God. Atheists must have a way to differentiate and get there as well. Logic, I guess. But it’s really hard to love your enemy using logic. Possible? Yup. Hard though.

So when people of a religion do hateful, horrible things, they aren’t actually being religious. They are simply following the base instincts, their animal impulses, they were born with and they are using religious identity — not religion itself — as a means to justify it. I don’t think it matters how you find a way to transcend those base impulses, but I will say that religion is one way to do it. There are many others. But they’re hard.

They’re all hard if you do them right. Most don’t bother.
Nov 13, 2015 Paddy Mac commented on Tom Douglas Considers Changes to Tipping and Minimum Wage Policies.
Tom Douglas is a dick. What difference does it make to him if his customers tip? Tipping is between his servers and his customers. Or more to the point, it is a commission to his sales people that doesn't come out of his pocket. I can't think of anything more stupid than attacking the income of the human interface between him and his money. Wait, yes I can. It's to continue to ignore the bloated waste of his Roamin' Empire. If he addressed the dusty bottles of his overstocked back bars and the ego driven extravagance of his collateral marketing materials alone, I think he could afford to just ignore this little $15 minimum wage thing for a long, long time.
Oct 23, 2015 Paddy Mac commented on I, Anonymous.
If you can't fake enthusiasm at the interview then you can't fake not being bored out of your mind and wanting to die, God please save your soul! on the job. So everybody at soul eating sucky jobs like data entry are pretending they aren't dying a little with every 100 keystrokes, but if they don't, they'll be dying a little every 10 keystrokes. That's a fact. (That's why there's TV and BDSM and office cake and Sea Hawk Fridays.) If you can't pretend, then you don't belong. Good call on their part.
Sep 17, 2015 Paddy Mac commented on I, Anonymous.
What you need to do is get yourself a geezer. If you're feeling frozen out or passed by or just kind of disinclined about keeping up, get yourself a geezer. They're cheap, readily available (even downtown), sustainable, available in various degrees of geezerness, somewhat portable and when your cohorts and colleagues see that you have one, they'll be clamoring all over themselves to be your bestest friend. Hollywood is catching on. The media will be next. You'll see. All the coolest kids will all have their own geezer. Don't get frozen out!!!
Sep 9, 2015 Paddy Mac commented on I, Anonymous.
Something about this reminds me of a pale, yet boary pork roast outclassed once again by the wine. A catastrophe, of course, that we'd all be better off not acknowledging.
May 15, 2015 Paddy Mac commented on I, Anonymous.
Was this just a pick up from the "vomitorium" comments? It's not a stand alone. Good comment. Crappy IA. Should have left it where it belonged.
Mar 29, 2015 Paddy Mac commented on I, Anonymous.
Sipe, don't stud, bunny.
Mar 23, 2015 Paddy Mac commented on What Is "Clickbait"?.
Clickbait is a headline (and a nuthed) that relies on the reader's imagination (and/or provokes it) rather than an accurate description of the content. Just about any hed with a question mark is click bait. Or any Salon article with Stephen Colbert in the hed. "Health Dept. cites International District restaurant 27 times in one year" is a standard hed. "Have you eaten at the filthiest restaurant in Seattle?" is clickbiat.
Mar 10, 2015 Paddy Mac commented on I Was the MFA Student Who Made Ryan Boudinot Cry.
Boudinot's article was tame obviousness. The whining it summoned bore him out. I think MFA CW programs are harmless and unfortunately, so are most graduates. If med schools had their record, the decibels would be too high to record. Tell you what... Read DFW's essay "Fictional Futures and the Conspicuously Young" and then come back and tell me what a boogie man Ryan Boudinot is.