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Paddy Mac
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Aug 14 Paddy Mac commented on I, Anonymous.
You might consider the possibility that this isn't marijuana smoke at all but is, indeed, skunks. They're all over. And multiplying. And they stink. That's why they won't go inside. Perhaps we can make them illegal and put them in jail.

Oh, wait.
Jun 16 Paddy Mac commented on I, Anonymous.
I hereby report this IA for trolling.
Mar 3 Paddy Mac commented on Elliott Bay Books Owner Says $15 Minimum Wage Could Be "Possibly Fatal".
I think Peter Aaron is forgetting what -- and who -- saved his bacon. Rather than being a business that gets punished by a $15 minimum wage, Elliott Bay is going to be one of the businesses that most benefits. From my frequent observations as an EB addict, I think a good many of EBs customers will have a good deal more money to spend because of the higher minimum, and I think they'll be much more likely to spend this "windfall" on books than on hamburgers or manicures. Dance with them who brung ya, Mr. Aaron.
Jan 8 Paddy Mac commented on I, Anonymous.
I would much rather the grabber rather than the grabbee had written this. I mean, "Don't make it so presentable." My, my. Wouldn't you just love to see a paragraph or so trying to explain that? Commentus opportunis right there. As it is, yeah, well. There's always next time...
Dec 15, 2013 Paddy Mac commented on I, Anonymous.
I don't think any of this happened, except the mushrooms. It wasn't a Starbucks. It was a 7-11. It wasn't a restroom. It was the chip aisle. It wasn't hot coffee. It was a Slim Jim. It wasn't a woman. It was an 82 year old Filipino cowboy. He wasn't shocked. He realized immediately you were tripping. He didn't say, "It's all good." What he said was, "Your sausage looks good." He actually meant the sausage. Gitcher shit together, man.
Oct 24, 2013 Paddy Mac commented on They Were Coming for Her House.
This is like some old Bob Dylan song. There are 100 places where you want to cry. You want to be mad at the banks for foreclosing, but you know without foreclosure there wouldn't be mortgages and without mortgages there wouldn't be houses. But I'll tell you something. We have a very good and very expensive social services system here in the Northwest. Somebody could have seen this coming and they could have made a phone call. Somebody could have spent 10 minutes and said to herself, "Yep, this one's going down." And she could have made a call and someone could have driven out and knocked on a door and said, "Phyllis, how's it going? May I come in and chat for a second?"

You know who knew this was going to happen maybe a year, maybe two years, maybe even three years before it did? The bank. The person managing her loan could have made a phone call and sent someone we pay a modest salary to (given their ungodly amount of education) to do just this thing, and maybe could have helped Phyllis see the inevitable and sell the house before it all came crashing down and then had some resource left over in appreciation to keep her head above water.

It's insane how long the banks give you after they know damn well you're so deep underwater you'll never get out. Two, three years after you stop making payments. Somewhere in there can't they make a call? It's not like the phone numbers are secret or anything. And we all know that someone who suddenly becomes homeless suddenly costs us all a bunch of money or worse, makes us realize just how inky black are the dark corners of the richest nation on earth.
Jul 21, 2013 Paddy Mac commented on My Parents Told Me the Sad Truth About America.
The details are important.

I think physical contact between the two men was accidental because Martin probably panicked when he found himself in a "box canyon" in the walkway between the apartments. Zimmerman made himself the door on the trap and probably never had time before an athletic 17-year-old ran right over the top of him and they got tangled up.

Zimmerman never should have gotten out of that truck and never should have followed Martin into what was the equivalent of a dark ally. No trained cop would have done that.

Black hoodies. Yeah. Earth to young males of all races. You scare us when you wear them and you know it. That's why you wear them. You're just too young and too stupid to know that scared people are really, really dangerous. You won't figure that out until you're 30 or so. If you survive.

I also think a white kid in a black hoodie would be just as dead right now. People like Zimmerman are tragedies just waiting to happen. That's why they won't let them be cops.

A white club jacket ... and ... a big, bright, highly visible, "NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME WATCH VOLUNTEER" sign on Zimmerman's truck ... and this thing probably never would have happened.
Jul 14, 2013 Paddy Mac commented on I, Anonymous.
Chris Frantz.
Jun 27, 2013 Paddy Mac commented on I, Anonymous.
I dub thee "Rotten Partner iAnons™." There, you have a name. Now go away.
May 21, 2013 Paddy Mac commented on Trolololol.
Real writers (ie paid writers) who write above comment threads (should) think of their work as someone driving a boat out on the Sound. You dodge deadheads and go where you're going. Then the sea creatures frolic in your wake. Some of those creatures are wondrous and some of them are truly abhorrent, but it's your wake they're all in. And when you're on a break from your work you can go frolic in someone else's wake, completely unedited and deadline free.

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