Mar 11, 2015 hola commented on New Column!.
Clocklight Screwing Time!
Mar 9, 2015 hola commented on Tenants Union Director Jon Grant Will Run Against Tim Burgess.
Rent control in booming Seattle?

Oct 8, 2014 hola commented on The Morning News: Sea-Tac Airport Isn't Checking People for Ebola?!?!.
$22 in '14

would be the equivalent of $1.25 minimum wage in 1968!
Jul 29, 2014 hola commented on You Have Been Warned: Blue Angels to Fly Over Seattle at 12:30 Today.
"Blue Noisies,"

A huge hit with adolescent humans.
Jul 28, 2014 hola commented on When Bob Met Bette.

Is that Barry Manilow on piano?