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Dec 3, 2013 TooFolkGR joined My Stranger Face
Dec 3, 2013 TooFolkGR commented on Ted Rall's Cartoons Banned from Daily Kos for "Ape-Like" Depiction of President Obama.
Daily Kos has a history of grotesquely vicious long running fights (and I mean, grudge matches years old) on issues of Race and Racism. These fights reached a fever pitch around the fall of 2010.

Anyone who defended an accused racist was a racist. Featured writers penned wishes for "roach motels for people". The moderator decided that it was impossible for whites to be the victims of a racist attack. The moderator then decided that "The Black Community", as defined by one self-appointed voice, would be the final arbiter of what was or was not racist.

If you're not a trusted member, you'll never see how ugly these fights were as most of the material is "hidden" from the general public through community moderation. It's all still there in its hideous glory for the site regulars, though.

Much of it would shame the regulars at 4chan. The people telling you stories about how "everyone gets along" there are doing just that - telling you stories. Much of the site traffic revolves around people trying to get each other banned, finding excuses to try to "hide" the comments of people they dislike, and trying to play the moderators to find ones sympathetic to their hatreds.

There are literally dozens of cliques whose participation at the site revolves entirely around these games, and they ally to form super-cliques on some issues.

Kos is very simply terrified to address issues of race in any way that won't please a super clique that has repeatedly threatened to burn the place down. He's handed the issue over to them, and repeatedly allowed them to use it to silence any serious criticism of the President Obama's policies.

Almost none of what happened has anything to do with how Rall draws the President. In fact, in some of the strongly pro-war "communities" at the site, people were openly discussing what line of attack might work to remove him.

This is the one they, of course, landed on. Kos seems to believe that letting them call the shots is a smart move. His site is in dire financial trouble, and he's down to sending out e-mail blasts begging for five dollar donations so that he can make payroll.

He'd much rather have "Kos stands up to nasty Obama hating racist" be the headline than "Kos silences black voices and honors racist who draws an Ape-Obama".

Paying his mortgage depends on it.