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Currently obsessed with editing Seattle Transit Blog. Engineer in real life.

Mar 28 Martin H. Duke commented on Once a Haven of Class and Racial Diversity, the First Hill McDonald's Closes.
There's no mystery as to why McDonald's serves a wide section of society: the food is cheap. It's cheap because of low labor costs and an efficient (read: not particularly green or animal-friendly) supply chain.

There's a tension between good environmental and labor policy (which makes some basics more expensive) and the purchasing power of working class people. It is a genuine dilemma.
Jan 31 Martin H. Duke commented on Republican Dave Reichert and Democrat Pramila Jayapal Cosponsor Legislation to Protect Dreamers.
Might have been smart to pass this while Obama was still president...
Oct 21, 2016 Martin H. Duke commented on We Believe You Should Vote No on Initiative 732.
As far as "pass this and make it better later" goes, you think we'll be able to go back to the legislature in 2018 and convince them to reinstate the B&O tax (or raise the sales tax by 1%) so that we can fund green alternatives or help transition workers in fossil-fuel dependent industries?

Well the entire argument of the "no" side is that we can go back to the legislature (or the voters) in 2018 and create an entirely new tax to fund all those priorities you listed. So if raising taxes is hard, raising taxes is hard. So let's address the climate without trying to win a difficult battle to raise taxes.
Oct 20, 2016 Martin H. Duke commented on We Believe You Should Vote No on Initiative 732.
Or to summarize, good climate policy, good tax policy, and I could give two shits about whether it's good politics if it passes.
Oct 20, 2016 Martin H. Duke commented on We Believe You Should Vote No on Initiative 732.
"Based on what we’ve seen in in British Columbia and California, a carbon pricing mechanism only works to reduce emissions alongside a strong emissions cap, strong regulations, strong performance standards, and strong enforcement."

It's not clear to me from this sentence if the authors think the BC carbon tax is working or not, but the NYT seems to think it's working, at least until they froze the tax rate:…

"If, a decade from now, emissions have significantly decreased in Washington, then revenues from this new tax on emissions will have decreased as well"

Which is why the measure explicitly escalates the tax rate over time! Moreover "shortfall in revenue" is infinitely preferable to "water shortages and mass extinction".

Sep 16, 2016 Martin H. Duke commented on Washington State Finally Releases a Carbon Cap Rule.
"which they say [I-732] doesn't do enough to invest in communities that climate is already impacting the most."

This is pure double-speak. For communities that are most impacted by climate change, the most urgent priority is to stop the damage, which I-732 would do. Investment would be great, but an initiative doesn't have to solve all the State's problems at once.

And a cut in regressive taxes plus a low-income rebate, which I-732 has, would be a pretty good investment in low-income communities.
Sep 7, 2016 Martin H. Duke commented on The Election Is Tightening—Don't Waste Your Vote.
The thing that really worries me is that some voters may be reluctant to tell pollsters they will vote for Trump, because they'll be perceived as racist. I fear a bunch of votes are going to swing to Trump in the privacy of a voting booth.
Aug 2, 2016 Martin H. Duke commented on A City of Empty Towers.
It's a problem to use single-family home values as a proxy for housing costs, as Charles does here. They aren't making any more land, so the supply of single family homes cannot rise. Inevitably, the price of those will go up if population increases.
Jun 2, 2016 Martin H. Duke commented on Seattle University Occupation Wins: Humanities Dean Jodi Kelly Placed on Leave Pending Investigation.
Yet another win for the glorious cause of destroying someone's life.
Feb 4, 2016 Martin H. Duke commented on Two of the Teens Arrested in Last Week's Encampment Shooting Will Be Charged as Adults.
Waiting for the people who say these three shouldn't be incarcerated...