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Sep 12, 2009 Dozen to Play commented on We Have Standards?.
The Stranger employs and empowers you, someone who lacks as much as a high school diploma, to write/frame/ and disseminate to 90,000 individuals (according to your print circulation, let alone your blogging).

I\\\'d confirm that no, you don\\\'t have standards at all, even for the minimal thresholds of employability like a hs diploma.
Aug 9, 2009 Dozen to Play commented on This Poster.
"I can't wait to poop this" -- isn't that what most bloggers say when they read something good and then go to post?
Aug 6, 2009 Dozen to Play commented on True Forced Loneliness.
Hey Kim, did you not understand that I called you Dan Savage's/the Slog doormat?

Stockholm Syndrome and all that, I guess.
Aug 6, 2009 Dozen to Play commented on Post-Sounders Straphangers.
white people love white rail

i mean light rail
Aug 5, 2009 Dozen to Play commented on True Forced Loneliness.
You can always ALWAYS count on Kim in Portland to come up with the most ass-lick, adherent, in-agreement comments that stroke the good will of commenters everywhere in every post.

Do you have a defiant thought in your being, you geisha?

Jul 31, 2009 Dozen to Play commented on Primary Endorsements.

Holden was serving you your food 8 months ago, the best job a high school drop out could hope to get.

then he was hired to report on drugs for us (The Week in Drugs, anyone?).

This guy then moved into reporting on anything and everything local, supplanting Feit, Erica, and others who, although controversial, at least had the intellectual background, diversity of encountered ideals, and complexity and challenge of education to weigh opinions and difficult topics lobbied by the ever-changing landscape of the beautifully progressive atmosphere that living in our amazing city affords.

I am a skeptic, and I only hope that all of my fellow citizens are skeptics, as we should be.
Jul 31, 2009 Dozen to Play commented on Primary Endorsements.
41: Gee I dunno, because voting is serious business? If you are honestly willing to take into account the opinion of the guy serving your food to you, more power to ya.

But just because his name tag is in print rather than on his shirt, does not mean it is worth more to our Democratic Process.

I'm honestly ashamed of being such a cunt about it, but I'd rather be a cunt than a fool.
Jul 31, 2009 Dozen to Play commented on Primary Endorsements.

According to common knowledge that isn't addressed (how convenient!) by Dominic, he didn't finish high school and was a waiter before he was tapped to be an informational/opinion gatekeeper for the Stranger.

I guess your blind allegiance to the Stranger is just that:

Jul 31, 2009 Dozen to Play commented on Primary Endorsements.
34, since you are giving out awards for "epic fail": I bestow this on you:

don't like the weather? MOVE.

don't like the police? MOVE.

don't like the Blue Angels? MOVE.

don't like pit bulls? MOVE.

All of these are topics are common threads within this blog yet are argued about constantly. I guess if you have something to argue, you should just STFU and get out of here so that the Majority can rule, right Will in Seattle?

Hey doesn't most of Slog just HATE you? Why don't you move, Will?

oh rite.

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