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3:00 PM theophrastus commented on Jean Godden Didn't Attend Our Stranger Endorsement Meeting. So Who Should We Pick in the District 4 Council Race?.
As a thought experiment, suppose it was known with nigh certainty who the Stranger Election Control Board was going to endorse, and therefore the Stranger Election Control Board Endorsement Meeting was an gratuitous facade, would there be any reason to attend if you weren't that prior anointed one?
Jun 26 theophrastus commented on Up Early for the Supreme Court—Marriage Decision Could Come Today or Monday.
Could almost makes one unreservedly proud of the states. Well done 5 outta 4! Too late, but not too little.
Jun 23 theophrastus commented on Hillary's Waffling on TPP Suggests That Sanders Is Actually Pushing Her to the Left.
I wrote our senators, who are both apparently gung-ho in favor of the TPP. I wrote why the TPP was a bad idea, why changing one's mind as a politician remains a noble act, and specifically why it wasn't in the interest of Washington state. I got a reply [paraphrased]: Thank you for your support as we champion this vital passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership ... etc etc, which showed their staff didn't even bother to categorize my opposition. Receiving nothing in reply over what they sent would've been a significant improvement. Clearly they don't value my vote.
Jun 23 theophrastus commented on How Our Eating Habits are Impacting California's Drought.
reduce, conserve, localize, diminish, stop eating this and that, all palliative at best. the primary effector is population and it would be nice to see that mentioned, at least alongside, this sort of posting. it ain't gonna likely gonna happen anytime soon, (even if we "don't get our butts into space"), yet population control will become the obvious solution once things get really grim. there's "carrying capacity" and there's 'comfort capacity', we've already exceeded the latter and we're heading toward the former.
Jun 19 theophrastus commented on Ed Murray Shits His Facebook Pants Over Presidential Mention.
At first i didn't quite appreciate the conviction rolling among the local political pundits: "If your name ain't 'Kshama' don't talk to anyone from The Stranger -- they'll just trash you." i'm beginning to see their point.
Jun 18 theophrastus commented on What We Know So Far About the Shooting at a Historic Black Church in Charleston.
@13 scan the news, this young mad man is quite often described as "clean shaven". can't be a "terrorist" unless you've got a beard. care to assert a theory as to why that tends to be the case; at least in the media?
Jun 18 theophrastus commented on What We Know So Far About the Shooting at a Historic Black Church in Charleston.
why oh why?!: young males, guns, fox news.
utterly horrific, and it'll happen again, because those three primary factors will persist.
Jun 17 theophrastus commented on Morning News: Charlie's on Broadway Closing, Fire in U-District, State Faces Government Shutdown.
Hanauer's definition of political leadership, in addition to being accurate, sounds a lot like Socialist Council Member Kshama Sawant's
This isn't terribly surprising, is it? If one strolls over to TheSlog thumbtack string connectivity board what label is on the orange yarn connecting philanthropist Mr Hanauer and Ms Sawant? ([for those playing at home] former Slog great pundit David "Goldie" Goldstein has prodigious body parts in both camps)
Jun 15 theophrastus commented on Jeb! Annouces! Official! Run! For! President! Plus! His! Official! Punctuation! Mark!!!!!!.
@3 beat me to it. Jeb Bush would be a 'tail recursion', like ATM machine, PIN number, or PNT trail. Also, someone got paid handsomely to design that Jeb! graphic; could've at least had the top of the exclamation point square with the 'shovel handle' of the "J"

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