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Dec 7, 2013 SarahJones joined My Stranger Face
Dec 7, 2013 SarahJones commented on The Homeschool Apostates.
Hi, Dennis. My name is Sarah Jones. You might have seen my face (or at least, my face at the age of four) in the Prospect article--if you bothered to read it, that is.

The piece cannot reasonably be considered an anti-homeschooling manifesto. I believe, however, that our stories are evidence that homeschooling needs to be more regulated. Right now, the regulation laws are so lax that it's impossible to collect data, nationally, about the efficacy of homeschooling and rates of abuse in the community. How can you measure these factors when 11 states don't even require families to notify the school district they're going to homeschool?

Stop using our stories as a platform for anti-government fear-mongering. I think we deserve better than that.