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Dec 8, 2013 Rachel Lazerus commented on The Homeschool Apostates.
@Dennis - You seem to think that because there are a lot of Google Scholar results for "homeschooled", there's clearly been a lot of research on the subject. It's a natural experiment, and we can obviously see that homeschoolers are doing fine, so there's no need to promote further regulation.

But as an education policy researcher who's been studying homeschooling for the last six months, I can tell you that's absolutely not true. Most of the studies that are out there are based off of research put out there by the HSLDA or Dr. Brian Ray's National Home Education Research Institute -- but these studies are ideologically driven, are not done with randomly selected samples (in fact, they exclude large segments of the homeschooling population), and are not peer-reviewed. Any assumptions you have because of the research that's currently in the field are, frankly, bunk. Go read the research by Robert Kunzman and Milton Gaither at ICHER to see the current sum of knowledge we have about homeschoolers (which, again, is very little).