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Mar 18, 2014 NomadontheGo commented on SL Letter of the Day: Object Lesson.
Assuming this guy at least approaches average looking, I would totally go on a date with him. I hope you see this comment TVB b/c even though we will never meet there are lots of women like me out there who will think that your attitude towards women and your fetish are totally hot.
One thing though: you say you're a "young" male and I am guessing that means like college age or even late teens maybe... and unfortunately for you, most women do not start to see the value in well-spoken, interesting and thoughtful men for another 5-10 years.
Don't try to change what you like or run away from it. Just hang in there and work on being platonic friends with women for now. One day somebody is going to really appreciate a guy who was reflective enough to ask this question.
Feb 24, 2014 NomadontheGo commented on Spoiled Rotten: House of Cards, Season Two.
I'd like to see one of the great writers at the Stranger address how awesome it is that we have this very dynamic bisexual male protagonist in a hit series and how that fact is only one small element of who this person is as a character. As though we could have serious sexy and diverse characters that are about more than just their "non-traditional" sexual orientations. I feel like this is a wonderful development for pop culture and would like to see it given more recognition and analysis.
Jan 11, 2014 NomadontheGo commented on I Almost Died While Listening to Coldplay.
@47 ditto Nickelback
Dec 7, 2013 NomadontheGo commented on The Homeschool Apostates.
Dennis, you don't get it. There is no evidence BECAUSE this culture exists in the shadows. Who could compile such a study? As the people in the article attest (and myself also, as a former fundie home school kid) the problem with the culture is that our abuse was never reported, never believed. It isn't "unfounded innuendo" - we're telling you about our lives. And you, like anyone we ever turned to as children, refuse to believe us.
Oct 2, 2013 NomadontheGo commented on Slog Poll: Getting Over the Beast Cold/Flu.
As several other commenters have said in various forms, SPICEY SPICEY soup. Any kind of spice will do it so long as it makes your sinuses explode. Then sleep and wake up better!
Aug 25, 2013 NomadontheGo commented on Slog Bible Study: 1 Samuel 20:30.
I bet his father smelt of Elderberries too
Aug 23, 2013 NomadontheGo commented on SL Letter of the Day: Assorted Qs.
Unfortunately for young women who may need to visit a free or subsidized clinic for a routine exam, the doctors/nurses there do not always set patients at ease or even take the time to discuss the exam with them before jamming something up there. For people who have no other place to go, this can be a very intimidating experience because you *need* care and you cannot get it elsewhere even if you are treated very poorly.
I would replace Dan's advice on #8 with the advice to politely but firmly explain before you allow the doctor/nurse to touch you that you still have a hymen and that you would like them to use extra caution/lube/time etc. If at any point during the exam you feel too much discomfort, insist that they stop and give you a moment or explain what is happening.
A *good* doctor/nurse will do this anyway (and I recommend Planned Parenthood as a good place to go) but unfortunately not everyone is good at caring for their patients and this disproportionately (and sometimes traumatically) affects people who have no choice as to where they can go.
Aug 14, 2013 NomadontheGo commented on To All Those Who Say Fast-Food Workers Should Just Get Better Jobs.
So sick of hearing people gloat about how *they* know better than people who are stuck in minimum wage jobs, how *they* got out and *they* did better for themselves so it obviously has something to do with merit.
Even assuming that were true, WHY does being more or less intelligent entitle you to be treated fairly or not? If you are capable of showing up and doing your job well, every day, you are entitled to a fair wage for the work, whatever that work might be.
By saying that people who aren't "smart enough" to improve their lives don't deserve to make a living wage you are actually making a much broader statement about who in our society matters and why... that is not just a slippery slope, it's a dive straight off the fascist deep end.
Jan 29, 2012 NomadontheGo commented on Slog Bible Study: Romans 1:26-27.
This sounds like the beginning of a Savage Love letter. The next line would read "everything was going great, but then some of the women who liked other women wanted to try it with one of the men (just to see what it was like!) And then all the other women said they weren't real lesbians and lo, all hell broke out..."
Jan 22, 2012 NomadontheGo commented on Slog Bible Study: Revelation 13:1-2.
Lady Gaga's latest award show costume?