Oct 18 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
BTW: I don't think Trump is even worth cutting off your sex life. Just remind your husbant it's called making LOVE!
Oct 18 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
LW2: Leave your husband because he's a contrarian, because he loves to argue, because he gets ego gratification from getting you upset, because children should not have to live in such a toxic environment, but do not leave him because of Trump. If you do, then the terrorists win.

Follow Dan's ultimate advice and simply disengage from the conversation. You can tell him you're doing so because you love him and saving your marriage is more important that politics.
This may take a major effort on your part. It sounds as if you enjoy the fighting a bit, also, but have come to the realization that it is too destructive and not worth trying to prove your husband is an opinionated ignoramus.

Your disengagement will probably drive your hubby nuts, but stick to your guns and be nice about it. Don't give him the cold shoulder, just really disengage with objectionable behavior.
Talk about something else. If he doesn't want to play along, then that's his loss and, possibly, the loss of his marriage.

Trump is not worth losing your marriage, or even friendships, over. He's going away...
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Dan was reading books during his vacation? THERE GOES 3 WEEKS OF FANTASY OUT THE WINDOW! - Thanks, Dan!! (Hope you're well rested...)

And @ "4" - You're not a sex worker, you're an entertainer, (unless your audience are whackin' the dolphin right there in front of you...)
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LW1, Ever hear of Viagra? That might get the ball rolling, so to speak, and after a while, things might continue without chemical enhancement.
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Welcome, Stand-in Dan! This is going to be fun! I hope so for you, too! Carry on!!
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Dan strikes again, "In a tragic rimming accident..." - I'm still laughing!
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Um, If Recons and "Peter" exchanged pics and Recons recognized "Peter", wouldn't that mean that "Peter" probably also recognized Recons?

If I were in that position, I wouldn't say anything, and the next time the two couples get together, I'd just sit there with a bemused smile on my face.

On another point, and not to begrudge anyone their space, it is nice to see a good ol' column about da boyz and our problems. It's so much less confusing... lol!
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Dan, I can't stop laughing at this week's final response. Too funny!!
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for their behavior. Nothing wrong with drinking, but it seemed to be the major factor in her descriptions.
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AT THE VERY LEAST, BFF, and probably her friends too, should stop drinking so often and then using it as an excuse for their