Mar 21 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
Crap! That's what I get for thinking of others...
Mar 21 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
In case no one noticed, Dan answered questions 6 & 7 with question 8, in a generic sort of way.

Oh, and I hope I'm still FIRDT!
Feb 21 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
I'm gonna try fantasizing, but not realizing, about the couple in the first letter getting together with the couple in the third letter, while I play the part of the masseuse...

(Sorry! It's just too good of a set up...)
Feb 7 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
Dan, your answer to LW1 made me laugh, and your answer to LW6 made me cry - Thanks!

Dec 20, 2016 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
Thanks FOR all you do... (crap)
Dec 20, 2016 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
Merry Christmas, Dan! Thanks got all you do... Oh, and FIRST!
Dec 8, 2016 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
GAYMAN is 37, not 73. (and 73 ain't all that old, anyway...) I didn't feel like I was completely out of adolescence until I passed 35, and that was post a 4yr, monog ltr, as well as a bout with Hep B which almost killed me.

The fact that GAYMAN is viewing his (young) life as he is, indicates he still has LOTS of room for growth in ALL AREAS of his (young) life. (I'd do an-y-thing to be 37 and starting over again.)

All GAYMAN has to do is keep looking forward, not back, follow Dan's most excellent council, and life will present itself to him. He'll have many paths from which to choose.

Oh! And 'schrooms and acid aren't stupid drugs, either. (Just make sure you get the real deal.)
Oct 18, 2016 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
BTW: I don't think Trump is even worth cutting off your sex life. Just remind your husbant it's called making LOVE!
Oct 18, 2016 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
LW2: Leave your husband because he's a contrarian, because he loves to argue, because he gets ego gratification from getting you upset, because children should not have to live in such a toxic environment, but do not leave him because of Trump. If you do, then the terrorists win.

Follow Dan's ultimate advice and simply disengage from the conversation. You can tell him you're doing so because you love him and saving your marriage is more important that politics.
This may take a major effort on your part. It sounds as if you enjoy the fighting a bit, also, but have come to the realization that it is too destructive and not worth trying to prove your husband is an opinionated ignoramus.

Your disengagement will probably drive your hubby nuts, but stick to your guns and be nice about it. Don't give him the cold shoulder, just really disengage with objectionable behavior.
Talk about something else. If he doesn't want to play along, then that's his loss and, possibly, the loss of his marriage.

Trump is not worth losing your marriage, or even friendships, over. He's going away...
Aug 31, 2016 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
Dan was reading books during his vacation? THERE GOES 3 WEEKS OF FANTASY OUT THE WINDOW! - Thanks, Dan!! (Hope you're well rested...)

And @ "4" - You're not a sex worker, you're an entertainer, (unless your audience are whackin' the dolphin right there in front of you...)