Aug 31 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
Dan was reading books during his vacation? THERE GOES 3 WEEKS OF FANTASY OUT THE WINDOW! - Thanks, Dan!! (Hope you're well rested...)

And @ "4" - You're not a sex worker, you're an entertainer, (unless your audience are whackin' the dolphin right there in front of you...)
Aug 24 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
LW1, Ever hear of Viagra? That might get the ball rolling, so to speak, and after a while, things might continue without chemical enhancement.
Aug 9 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
Welcome, Stand-in Dan! This is going to be fun! I hope so for you, too! Carry on!!
Jul 28 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
Dan strikes again, "In a tragic rimming accident..." - I'm still laughing!
Jul 21 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
Um, If Recons and "Peter" exchanged pics and Recons recognized "Peter", wouldn't that mean that "Peter" probably also recognized Recons?

If I were in that position, I wouldn't say anything, and the next time the two couples get together, I'd just sit there with a bemused smile on my face.

On another point, and not to begrudge anyone their space, it is nice to see a good ol' column about da boyz and our problems. It's so much less confusing... lol!
Sep 29, 2015 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
Dan, I can't stop laughing at this week's final response. Too funny!!
Sep 22, 2015 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
for their behavior. Nothing wrong with drinking, but it seemed to be the major factor in her descriptions.
Sep 22, 2015 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
AT THE VERY LEAST, BFF, and probably her friends too, should stop drinking so often and then using it as an excuse for their
Aug 25, 2015 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
@7: As I see it, Dan is not advocating cheating when he wrote:

"It would be wonderful if everyone who felt compelled to cheat could either negotiate an open relationship or end the one they're in now," - This is Dan's stated, basic philosophy. He doesn't advocate cheating, as, under this ideal, there would be no cheating involved.

He then, as a caveat to the realities of the complications of some relationships, (which he previously described thusly, "Some married people have grounds to cheat. Men and women trapped in sexless or loveless marriages, men and women who have been abandoned sexually and/or emotionally by spouses they aren't able to leaveā€”either because their spouses are economically dependent on them (or vice versa) or because they may have children who are dependent on both partners."), continues, "but there are cases where cheating is the least worst option for all involved." - Again Dan is not advocating cheating, per se, but is recognizing that relationships can be VERY complicated, and people can have valid reasons for "cheating".
Aug 25, 2015 gbrooks commented on Savage Love.
Love the acronym for the final letter writer, an attorney who may benefit from this debacle: