Dec 20, 2012 kt commented on Cienna's Christmas Corner.
I agree! what a great fucking show.
Nov 14, 2011 kt commented on HUMP! 2011.
@mr missy

your face ain't silly. I voted your vid sexiest.
Nov 10, 2011 kt commented on There Was No Girl-on-Girl(-on-Donut) Action at This Year's Festival.
OMG, haven't you learned anything? will these herbs work for the rest of us, too?
Nov 8, 2011 kt commented on There Was No Girl-on-Girl(-on-Donut) Action at This Year's Festival.
your entire point #1 does not resonate with me. I don't know what I said that made you think I was that uninformed.
I can understand your point about the responsibility to be
political - that is my only criticism of my own stance as well. I
have no interest in weighing my agenda across the backs
of individuals. I do have interest in judging and criticizing,
but certainly not policing, the identity of others that I am speaking of here. also, when you refer to "my" community, you are overlooking the fact that I am and have been part of yours...

I'm 30, and have been in seattle from texas for 8 yrs. when I got here, I was delighted to have the support and possibility to express my gender ID, which was looked upon with disgust in my home state. I have primarily identified as third-gendered, trans, neither, both. in our gender-binary culture, I am perceived as and pass as male rather easily. so this puts me in a privileged position, as far as comfortability with my body and appearance goes. if I were shorter and had large breasts, I may have chosen to opt
for surgery and T. by the way, I still ID as fag as well. but
I separate that into my sexuality, dividing it from my gender.

in the last couple of years, I have realized more deeply just
how much of a choice gender is, and also how few positive
descriptors there are to describe a woman. in my opinion, the status of women in this society is total shit. so, I am making the deliberate choice to return to and consciously maintain my female identity, given that this is a choice that is
comfortable to me.

please note the last sentence there... I realize that there are
many out there for whom this would not be a comfortable choice. my questioning is directed, yes primarily at the dykes because that's where I am perceiving this phenomenon occurring, to the many who I suspect are like me. I am bringing up the point as an informed foot soldier in the whole shebang, yall.

I am a feminist. as I know you all are. and I request that you consider this: consider that you could maintain your female ID and be a part of redefining and bolstering what it means to be female to the world. yes this is a political choice and I would never criticize anyone for not making it. but I would respect someone who did (ahem). it's not an easy choice for me to enact. but I'll be damned if I let anyone assume I'm male anymore. I am just one part of what women look like.
Nov 7, 2011 kt commented on There Was No Girl-on-Girl(-on-Donut) Action at This Year's Festival.
yes, I have heard gay men refer to each other with female terms. but that is not really the same thing. I'm not talking about referring to ourselves or each other with gendered terms on occasion... I'm addressing the actual changing of identification. leaving your birth/sex ID for another. that is what I do not see happening with such abandon in the gay male community.
Nov 7, 2011 kt commented on There Was No Girl-on-Girl(-on-Donut) Action at This Year's Festival.
@4 you said it more gracefully than I.

in addition, I would like to say that, no matter how un-PC it is, it always makes me a little sad and confused further about the status of "women" to see dykes leave the identification behind for something more masculine. nowadays we even have the new "trans-masculine" (I guess to be sure they are sufficiently separated from feminine trans folk) to deal with.

as a gender-queer appearing dyke myself, I am intimately familiar with these questions and struggles. and what I see is many women rather flippantly discarding their female ID's to take on something masculine, or in the middle, or long as it's explicitly NOT-FEMALE. even going so far as to prefer "he" when they are not even male-identified.

I have yet to see this behavior in the gay male community. they are more than happy to maintain their "he's his him and male" self-references. dykes are another story. and how can I criticize them for being attracted to the obvious benefits of being male-identified? I just wonder if they're hurting the situation more than they're helping it. perhaps sticking around as a female and helping to change our culture and what it can look like to be a female would be more socially responsible.
Oct 7, 2011 kt commented on Occupy Seattle Fights Back Against King 5 Misreporting.
said the king 5 reporter to the protestor:
"don't you think your time would be better spent looking for a 3rd part-time job, rather than standing out here protesting?"

I heard it with my own ears, I was standing right next to them both.
Oct 7, 2011 kt commented on Occupy Westlake Park at Noon on Saturday.
facebook - occupy seattle
Aug 17, 2010 kt commented on The Source of Those Big Booms.
It shook my house here in Columbia City.

I heard two booms in succession, then two more. Is that the way sonic booms sound? Distinct booms like that?
Dec 17, 2009 kt commented on Amazon Should Read This Essay.
I thought the article was ridiculous.

I will never, ever have the connection to the 0's and 1's that constitute my "ebook.mp3" on my desktop that I do to a book I can write in, fold pages, wear out, and give away ONCE.

I can only give away my physical book once. I can let people borrow it many times. but I can't give it to my friend, who can then give it to their friends, unchanged, ad nauseam.

oddly, ebooks and pbooks (physical?) are almost apples and oranges. I can't imagine that publishers or authors would be thrilled to release one ebook and have that spread to everyone.

ebooks SHOULD be copyrighted. we should recognize the difference between pbooks and ebooks, and the actual book lovers will sift out.