Mar 17, 2015 maxk commented on I, Anonymous.
My indoor/outdoor cats prefer to poop outside, even though we keep two clean litterboxes inside. :-\
Aug 15, 2014 maxk commented on LGB People Who Seek Counseling From Religious Sources Are More Likely to Attempt Suicide.
It's worth noting that this shows correlation, not causation. It is easy to believe that LGBTQ folks who are predisposed towards looking for religious counseling are also more predisposed to commit suicide. If it was a controlled study, we could say that religious counseling drives LGBTQ people to commit suicide.
Aug 13, 2014 maxk commented on The New Body of Microsoft: Nadella Is Lean, Ballmer Is Not.
For the curious, Satya Nadella is not super fast, nor does he run a lot of races. He has two records, a 5k and a half marathon:…
5k: 23:48 = 7:40 min/mi
1/2 M: 2:18:16 = 10:33 min/mi
Mar 4, 2014 maxk commented on The Coffee Pod People Are Getting Creepier.
If anyone's curious about the technology, I'd bet they're using RFID tags in the K-cups to identify which are licensed or not. I know other companies have experimented with using these passive wireless tags to identify legit consumables in applications where there's no electrical contact (unlike your printers, laptop chargers, etc.)
Feb 6, 2014 maxk commented on Chattanooga's City-Owned Power Company Offers 1 GB Broadband for $70 a Month.
They offer 1Gb up/down, not 1 GB up/down. That's bits, not bytes. There are 8 bits in a byte. This error overestimates their speeds by 8x.
Jan 30, 2014 maxk commented on Marshawn Lynch vs. the Press.
Maybe the football writers should emulate Deion Sanders and try to make Marshawn feel comfortable and talk to him on his terms.
Jan 24, 2014 maxk commented on Tokyo Waka: A Documentary Dedicated to Tokyo's Crows.
Crows in Japan have demonstrated their intelligence by dropping nuts in crosswalks so that cars will crush them, and then the traffic lights will give them time to pick them up when traffic stops.

Check out this free PBS documentary featuring lots of footage from Seattle and a UW professor who studies them:…
Jan 20, 2014 maxk commented on Gimme Your Fucking... Go, Seahawks!.
@3 "Just" cosplay? Nothing about these outfits is "just" anything.
Jan 18, 2014 maxk commented on Let Them Eat... Maybe Something Other Than Cake?.
My wife and I bought non-tiered cakes from Hiroki, which happens to be right up the street from us. Multiple people commented on how much better they were than the typical wedding cakes. We also thought they were quite good. YMMV.