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Nov 30, 2010 JaketheSnake commented on Kurrent with a Backwards K Has Closed.
The place always reminded me of a glow in the dark condom. Your like, "oh, this looks fun....actually, maybe better in theory than in practice"
Nov 1, 2010 JaketheSnake commented on The New York Times on Four Loko.
You won't find it at any mini-marts on capitol hill, downtown, central district, International District, U District or anywhere in the Alcohol Impact Areas. If you haven't noticed by now no malt liquor is sold in any of these areas.
Aug 10, 2010 JaketheSnake commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Meet The Strippers of The Fox Hole, Zanesvile Ohio.
I was all set and ready to be on the side of the strippers, but after seeing those two creatures that work there I'm going to side with the church. Shut down the Fox Hole!
Jun 29, 2010 JaketheSnake commented on Dear Everyone with Feet.
I don't own a pair but I see plenty of people wearing them (and as a Crossfitter know a few who swear by them)

How are these any less appropriate for daily wear than flip flops or high heels? At least they have some utility. Not all of us spend all day at the goodwill looking for the perfect pair of vintage cowboy boots to wear to the next Comeback.

Yes, I am also a homosexual. Where do I turn in my gay card?
May 14, 2010 JaketheSnake commented on UW Refuses Proceeds from Cop Video T-Shirts.
If the guy sold 10 of these shirts I would be surprised, so I would consider it a moot point.
May 6, 2010 JaketheSnake commented on Victim Beaten with His Own Cane, Still Thwarts Four Georgetown Car Jackers.
Am I the only one who suspects the "victim" actually got blackout drunk, lost his jewelry and crashed his car on the way home?

Cinco de Drinko and all.
Apr 23, 2010 JaketheSnake commented on Hot Lunch.

Your average Russet type Potato is excessively high in starch. Fiber is simply a function of the human body being unable to fully process the food. Growing underground they lack many of the nutrients found in other vegetables. Plus they are quite high in the glycemic index and lead to overproduction of insulin by your pancreas and a bad cycle of glucose-insulin-glucose repeat.

Not that a potato every so often is that bad a thing, but they are definitely not good in any form. French fries and chips barely contain any nutrients whatsoever and are coated in vegetable oil.

A better alternative is a sweet potato, which is only distantly related to a potato and contains far more nutrients.
Apr 12, 2010 JaketheSnake commented on The Garbage Workers' Labor Disputes: Where Things Stand Now, Garbage Strike (?) Edition.
Any sourcing on the reduced pension benefits and reduced healthcare for retirees?

My prediction: Teamsters will cave if they know what is good for them. Waste Management would only be too happy to have a reason to hire replacement drivers at a reduced cost. If they insist on striking WM will hire the replacements, union will whine for a while and eventually all of these people will be on unemployment and unlikely to find a job that pays this well for unskilled labor ever again.
Apr 12, 2010 JaketheSnake commented on Liquor Board Proposal Would Ban 21-Year-Olds From Buying Booze.
Utterly ridiculous, time and resource wasting proposal. All this will create is a line of people at the DMV to get a new license on their 21st birthday. I am 26 and have a horizontal license, so this change will not affect me at all, but I can’t think of a reason why this proposal should be enacted. The proposed idea to have a “grace period” will only further complicate the matter. If the server is too incompetent to look at a birthdate and needs a horizontal license to determine whether or not a person is 21 then maybe you should offer remedial math classes to the affected service workers instead.
Mar 15, 2010 JaketheSnake commented on They Don't Mention If They Took Her Kid From Her....
@9 word..I can't imagine who would pay to watch this woman eat or wash herself, but I will gladly look at the website out of pure curiosity.