Oct 9, 2014 Dave E. commented on King Crimson Were Frippin' Amazing Last Night at the Moore.
I saw them open for Tool at the Paramount about 15 yrs ago. So good! Maynard compared playing with for them like Led Zepplin opening for Stone Temple Pilots or Madonna opening for Britney Spears. Then he said something about being more of a Christina Agulara fan. Umm...ok then, MJK! Regardless he was very humble. Fucking great show!
Sep 2, 2014 Dave E. commented on Reviews of (Almost) Every Single Band That Played Bumbershoot Saturday (Give or Take).
I remember when Bumbershoot was free, and people didn't call in "BumPershoot!"
May 2, 2014 Dave E. commented on 35 Photos From Seattle May Day 2014.
I know that dude "hipster" middle finger guy and he is by no means a hipster. He is however more punk rock than anyone I've every know and a really good dude with a family. I can guarentee he was not one of the dipshit anarchist!
Apr 3, 2014 Dave E. commented on Your Favorite Indie Shop Is Out of Business if $15-an-Hour Happens.
Why do some of you have to be so awful to eachother and talk like fucking douche bags with all the name calling...WTF!Yeah that's right, I called you douch bags!
Mar 7, 2014 Dave E. commented on Farewell/Good Riddance to the Old Comet Tavern.
And now it's going to be turned into a trending overpriced hipster restaurant....YAAAAAY!!!!
Oct 25, 2013 Dave E. commented on Party Pics! The "Restore the "R" Installation Party at the Rainier Brewery.
Shouldn't Mudhoney be playing on the roof of the brewery to celebrate, since one of their early album sleeves features the fine brew?
Oct 10, 2013 Dave E. commented on Seattle Musician Ian Hill Makes Offer to Buy the Comet Tavern.
Whew! Fingers crossed.
Oct 2, 2013 Dave E. commented on Coffee and Mars Hill.
Cool...Donkey Spooge!
Sep 9, 2013 Dave E. commented on Love as Laughter.
Discover, Lync first. 2nd, discover Beck's "One Foot In The Grave. 3rd LAL.