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May 19, 2010 cornballer commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Referral.
right on, #6. i had the same thought. with technology where it is now, no one in this country should have 3 unwanted pregnancies.
May 17, 2010 cornballer commented on Something to Remember as the College Admission (and Rejection) Letters Come Rolling In.
i like the idea here, but i think getting our secondary education up to par needs to happen *in order* to get this done, not as a result. american public high schools fare so abysmally compared with other industrialized nations that we can't really afford to reduce the quantity of education we're delivering our kids.

of course, i read this as someone who has been spoon-fed super-elite education all my life, so what do i know?
May 12, 2010 cornballer commented on Savage Love.
congratulations, dan. when i was reading this article today :…

i found myself thinking "what a loser" after the first paragraph. i quickly chastised myself for being so judgmental and thought, without thinking about it, "hey man, whatever lifts your luggage."

mission accomplished.
May 11, 2010 cornballer commented on Unto Us a Child Is Born!.
May 10, 2010 cornballer commented on What's Wrong With a Black Person Adopting a White Baby?.
no one's going to mention The Jerk?
May 5, 2010 cornballer commented on SL Email Exchange of the Day.
getting rejected seems like the worst thing in the world, and then it happens, and it's humiliating for a few minutes, and then it's like, "wait, that was it? that wasn't so bad."
Apr 27, 2010 cornballer commented on Is That a Tiny Horse?.
baby? that guy looks like he's pushing fifty.
Apr 20, 2010 cornballer commented on Scent of a Woman.
couldn't have thrown me a "nsfw" warning?
Apr 8, 2010 cornballer commented on SL Letter of the Day: Gay Porn Recommendations.
why is the lesbian porn on fleshbot under "straight"?
Apr 8, 2010 cornballer commented on Separated at Birth?.
it makes sense. sandra was born a white woman.