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Sep 23, 2015 bxtorr19 commented on Savage Love.
LW 2-The tit claps could have also been a free gift from an online adult store purchase. I ordered a couple of new toys from A&E with Dan's code and one of my "super sexy" free gifts was a set of nipple clamps. I got them while not in a relationship and did not want to throw them away so they sit, still in the package in my nightstand.
Jul 15, 2015 bxtorr19 commented on Savage Love.
For Mommy, then next time your mother starts in on your sex life and says things like your sick, need help, ect... Tell her, " I might might be kinky but your nosey and rude. If you don't like what you find, don't go through my private things."
May 20, 2015 bxtorr19 commented on Savage Love.
I am very dubious of the first letter. I raised 3 boys and while all 3 enjoyed rubbing, pulling, and touching their penises, their butts were a no go zone. Now playing with poop was different. The youngest enjoyed his "buddies" a little too much for my liking.
Apr 15, 2015 bxtorr19 commented on Savage Love.
Um, Adult, did it ever occur to you that the extra moisture in your vagina was a heat based response not a sexual one? While I never played with an adult diaper, I imagine it is constructed like an infant one. A thin wicking layer, a thicker cotton type layer, and a plastic layer to hold in moisture. This must also hold in a ton of heat. I know that even a thinner sanitary napkin can trap heat in my vagina causing it to lubricate more, not out of sexual excitement but to cool it off.
Explain to your AB boyfriend that GGG goes both ways and emotionally blackmailing you into sex that makes you uncomfortable is not going to happen anymore. Though you may find yourself single as for him ageplay appears to be the price of admition
Dec 24, 2014 bxtorr19 commented on Savage Love.
LW1-I just want to remind you of this. Wolverine, one of the most sexy, badass, and hardcore comicbook/movie characters is 5'2. How many women want to fuck the shit out of Hugh Jackman? Peter Dinklage is the breakout sex symbol of Game of Thrones. Comedian Brad Williams' sexual conquests are legendary. As long as you are confident, women will respond.
LW3-First stop making excuses for your dickish behavior. I'm also usually the smartest person in any room I'm in. However, just because you are smarter you don't have to be a dick about it. You might also find a group in your area that you are interested in such as history, living history, science, coin collecting, or the collected works of e.e. cummings. You'll be more likely to meet your intellectual equals there. Of course you might just find out that you are a total Sheldon.
Dec 16, 2014 bxtorr19 commented on Savage Love.
LUG? I guess I'm old because we used to call those girls one semester lesbiens.
Oct 29, 2014 bxtorr19 commented on Savage Love.
As a mom who has fished her fair share of crusty socks out from under a bed, having the "for the love of all that is holy please stop..." is not comfortable for anyone. However, it is better to be open and matter of fact about the situation. After the middle boy rubbed his poor little penis raw, he was 7 and started rubbing himself after his mom my sister died, I started leaving jars of udder cream on the bathroom sink and their nightstands. I also explained that household items were not designed for sexual use so don't! Instead I set up an account with an online adult dvd and toy store with a credit card that had a $150.00 limit that they knew they could use once a month but they needed to pay the bill.
Oct 1, 2014 bxtorr19 commented on Savage Love.
Holy Cats! This is the first colum that just grossed me out. Between reptile necrophilia and the fact that fake hymens exist I think I need therapy and hug.
On a lighter note, for the guy who's BF wants to be hit in nose. You might want to do pain play with clamps, pinching, and pulling nose hairs. He will get the pain without the danger.
Sep 3, 2014 bxtorr19 commented on Savage Love.
LW1-I never understood why some people get all bent out of shape about porn? I always though men watch porn for the same reason dogs chase cars, because they can. The use of porn does not make you a pedophile, having sex or sexual fanasties with someone who has the physical/mental appearance of a child does. While we have decided as a society that anything under age 18 is a child, in reality watching age play or someone who is 16 or 17 but has reached their physical maturity does not make you a deviant.
Men are more literal so they like to watch visual representations of their erotic fantasies. Women are more cerebral so they tend to read and imagine their fantasies. Which is why 50 Shades of Mental Abuse is so popular right now and why Bodice Ripper books have been popular for decades.
What it sounds like to me is youe wife does not want or is afraid to have children, but feels like society expects her too. So instead of admitting her disinterest in having children she is using the porn to shift the blame to you. "I totally want children but, HE's not responsible enough to trust with them."
This is not going to resolve with time. You can get councelling but what will eventually happen is one of you will get tired living in an armed camp and move on.
Aug 19, 2014 bxtorr19 commented on Savage Love.
LW2-There is an accepted code for larger women. I'll break it down for you after navigating those waters for years.
Thick-means a larger than average woman, usually from size 14 to 20. About 20 to 50lbs over standard.
BBW-Is usually woman who fall between size 20 to 28. Usually between 55 to 125lbs over weight.
SSBW-Is a woman who is over size 28 or 150lbs + over weight.