Feb 17, 2011 DS commented on The Spirit of the Independent.
Bethany nailed it. This place is awesome. The pizza is superior to Tutta Bella (which is reliably good) and definitely to Tribunali (which I want to like, but just doesn't taste great after a couple visits). The crust at The Independent won't grab you by the collar (it doesn't have to), but it's the best I've tasted in Seattle.

Service is sometimes slow because of a staff of 3, but they try hard and it's really, really, really good pizza.
Oct 20, 2010 DS commented on Why I Support Initiative 1098.
Thanks, Mr. Gates.

Can you provide some data on your statement: "we have the most unfair tax system in the nation, with the middle class paying four times the tax rate of the top one percent".

It's hard to pin down in simple terms what the tax rates between folks like me (married with less than $100k/year in income) versus, say, a married couple making $500k a year.
Aug 8, 2010 DS commented on Save the Buckaroo Tavern.
Whoa ... now I'm a "low-life" for commenting on a post? Um ... I think you've lost perspective. These aren't evil forces at work. I've personally never met Donna so I'll trust she's a great person, but I do know Lars & Nils and I can comment on both of 'em. They're great guys. They've worked on my house over the years. I've attended parties and Nils' wedding.

It's misleading and a bit nuts for your to say "They waited for Keith to die". Really? You really know that to be true? Must be nice to read minds. The problem with conspiracy theorists is that everything becomes a conspiracy. Now, suddenly I'm the friendless Lars & Nils "spreading lies". Do you vote for Tea Party candidates? They love this stuff!

Anyhow, be a hater and a victim. It makes for an interesting (if not paranoid) life.
Jul 30, 2010 DS commented on Save the Buckaroo Tavern.
I'm also a friend of Lars & Nils, so I can't comment on the bar-owner side of things. However, these guys are hardly the evil landlord types. I remember when they bought the building a few years back they were both proud to be participating in saving "the Buck" by taking over and keeping the building and replacing things like the windows, the awning, renovating the then crappy apartments upstairs. It's worth noting that both Lars & Nils are carpenters by trade (it's how they make their livings) and saving an old building like this is up their alley. As born-and-raised Seattle boys they're also patrons of places like the Buckaroo, the Nine Pound Hammer and really value their place in local Seattle history.

Pretty much all the rumors flying around have been stuff I've heard from them over the years: the owner's husband ran a great biz, but when he died things went downhill. Paying rent has been an issue. They offered to buy and run the Buckaroo (and were excited to carry on the tradition) but were faced with an asking price from outer space (not to mention that there's back rent due). So, it's an unfortunate situation where an establishment has gone downhill as a viable business and chosen to destroy itself on the way out instead of doing the right thing and passing it along at a fair price to some motivated people.

Anyway, I'm sure there's more subtext and I don't have all the details but even the way the poster is written has a reactionary, trumped-up tone that seems to be hiding the real story. The easy story is "evil landlord destroys local business". The reality is closer to "local business goes bankrupt and throws a hissy fit on the way out". Too bad for everyone. If the folks running the protest stopped hyperventilating and persuaded the current owner to pass the Buck along, they would be doing everyone a big favor.
Apr 23, 2010 DS commented on Today The Stranger Suggests.
Well, I love Awesome (absolutely one of my favorite Seattle bands of all time) but the show is a snoozer. We couldn't see half the show with the heavy handed direction (and those damn boxes in the way!) The shining moment was the third act where the band stood in a V formation, sang their hearts out and ended with bunch of glowing bouncy balls falling from the sky. Fun! You could SEE the band actually playing their instruments.

There is some great new Awesome music in the show but for the most part the audience (what the hell was that blind spot second act all about?) couldn't see the band perform. And sorry to pour it on, but I love band and care enough to let 'em know - but what happened to being fun and funny and actually smiling once in a while?

Awesome: please come home. We want to hear (and see) you sing and play your instruments. Go ahead and interact, have fun and be funny. Your recent self-directed show at the Seattle Center was killer! Please come back West where you belong. We miss you.

your fans
Feb 26, 2010 DS commented on Olympic Hockey: Take a Long Lunch!.
Go Slohockeya! Slovak 'n roll! I LOVE SLOVAKIA!
Jan 26, 2010 DS commented on The Happiest Hour.
This place is great ... old Seattle in the sense that it's comfortable, neighborly and sanely priced. Great owner/operators.
Dec 9, 2009 DS commented on Thoughts About Elliott Bay Book Company.
I can't wait to walk down to the new EBBC and bring visitors when they come from out of town. The area is transforming faster than I ever imagined and so far it's mostly great. I've lived near Cap Hill for over 10 years (and an additional 3 years in the early 90s). EBBC and the new restaurants and shopping is a welcome and needed change.
Nov 20, 2009 DS commented on The Alaskan Stereotype.
Having been born & raised in Anchorage I can say that lots of people transplant to Alaska escape their past lives -- and to @4's point they can then exhibit a distaste of the "lower 48" which is really a repudiation of their past selves. People also over-identify with their "Alaskaness" as a way of becoming "something" as they didn't really dig who they were down south.

That all said, true Alaskans (which is really my way of saying the good people: both natives, locals and transplants) are very friendly and accepting folks. I still visit my family every year and I'm always blown away at how nice and down to earth people are in Alaska. The extreme weather (both winter & summer) creates a great sense of community for most.

One thing to note: Sarah Palin is not from Alaska. She's from Idaho (I believe her family moved at age 3) and I can tell you from growing up there that certain people have a chip on their shoulder about not being "real Alaskans" and I've always seen Sarah as an Idahoan who over-emphasizes her Alaska street cred to make up for her transplant status and her general insecurities with respect to the Lower 48 and being seen as an intellectual fraud. Alaskans don't really dig her much anymore - that's a myth she'd like perpetuated. My family and friends soured on her long ago.

As a transplant to Seattle I'll also point out that born 'n bred Seattleites have always accepted me as a Seattleite because I love the city and I've made my home here. Sarah should loosen up about her Idaho roots and just be a normal Alaskan like the vast majority of transplants up in the Great State.