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Sep 26 Texas10R commented on The College Student's Guide to Buying Legal Weed for the First Time.
Clichés are a poor substitute for clarity and forceful expression. "That being said ...", please stop fucking using that chiché, and definitely stop writing it. After all, your target "audience" (did you mean "readership"?), as you implied, are mostly college undergraduate students. Try to demonstrate greater command of the language, as an example to your readership.
Sep 5 Texas10R commented on In the Interest of the Public, the City of Seattle Must Operate the Monorail.
@13 Congratulations on coming out as the unofficial valedictorian of the Trump school of Economics. Since you clearly have worn your special intellectual earmuffs for your past 35 years, here is what happened: ALL of America has subsidized all OUR grotesque and inefficient roads, parking lots, petroleum industry, automotive industry, and ALL the associated air and water pollution, and the wars waged for them since the dawn of the gasoline era. I'm not it saying it wasn't to some degree necessary; I'm saying like so many concepts at which we Americans excel and innovate, we tend to get greedy and fuck it up. After which, we tend to lie, and revise the historical perception of everything that happened and why. You're doing it right now, dumbass. IF the cost of driving a car were not subsidized by all of us, your pathetic ass would not be in a single-occupant vehicle. Feel stupid? You should, because you are. It goes with the territory of being an arrogant ill-informed nit-wit.
Sep 1 Texas10R commented on We Saw You Getting Married in Pioneer Square and Bringing Fried Chicken to the Zoo.
"Like, Rob Thomas featuring Santana hot."
Wrong. It was Santana featuring Rob Thomas, but one of the most electrifying collaborations of a super-duo. In 1999, at a live gig at an awards show, this real band plays a real arrangement (not a sloppy jam) on actual instruments, and get through the whole thing without dropping a perfectly good, expensive mic on the floor. Carlos Santana and his band (Santana) and Rob Thomas sound great and look great.
Sep 1 Texas10R commented on The Morning News: Washington State Ferries Seeing More Forgotten Cars, Bill Nye Gets Science Show on Netflix.
"It will be called Bill Nye Saves the World and will dispel myths and set the truth straight."

Chuck Mudede once again imparts his skill, such as it is, as a writer. To set the record straight, Charlie, the "truth" need not be set "straight." It is, by definition, the truth. You could, however, set the "record" straight, to the extent that it may well be misunderstood, or may be intentionally falsified.
Jul 31 Texas10R commented on The Stranger's Endorsements for the August 2016 Primary Election!.
"The SECB was treated to a freewheeling conversation about the glories of the free market until we were all curled up in the fetal position on the floor."

If a "conversation" puts you (the SECB) in a "fetal position," you are far too weak for political reporting. Lucky for Seattle, you couldn't flip an election if you wanted. The only tool in your belt is confirmation bias.
Jul 26 Texas10R commented on DNC Photo Dispatch: Check Out Nate Gowdy's Amazing Photos of Sarah Silverman, Michelle Obama, and Bernie and Hillary Fans.
Oh my, digital stills of the most audio-video-covered event of the week. How compelling. [yawn]
Jun 14 Texas10R commented on Guest Editorial: Our Gun Policies Are Madness. Ban Assault Weapons..
It is NOT "infantry 101." You should NOT presume that your enemy is lightly-armed nor alone when counter-assaulting or defending a position. Were you not trained during infantry school the tactics of deception? Had you remembered your training, you would recall the distinctive "ping" sound made when a Garand M1 ejects the empty magazine. Nazi soldiers came to interpret that distinctive sound as a rifleman out of ammo and in need of reloading. U.S. Infantry were trained to keep an empty magazine handy, so as to emulate the ping sound, in order to trick the enemy into thinking he was reloading. Soldiers were trained to use deception as both a defensive and offensive tactic. But of course, you would know that, because it's "infantry 101."
What a yutz.
Jun 14 Texas10R commented on Guest Editorial: Our Gun Policies Are Madness. Ban Assault Weapons..
High-capacity magazines may be more "convenient" and statistically more common, but since you missed the point, it is that a determined and marginally-experienced shooter can reload with sufficient frequency to inflict substantial death and injury. Perhaps you should READ the posting before arguing against it, although uninformed, reflexive objection is typical of irrational arguments.
Jun 14 Texas10R commented on Guest Editorial: Our Gun Policies Are Madness. Ban Assault Weapons..
" ... and they are apparently perfectly legal to boot." They definitely are not. A special Federal Firearms License is required for ANYONE to legally own a fully automatic firearm – even if the conversion kits and DIY videos are out there – and of course, they are. What most people fail to appreciate is that the sheer volume of firearms already in circulation would be virtually impossible to recall without setting off an ill-advised counter-reaction. Also, anyone who knows much about firearms knows the lethal possibilities of semi-automatic pistols – even with a "ban" on magazines over eight rounds, multiple clips of ammo in the right hands would not substantially affect the casualty count inflicted by any deranged or determined shooter. No, the real problem is that there are just too many violent assholes in our society, whether they be gangbangers or domestic terrorists. And while I generally concur there is definitely too much firepower in the wrong hands, simply trying to legislate it away is unrealistic, unless the ultimate goal is to lose yet another election so some REALLY nutty NRA-types can win big ...AGAIN.
May 25 Texas10R commented on 50 Places in Seattle That You're Taking for Granted.
Dammit! This piece on great places to go and enjoy was going so well ... and then some yutz proclaimed the place where he goes for a couple of GLASSES OF WINE: "The bartenders are the best (How would he know? He drinks wine by the glass!) ... and have excellent taste in music ... 'Connect For' and 'Da Two' – CL Smooth and Pete Rock, the founders of the sound that dominated the first half of the 1990s."

Listeners of Nirvana, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, – you know – real actual BANDS, and anyone who doesn't give a shit about hiphop or rap, might rightfully disagree with his curatorial acumen of early-1990s Seattle music. As it turns out, it's just Mudede writing about topics WAY out of his league –– again.