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May 22 Texas10R commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Refuses Shotgun, Gets Hammered.
I used to live in an apartment building overlooking the parking lot of the Cadillac Grill. (Talk about "free cable"!) Once in a while, I had to make a post-last-call to SPD with a description of the vehicle and and the wobbling, hapless driver who struggled to negotiate the insertion of his key into the door. No hammer was necessary – ever.
May 13 Texas10R commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Learns About Trespassing Laws.
Finally – a happy ending with a moral, and an ending without the presentation of a "business card" by SPD to a hapless victim.
May 8 Texas10R commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Bike (Frame) Assault with a Soda Motive.
This cartoon bit is (if it is not already) gradually becoming a shining moment in each new edition of the Stranger. And, based on the reader commentary, sticks the landing for social relevance and resonance. Keep it up.
May 8 Texas10R commented on After Murray Promises Scarecrow Video $50,000, Scarecrow Told It's Not Getting That Money.
For those you too young, or too stupid, or too ignorant of historical retrospective, or perhaps, just too lazy to give it a second thought because there isn't an app that replaces the need for cognitive critical thinking, consider this:
There was, and is, a mode of of cinematic expression of varying cultural persuasions that completely bypasses the trappings of Internet "convenience" and immediacy. When you "own" a DVD or VHS, it does not vanish at the end your subscription. Anything else? Oh, yes! When your Internet service goes face-down (not that your ISP isn't fantasitco, unless you have one of the big 4, in which case you're stuck), your DVD drive still works. And Neflix may be great for all the latest crap, but their legacy catalogue is narrow and shallow, which I suppose is fine for anyone who enjoys movies, but sadly, thinks modern film began with Star Wars. Yes, kiddies, Scarecrow is worth preserving. It's practically the Smithsonian of modern film with local access and relevance, and is a Seattle institution of historical significance and value, unlike the squandering of $50K for a redundant "study."
A special commendation to Charles Mudede for bringing this Mayoral ceremonial cluster-fuck to the public's already-wary eye.
Apr 26 Texas10R commented on I, Anonymous: Doctor's Touch Brings Sensual Healing.
Several years ago, my friend was at Group Health regarding a somewhat "intimate" health issue requiring the examination of his beautiful penis. It seems the attending physician was sufficiently vulnerable to mortal influences, and broke into a very awkward sweat, which probably only made that physician feel all the more embarrassed about the situation. It would seem that despite extensive professional training and a valiant commitment to ethical conduct, medical practitioners and technicians are also quite human.
Mar 5 Texas10R commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Gets Hit With A Bat, Has No Clue Why.
1) Whatever it says about the Stranger, this is consistently at the top.
2) "Oh! Maybe it's cause we're sleeping with the same woman!" Yeah ... "woman" ... right. Got it.
Still, what a great social commentary element for the Stranger.
Feb 16 Texas10R commented on I, Anonymous: You've Changed.
Why does ANYONE give a shit about this, even if you believe it's true?
Feb 8 Texas10R commented on Valentine's Date Night Suggestions: Fancy, Casual, Single, Take-Out.
Oh, Tobias Coughlin-Bogue,

Serafina is historically over-priced and overrated. The depicted miniature bowl of pasta says it all – An obscene mound of Parmigiano-Reggiano on a scoop of pasta; fresh, hand-made, or not. (WTF?) – whereas the shortbread cookies from Café Pettirosso are positively sublime.
Feb 1 Texas10R commented on Don't Just #DeleteUber: Delete Lyft, Too, and Try These Seattle-Area Transit Apps Instead.
Among the reasons for deleting Uber, is the unwitting tracking by Uber of customers' locations – even when not using Uber's "service" (as reported in media outlets.) How creepy and invasive is that?
Jan 19 Texas10R commented on Hello, New People!.
Mudede ... again ... Still? Meh. I'm used to it, and so be should shiny-minted Seattle newcomers. Mind you, it gets worse. (MUCH worse!) Just hold it in until he explains the demise of the neon Wonder Bread sign – as a plot by "the man", or some B.S. related to high-priced fried chicken off Rainier Ave S.