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Seattle born, Totem Lake bred, just as the log mall opened, returned to the Queen/Emerald/Jet… more »

Wild Bill trying to be hopeful.
Jul 20 Wild Bill commented on Star Trek Offers Us a Reminder: We Can Do Better.
Excellent analysis, but did you like the movie?
Jul 17 Wild Bill updated his or her bio.
Jul 17 Wild Bill commented on Your Weekly Roundup: Trump Sees A Veep in Mike Pence, Sonic Boom Records Gets a New Owner in Mike Pitts.
PENCE is an anti-choice extremist, his only consistent plank is an unyielding anti abortion screed. let's hope that The Donald and The Bigot become scattered blowing debris and detris in the spewing fart blossom that is American Politics...ewwwww
Jun 28 Wild Bill commented on Two Seattle Musicians Pay Tribute to the Late P-Funk and Talking Heads Keyboard Innovator Bernie Worrell.
Joe Zawinul called Bernie Worrell a "keyboard prophet",,,,nuff said, RIP
Jun 27 Wild Bill commented on Matthew McConaughey Can't Stop Being a Badass White Savior in Free State of Jones.
UH, there's this Ken Burns fellow, see, and, oh never mind,,,
Jun 14 Wild Bill commented on After Standoff, Police Arrest Seattle Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Open Fire on Northgate Mosque.
how about, just extremism, as in evil extremism, no matter the can it comes in....
Jun 13 Wild Bill updated his or her bio.
Jun 13 Wild Bill trying to be hopeful.
Jun 13 Wild Bill commented on Poems of Hope and Grief for the Orlando Dead.
“The weight of the world is love.
Under the burden of solitude,
under the burden of dissatisfaction
the weight,the weight we carry is love. ”
― Allen Ginsberg

"Ah, dear father, greybeard, lonely old courage-
teacher, what America did you have when Charon quit
poling his ferry and you got out on a smoking bank
and stood watching the boat disappear in the black
waters of Lethe? " ---Allen Ginsburg

In the spirit of love, with my dear Uncles Allen and Walt watching on, I use this space to celebrate my personal Seattle departed, David, Mark and Bob, and those innocents in Orlando, good sailing...

Apr 26 Wild Bill commented on Seattle Is Pretty Much Game Over: We Will Become Another San Francisco and Vancouver.
Here's an even better one from Steinbeck, 1962, about growth in general and Seattle:

And here a generality concerning the growth of American cities, seemingly true of all of them I know. When a city begins to grow and spread outward, from the edges, the center which was once its glory is in a sense abandoned to time. Then the buildings grow dark and a kind of decay sets in; poorer people move in as the rents fall, and small fringe businesses take the place of once flowering establishments. The district is still too good to tear down and too outmoded to be desirable. Besides, all the energy has flowed out to the new developments, to the semi-rural supermarkets, the outdoor movies, new houses with wide laws and stucco schools where children are confirmed in their illiteracy.

The old port with narrow streets and cobbled surfaces, smoke-grimed, goes into a period of desolation inhabited at night by the vague ruins of men, the lotus eaters who struggle daily toward unconsciousness by way of raw alcohol. Nearly every city I know has such a dying mother of violence and despair where at night the brightness of the street lamps is sucked away and policemen walk in pairs. And then one day perhaps the city returns and rips out the sore and builds a monument to its past.