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Seattle born, Totem Lake bred, just as the log mall opened, returned to the Queen/Emerald/Jet… more »

Wild Bill trying to be hopeful.
Feb 15 Wild Bill commented on L'Oursin Brings French-Inspired Seafood to the Central District's Ever-Evolving Culinary Landscape.
Good lord, that "fresh seafood platter" looks incredibly good, world class. I'll take two of those and skip the salad,,,,though the salad looks good, too...as the city spreads and transforms and then spreads again...
Jan 21 Wild Bill commented on Burgers and Betrayal: Michael Keaton Plays The Founder of McDonald's.
This is Fake News, McDonalds has baked their pies since 1992. A Fact.

"...as American as that fast-food restaurant’s version of apple pie—a dubious, deep-fried log of chemically sweetened goo."

How can we the reader believe anything else in this review?

Or is it merely poorly referenced, you were referring to a time before the pies were baked...

At any rate, it's needlessly confusing...
Jan 11 Wild Bill commented on The Coen Brothers Are Making a Western TV Show and Movie, or Something.
Since beloved Joel and Ethan are writing AND directing this, it should be wonderful. Their only clunkers are Ladykillers and Hudsucker Proxy, although each has some delightful sequences....Barton Fink and Miller's Crossing, I can watch again and again....
Jan 11 Wild Bill commented on Watch Cory Booker Reprimand Jeff Sessions for Years of Voting Against Marginalized Americans.
@1, Dude reality is gray, not black and white...I helped a guy get a woman's car out of the ditch in Lacey this AM, he had a Trump bumper sticker and a gigantic pick up, but I still pulled over and helped, because they looked like they could use a hand, get it? And I shook his hand when we were done, and he was a (gasp) decent human being...
You gonna play that spot check every comment and mole and weird hair up the ass in a person's life bullshit? Well, start with your own then...

Me? I fuck up a lot.....but live and learn...and hope not to rinse and repeat,,,,to me that's the point....
Jan 11 Wild Bill commented on Watch Cory Booker Reprimand Jeff Sessions for Years of Voting Against Marginalized Americans.
How about Warren/Booker in play, as well,,,,4 years to go,,,

what could go wrong?
Jan 11 Wild Bill commented on Seattle's New Favorite Place to Drink: In the Bookstore.
Great way to save bookstores as neighborhood anchors; most excellent. Of course, how long before Amazon starts serving boozeahol?
Jan 4 Wild Bill commented on 2017 New Year's Resolutions.
WOW, a glimpse into most liberal Seattle brain tissues, now we know why Trump won. Just kidding. Good luck with this shit. And, yes, T-Town rocks, it's actually diverse...not pretend. And have fun every now and then!
Jan 4 Wild Bill commented on Stay Warm and Drunk at One (or All) of These Seattle Fireplace Bars.
@10 I stand corrected, tried the city market, 6 pieces later, quite tasty! Bless you rev,,,
Jan 3 Wild Bill commented on Rogue One: Fast, Fun, and Morally Complicated.
@2 yeah, but shit blows up real good in this one, high quality shit blowing, hell, it's even artistic...BOOM BOOM BOOM
Jan 3 Wild Bill commented on Lindy West Quits Twitter: "It Is Unusable for Anyone But Trolls, Robots and Dictators".
@7 it depends on that whole whose ox gets gored thing, that is, one humon's troll is another humon's clear thinker....one humon's terrorist is another humon's freedom fighter and so on etc....