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Seattle born, Totem Lake bred, just as the log mall opened, returned to the Queen/Emerald/Jet… more »

Wild Bill trying to be hopeful.
Aug 31 Wild Bill commented on Local Veterans Tweet Support for Colin Kaepernick: "I Stand By You".
#1 so he sucks because he has a strong opinion that's different than yours? You're intolerance is showing, just like my butt crack when I bend into the refrigerator for a jar of pickled rat balls.
Aug 31 Wild Bill commented on Trump Rally Post-Mortem: Cautious Optimism (Or, Don't Worry: He Probably Won't Win).
"Is Trump the last stand for bovine white America, or the beginning of a whole new nightmare?" You mean Rightmare....my hunch is he's gonna win, as Hilary's lead gets chipped away and then some e-mail "bombshell." God, I hope and wish not, but I was brought up being told if you wish in one hand and poop in the other which one fills up first? We'll see how HRC does against a TV star. I think the Trumpys know they don't need no facts for the teevee debates, just a "Great TV" moment...
Aug 31 Wild Bill commented on See Nate Gowdy's Photos From Donald Trump's Rally in Everett Last Night.
what wonderful photography, thanks
Aug 30 Wild Bill commented on The Last Days of Summer.
daytime, as well,,,,many is the day that I've crashed on a bench and scarfed some Dicks and threw out some fries,,,,don't take long for a scurrying brown fuzz ball shows up n soon another and then, a french fried rat brawl, not to be confused with a french fried rat ball, which is best with gravy....
Aug 24 Wild Bill commented on New Column.
ARSECAP is better,
Aug 23 Wild Bill commented on Mayor Ed Murray Names Seattle's New Top Homelessness Official.
The Sloop tavern, great halibut and chips and ice cold beers!
Aug 6 Wild Bill commented on Suicide Squad Shoots—and Misses.
YEAH, that hack Jared Leto with his Oscar and his Golden Globe. I don't think he's a bad actor, he's a very good actor giving a very bad performance in a shitty popcorn movie.
Jul 20 Wild Bill commented on Star Trek Offers Us a Reminder: We Can Do Better.
Excellent analysis, but did you like the movie?
Jul 17 Wild Bill updated his or her bio.
Jul 17 Wild Bill commented on Your Weekly Roundup: Trump Sees A Veep in Mike Pence, Sonic Boom Records Gets a New Owner in Mike Pitts.
PENCE is an anti-choice extremist, his only consistent plank is an unyielding anti abortion screed. let's hope that The Donald and The Bigot become scattered blowing debris and detris in the spewing fart blossom that is American Politics...ewwwww