Feb 19, 2016 dandan commented on Quirky Nest Houses Are Killing Birds and They Also Remind Us Why the Beacon Hill Library Is So Bad.
Maybe there's something racist here. Maybe not. You wouldn't know from reading the article.
May 12, 2015 dandan commented on I’m a Server and I Think We Should Keep Tips.
I'm glad the stranger could share another article suggesting that tipping must go away for the sake of restaurant survival. Thank you so much for continuing to suggest that there is some sort of debate in the air among servers as to whether they should get tips. Good to see you stand up for business owners against the only people in that profession earning a livable wage.
Apr 29, 2015 dandan commented on Renee Erickson Eliminates Tips and Raises Wages to $15 in a Move Toward Greater Parity Among Restaurant Workers.
All Erickson is doing is taking the minimum wage raise out of the pocket of the front of the house. She cannot claim to be acting upon egalitarian principles while using someone else's money to bankroll this equalizing of wages. Tipping is the only thing allowing some restaurant workers to achieve middle-class status. If Erickson really believed in people working their way up to build a career in this industry, why would she work to destroy the institution that makes such a career a possibility? Oh yeah, because the money will otherwise come out of the restaurant's (her) pocket. I call BS on the idea that the front of the house wanted this. I hope they are widely boycotted.
Sep 17, 2014 dandan commented on Murray Will Consider Veto of Council's Push to Drive Up Cost of Affordable Apartments.
The NIMBY reasoning of @26 is counterproductive to the discussion of how Seattle housing should be regulated. As much as individuals in certain areas may not like it, density is necessary to the city's growth.

However, it is fair to have concerns over the standards of living arrangements we allow to be built. Disagree? Should developers be allowed to build homes without running water, sewage, electricity, or modern fire safety considerations? By requiring such "amenities," are we squeezing the developers' pocketbooks too much and thus discouraging increased density?

This situation pits a supply&demand argument against a market psychology argument. The standard economic/supply&demand argument has some merit. Less regulation means more incentive to build more densely. Conversely, there is the concern that Apodments may change the psychology of the housing market, with the Apodment becoming the new base-level housing model, while everything else is considered a luxury, justifying even higher rents for today's ordinary apartment tomorrow. The people that will live in Apodments are needed by the city. They are the cooks, dishwashers, retail clerks, and cashiers that keep the city moving. Many of them are willing to live in whatever conditions they must, but the city needs them just as much as they need it. The city will be willing to bring them in at whatever cost it must pay. Allowing the growth of Apodments, which lower the expected standard (not legal standard) for living in the city, is the city's way of cutting costs, drawing a line, and asking the city's future low-pay laborers to tighten their belts.

Five years ago, with the state of the economy in question, I would have found more merit in the supply&demand argument. Today, however, construction is booming around Seattle. This is not the time to worry that developers do not have the immediate incentive to keep developing. This is the time to think about the long-run future, and buildings last a long time. Lets not take a step backward in the housing standards of this city.
May 9, 2014 dandan commented on Cyclists Should Be Able to Roll Through Stop Signs.
Many of these comments are ridiculous.

Why are there so many people concerned with how this might give cyclists the right to blow through intersections or disregard the right-of-way of others who are there first? The proposed rule only is applicable where the intersection is empty.

Why do some people think it is hypocritical to have different rules apply to bicycles? Different rules have always applied to different modes of transportation, including cars, scooters, motorcycles, large trucks, walking, and bicycles. This is not a new thing. It is based on seeking an optimal way for all these things in motion to share space.

And why are some equating changing this rule (that bikes must stop) to anarchy? A proposal to change a rule is the opposite of anarchy. Disregarding the rule would be anarchic.
Mar 15, 2013 dandan commented on Chicago Schools Banned Persepolis and All Hell, Predictably, Broke Loose.
Headline is a little misleading.
Not including a book in teaching curriculum ≠ banned.
This does make me want to watch this though a little more.
Mar 11, 2013 dandan commented on Shanik Is Not Vij's.
Not taking reservations allows the place to fit more people in during the evening. When you have reservations, there will always be spaces of time when tables are not being used. No reservations means tables are used as soon as they are ready.

I am very happy that the no reservations system is becoming more popular among good restaurants (Walrus, Whale Wins, Canon, Cantinetta, Shanik, Vij's). My favorite restaurant in DC is a little hole in the wall that serves Ramen, Toki Underground. I was only in town for a limited time and never would have been able to get in if I had to book a reservation a great deal in advance. (They also had the brilliantly good sense to take your # and text you when your table was about to be ready.) 'No reservations' lowers the restaurant's cost, so that they can ostensibly pass the value on to the customer. It's basically a way for them to serve the same amount of tables in one night as they could if they operated in a bigger more expensive space. This rewards those who really want to go, versus those say they want to go, but are in reality offended that someone might ask that they wait their turn.

I have not yet been to Shanik, but am greatly looking forward to it, as I've been to Vij's a half dozen times. (Can anyone honestly say they've only been there once? Not if they've had the lamb popsicles.) I really admire Vikram Vij sticking to his guns on this. *Everyone* waits. John Legend was turned down one night when we were up there. Allegedly (according to Vikram Vij) Obama and the king of Saudi Arabia have both been told they would have to wait.

Go early. Put your name on the list. Go grab a drink somewhere else. Come back and enjoy some chai or drinks and apps while waiting a last little bit. OR, don't go. I don't care. That'll make it less of a wait for me.
Jul 20, 2009 dandan commented on Via Tribunali.
Jul 20, 2009 dandan commented on Via Tribunali.
of different things and different kinds of pizzas. Thick or thin crust? Cheap chain delivery or fabulous dinner? From Northlake Tavern's giant pizzas to Pizza Hut to Lombardi's in Little Italy, I can enjoy a lot of different styles. The hype around Via Tribunali, on the other hand, I cannot understand. I really wanted to like this place. The ambience was great. I even went back and tried it again at another of their locations. The pizza is just simply not that good. The crust is thin and yet doughy making it seem almost soggy in your mouth. The thinly sliced meat was overly salty. And the sauce was slightly on the bland side. Overall, I would almost go back for the nice atmosphere of the place if it were not for the fact that the price of the pizzas was proportional to their hype. I'll probably go back for drinks.