Jan 19, 2015 muffin commented on SL Letter of the Day: Your Kid Could Be Queer (But So Could Anyone's Kid).
I hope people realize that a lot of teachers out there work hard to check and combat bullying at their schools everyday. This is a tall order, but an essential part of our already overworked underpaid job (avg. 65-70 hrs/wk) I strive to promote acceptance and to use moments of bullying, racism, prejudice, and stereotyping to first stop it immediately, then create a teachable moment for the students who were victimizing others or acting intolerant.

A lot of us are fighting the good fight and will continue to do so, because we love all of our students.
May 31, 2013 muffin commented on Ballard Taco Bell Workers Walk Out as Nationwide Fast Food Strike Hits Seattle.
Fast food restaurants are overall a terrible thing in our society. BUT, the people that work for them are largely hard-working individuals who are not adequately compensated for their labor. It is a myth that this work force is made up of teenagers; many immigrants, single parents etc work in fast food restaurants, and it is hard, dirty work. To say they're lazy is blatant classism, period. Understand that in all reality, the janitor who dumps the trash is just as essential and valuable to society as a talented programmer. The privilege in this thread is sickening, get the fuck over yourselves. Poor people in this country work harder than you do. Of course they deserve $15/hour.
May 6, 2013 muffin commented on Spoiled Rotten: Iron Man 3.
It was amazing, seriously. Better than the Avengers.
Dec 4, 2012 muffin commented on Schools Are Teaching Less Fiction Because Fiction Isn't Helpful for Shitty Business Jobs.
To be fair, the Common Core standards are talking about text across the curriculum, not just English/language arts. Those percentages make more sense when you consider social studies, science etc texts as part of the whole equation. It doesn't necessarily reduce the amount of fiction consumed, it just sets requirements for literacy across the curriculum. But agreed, as far as boooo to treating schools as factories to make workers.
Nov 6, 2012 muffin commented on I Just Encountered a Non-Voter.
It's worth thinking about the fact that a lot of people are thoughtfully disengaged in the system. When your only two legitimate options are both corporate-influenced warmongers it can be hard for someone who's a true leftist/progressive to want to vote for any candidates. However, that's not really a good excuse for not voting on initiatives/referendums etc. People can write 'abstain' or something similar in the write-in section for offices where they can't in good conscience vote for any of the available candidates. /2 cents
Aug 9, 2012 muffin commented on How a Brassy Socialist Could Switch Races to Challenge the Most Powerful Legislator In Olympia.
She also has a phd in economics and works at both SCCC and Seattle U. To say Socialist Alternative has no platform is plainly a lie, if you're actually interested in the platform, simply read the website's "what we stand for" and other relevant info on the national org's site. However, I understand that comments like many of these motivations are to discredit any third party challenger, which by the way is wholly un-democratic. The democrats have failed to push a progressive agenda and it's important to look to other options. If the only solutions we'll consider are under a rigid capitalist model, then we are so tragically limited as to what positive change is possible. At the very least having a left-wing candidate challenge can give a voice to politics that are left of middle.
Jun 21, 2012 muffin commented on Transgender Marriage.

Gender is way more complicated than that--gender roles (societally sanctioned, not 'natural'), expression and identity are all separate components. Not to mention several biological conditions that discredit your argument. It's none of your business what chromosomes or body parts someone does or doesn't have.

It is extremely shitty not to respect someone's identity.

F*** you sir.


Science and Decency
May 19, 2012 muffin commented on SL Letter of the Day: Show This Woman Some Love.
You're pretty amazing. Hang in there.

It also might not be a bad idea for you and your nephew to go to counseling if you're not already. You were both abused and it can help to have a professional help you process it.

The way your family acted actually has nothing to do with either of you. They're broken and brainwashed.

Take care and good luck.
May 15, 2012 muffin commented on Writing Up HUMP! 2012 Announcement....
Puppets! Seriously, it'll be hilarious.