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Oct 21 DarkHorseRising commented on Savage Love.
When I was six, another older boy used to come up behind me and rub his crotch on me. All the time. Gross.

When I was around nine a certain non-blood relation fondled me.

When I was 17 my boss (30 years older) got me tipsy and tried to get into my pants

When I was twenty two I had a house party, became black out drunk, and was apparently going to blow some dude until my fiancé intervened.

I btw don't consider the latter assault because the other guy was drunk off his ass too. But I learned a big lesson.

None of this includes being catcalled etc. and I am not miss hotness

I tell my daughters their body is sacrosanct. If they don't want to hug anyone (occasionally that includes me) they don't.

When assault is committed against our sons, we don't tell them they have to stand for it. If another boy pushes them down we say, tell a teacher, or walk away, or punch the kid back (depending on your background). But we never ever say "oh just take it, let them do it." Why accept it for our daughters?

Oct 21 DarkHorseRising commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Cheaters Club.

Grade a trolling.
Oct 20 DarkHorseRising commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Post-Marital Counseling.
@5. I don't know if its men (having never been married to a woman) but yes, that happened with my first husband as well. I said, here are the problems, a, b, and c. He just ignored me, until I walked out the door.

This is the hard struggle I have with "ultimatums." People say they are so bad, but what if it is the truth? And the only option is that you are going to leave? Should you simply hand your partner the divorce papers one day and walk out, leaving them shellshocked? Or state the ultimatum.
Oct 18 DarkHorseRising commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Her Girlfriend Won't Fuck Her.
DTMFA. I don't know what else to say.

In re: Europe. Never lived there. Have a few relative ex-pats. I'd be willing to leave the US and try it out. I had the opportunity to live in Valencia Spain and I deeply regret turning down the opportunity.

But as 20 said, some of us look at Europe with starry eyes. Goodness knows, there is much to admire, but like everything, I am sure there are draw backs as well. To me, LW is having a good time and has a good job. So what if it didn't work out with the LW. Have a good time, ride Europe for all it is worth until it isn't worth it to you, and come back when you want to come back. Sort of like a relationship :)

Oct 9 DarkHorseRising commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Counterpoint to Last Week's Tweet Storm of Advice for Straight Men.
Mostly I agree with you Pythag except the last bit over "as successful" as being a pua. I can lie my @ss off and get more men. Doesn't translate into happiness and more and more drama. But I really agree with a bunch of what you said.
Oct 9 DarkHorseRising commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Counterpoint to Last Week's Tweet Storm of Advice for Straight Men.
@ven. I will be sure to police your posts as well for appropriate punctuation and grammar.

Oct 8 DarkHorseRising commented on SL Letter of the Day: Thanks For the "Cure," Mom..
My response to mom:

"That is what you think...." Followed by "if you ever bring this up again, you will never see your grandchild again, you hateful cow."
Oct 8 DarkHorseRising commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Counterpoint to Last Week's Tweet Storm of Advice for Straight Men.
O'Neill. One woman who wouldn't sleep with Donald Trump. So there you go.
Oct 7 DarkHorseRising commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Counterpoint to Last Week's Tweet Storm of Advice for Straight Men.
@125. That would make him an @sshole, for sure. You, however, are the one pointing out how he can get any woman he wants to support all these poor downtrodden nice guys.

No Trump can't. He can get SOME women.

And unless ALL YOU VALUE is a place to stick it, then Donald Trump frankly is irrelevant.

Look, you are the one complaining about how the nice phenomenon exists - along with a poisonous dose of "poor nice guys, they are only doing what society tells them they need to do to get the woman" - and (ridiculously IMHO) using Donald Trump of all people to prove it.

The part that really aggravates me is that if I said DT proves all men are misogynists, you'd be all over me about how he is just one person..... But you use the fact that DT can get sex if he wants to paint a picture that all women really in their dirty heart of hearts only want money or @ssholes.

And I suppose there is that envy there - of all the "nice guys" - they really wish they could get all the sex they wanted from whatever girl they wanted. Yah, and I want every man everywhere to buy my expensive jewelry and fawn over me and tell me I am the hottest thing on the planet.

Cry me a river.

And that's where I lose patience with the Nice Guy. This is life. Unless you fall into the top 5% of money, fame, or looks in your social pond (high school, college, etc.) you aren't going to get all the sex you want from whatever girl you want. These top 5 %, btw, certainly *do not* guarantee themselves happiness either. Welcome to the rest of the world. Go out there, enjoy your life, and if a girl isn't interested, move on.

You want to blame feminism? Peshaw. I blame hollywood for their stupid "regular joe hangs around hot woman until she realizes how truly awesome he is...."

Frankly, the only movie - and its such a silly movie - that I felt put its finger on it was Bedazzled with Brendan Fraiser and Elizabeth Hurley. When you look at the memes in that movie, it had a lot to say....

Brendan was the nice guy who wasn't actually nice. He was immature, lacking in confidence, silly, and pining away for the girl of his dreams, whom he'd never spoken to once. So the devil gives him several wishes, and he keeps trying to force her to be his wife/girl friend. It all goes horribly wrong until it dawns on him that HE CAN'T force people or make it so just because he wants it, with a little help from a guardian angel in jail.

And he asks her out.... like a normal confident person... and she rejects him. And he says, hey, no problem, and goes home to find a similar looking, but geeky girl who actually shares his interest, moving into his building. And the movie leaves them just chatting as he helps her move in.

That is what every nice guy who comes in here needs to realize. Right there.

To Venn, I love P&P and Austin. And she gave Lizzy a backbone. Loved Lizzy. Couldn't stand Jane.
Oct 6 DarkHorseRising commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Counterpoint to Last Week's Tweet Storm of Advice for Straight Men.
@115. Only if you believe women are interchangable vaginas.

Apparently all that matters is that you get a woman to f*k. As to whether or not she is a lovely person you'd like to spend time with? a good person? a person that you'd want to bear your children?

Apparently that's not relevant to you.

I am no pollyanna. Yes, super rich guys (except apparently Scott Adams) can "buy" women. SOME women. However, there are a bunch of people who didn't keep dating Trump too, like Candice Bergen. Super hot women, btw, can do the same thing.They can get anyone they want to walk through the door... of course, whether they can form lasting relationships... Well Billy Bob Thorton divorced Angelia Jolie and now Brad Pitt is done too. As a young woman I seethed over it. Why are the guys soooo shallowwwww?

But like many people here, I also worked on myself and accepted that for a certain narrow subset of people (super rich, super gorgeous), men and women can have as much sex as they want (put perhaps not people that treat them well).

For me? In the 90 %? I'd rather have a few quality men in my life, who might not be super rich or super brad pitt, but treat me well, and knock my boots off in bed. Mmmmm. I can think of one right now. Short old dude. Seriously good in bed.

So sorry you aren't filthy rich (and that all can change) So sorry I am not Angelia Jolie (eh, I will survive). That doesn't mean women deserve your scorn as being sooooo shallowwww....

Pick the ones that AREN'T.