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Dec 8 Bigwave425 commented on Marky Mark Wants His Felony Assault Conviction Wipey Wiped.
Court appearances and judgments aren't completely about the individual. They set the standard for what others will be punished with. I do not want a violent 15-16 year old walking around my neighborhood thinking he can get his violent felonies erased if he gets a job later in life where he appears to be pretty and nice on TV.

He did it. He needs to own it. That is the best message to send to others...your actions stick with you for life.
Dec 8 Bigwave425 commented on The Morning News: SPD Officer Who Punched a Handcuffed Woman in the Back of a Police Car Won't Be Charged.
Anyone else look at that video and think that he suddenly remembered the camera was there and did that little 'ow my jaw hurts' maneuver so he could manufacture an excuse for punching a woman?

I was raised to never strike a woman. Ever. Does not matter if you were hit first. Does not matter if you were hit hard. Period. Ever.

BUT...If you're a cop. You outweigh a suspect by 2x. Suspect is female. Suspect is handcuffed. Suspect is defenseless. THAT'S OK?!? No, not ever, not one part of it.

If you can't disassociate your emotional reactions from your job as an're in the wrong job.

Yes, I've been struck by a woman...hard, strongest woman I've ever met...saw stars, couldn't look left for a week. Nope, still not justified...ever.
Dec 5 Bigwave425 commented on Trouble at the Ferris Wheel.
Secret to getting the extra-long ride: Strip naked, bring booze and drugs! it's like a rotating party bus! Way to get your wheel value!
Oct 21 Bigwave425 commented on Well, That Didn't Take Long: Mark Driscoll's Comeback Tour Began Last Night.
I'm sure someday soon, Mars Hill will finally sort their way through their accounting maze and find out how much money he's siphoned off into his personal bank account.

There will be hell to pay at that point.

He's simply another power-drunk asshole that thinks he can get away with anything. Including stealing from his own church. Power corrupts the mind...his was already on it's way out when he started.
Oct 16 Bigwave425 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Why Are All My Straight Boyfriends Fucking Dudes?.
Maybe...just maybe...shut the fucking laptop and TALK to each other.
Oct 10 Bigwave425 commented on Meinert, LaJeunesse Acquire Ferrari Dealership.
@15, 16: If the city had it's way....just DRIVING in Seattle.
Oct 10 Bigwave425 commented on The Morning News: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Tries to Do Damage Control.
I've always gone with this: The translation for "Trust me" is "Fuck You!"

Heard that decades it, breath it daily. The only thing Microsoft people do fast is fucking other people over to get ahead.

Nadella's message of Trust and Collaboration is complete counter culture to how it is now.
Oct 6 Bigwave425 commented on Guest Editorial: I Lost My Son to Gun Violence. Please Vote Yes on Initiative 594..
I-594 is modeled after laws in affect in 8 other states. The whole transfer thing is to be enforced at the federal level by the same agencies....who have had ZERO range transfer issues. Not saying convictions...issues, nobody is being prosecuted what so ever. It's just paranoia fuel and distraction, no different than having I-591 created to confuse the public.

All 8 of the states with this law in effect have seen drops in illegal sales and gun violence. Is that not worth the same inconvenience of getting a drivers licenses and car registration?!?
Oct 6 Bigwave425 commented on A History of Why My Friend Is Paying $1,000 a Month to Live in a Shoebox on Capitol Hill.
So is underground parking killing off part of the Capitol Hill economy? The part where people break into your car and resell what they steal?
Oct 2 Bigwave425 commented on I, Anonymous.
Butthole bumps into someone on a Capitol Hill sidewalk and that sets off a stream of profanity? How do you make it 3 blocks without losing your voice?

How is that an acceptable human reaction? Anonymous being blind is irrelevant.

Basic Capitol Hill walking demands head up observation...anything less and you might as well just drop your phone and wallet on the ground and leave them.

I would write this off as a GOOD encounter with Butthole. If their first reaction is screaming and anger...their PLANNED actions have to be much worse.

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