Jan 7, 2015 coolio commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
The cops are on the receiving end of hatred because they don't punish there own. There is no faith or trust in them.
Ofcourse there are good cops. And yes we need the police.
But until the Bad cops are held accountable, and convicted like any other criminal, I imagine this will keep going.
Oct 17, 2014 coolio commented on This Month in Bike Lane Blockages: Delivery Trucks, Armored Trucks, and Bollards.
Is this article actually suggesting to call 911 because a bike lane is blocked?
That is f**king stupid and irresponsible.

Im a daily bike rider and this article comes off pretty lame.
Yes bike lanes get blocked. But the city is slowly working on its infrastructure to fix these things.
But the city will never be perfect. It will always be unpredictable. And Some time you have to just go around.

Oct 8, 2014 coolio commented on Bruce Lee's Emotions Are Nothing to Laugh At.
oh come on!
I am a huge Bruce Lee fan. He is the reason I started doing martial arts when I was a kid. I still do it, and I even teach it this day.
Many times I have used this exact scene as an example to try to convey some intense emotion when they are practicing kata.
But its just drama, and its also fun and corny.
Lighten up and quite being so damn serious! ha ha.
Sep 26, 2014 coolio commented on Rae Sremmurd Is the Coolest Name of a Rap Crew Ever, and Their Single "No Type" Is Amazing.
This song is so, so far away from "amazing".
Beats - meh
lyrics- yawn
rap style - blah
auto tune - people are still doing that shit?
Aug 28, 2014 coolio commented on Man Tased, Arrested for Crime of Being Black in St. Paul, Minnesota.
there are a few aps on the market that upload video and audio directly to a an ACLU server incase the police confiscate or destroy your phone. People should be aware of these.

Jun 20, 2014 coolio commented on Shut Down! Bún - Vietnamese Creative Rice Noodles in the I.D..
I got take out from there once. I was skeptical because I walk by all the time and its empty. But I was in a hurry and I equated empty with getting my food fast. It looked clean enough but I didn't look in the kitchen. So... I dont know.
I had lemongrass chicken. It was ok. not great. I didn't get sick thankfully.
Jun 16, 2014 coolio commented on Palo Alto: Teenagers Do the Dumbest Things.
I remember the book being an entertaining group of short stories, yet totally forgettable the day after I read them. I cant imagine any reason for it to be a movie.
Jun 2, 2014 coolio commented on Why We Need Cycletracks: Truck Blocks Entire Bike Lane On Capitol Hill.
I ride my bike all the time, and down 12th.
But Big f'n deal. Trucks have to deliver stuff. Sometimes cars have to go around a truck and so do bikes. Its called living in the city!
Is this really something worth whining about?
Mar 14, 2014 coolio commented on Plane vs. Ocean.
Has any one looked into any possible involvement by the Dharma Initiative.
Mar 3, 2014 coolio commented on Currently Hanging: Trash Arrangement Aspiring to Art.
Some people less fortunate than those writing and reading this, probably just call this a shelter.
However I have seen this guy around recently. And he certainly does put extra effort and flair into to it.