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I am a Wellesley student from Seattle, and the statue is definitely as weird as it sounds. Some have commentors have aptly suggested we clothe the statue, or make it part of our community. In reality, we've been trying to do that. My friends have put hats, scarves, sweaters and boxers on him. If he has to stand outside, he might as well be warm! These items have been immediately removed by campus police. As I type this, there is an officer parked in their car, watching the statue and those who wish to interact.

The director of the museum suggested that the statue was merging the worlds of art and life, but in all actuality we are having art forced upon us, without the option to adopt and incorporate him into our community. Yesterday, a snowman was built within his leering embrace. It is gone today, and it's not because the snow melted. That's what I find wrong.