Mar 7 herm commented on New CIA Leak Reveals that Wikileaks Could Be a Department of the KGB.
I get the notion why liberals love the idea that Putin stole the election for Clinton. It saves then a lot of heartache about Clinton's loss to Trump, it is just so much easier to blame a foreign power than to face our country's woes that seem deeper now then ever before.

Not that blaming a foreign power is going to help much in the long term (in fact it guaranteed to being its own host of headaches). But Charles here, poor Charles, seems to be descending into outright conspiracy theories.

When you are uncovering "proof" where none exists that Putin is some uber-spy and heading a secretly reconstituted KGB that has grown to become the the omnipotent world-dominating masters of manipulation, then you gone off a cliff.

It's tragic to see happen to a writer I once held in some esteem. The election of Trump has caused liberals to go mad. But in the extremes of Russophobia the madness is becoming quite literal.
Oct 27, 2016 herm commented on Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Are Skipping Seattle on Their 2017 Tour Because... Sasquatch?.
Well, they didn't have any Seattle dates when they announced their last tour either:…

Don't panic.
Mar 31, 2016 herm commented on Bernie or Hillary or Both.
@68: exactly, pansack, exactly.
Mar 31, 2016 herm commented on Bernie or Hillary or Both.
@65 Let me elaborate on the problem you seem to be having with reality and the misnamed 'real-politic' idea you are highlighting: What Hilary is offering is "well, you are going to continue to fall behind, but with Trump you will even do worse off".

To you choosing Clinton is "realism", but if reality is truly your guide then clearly you are merely accepting a lesser form of serfdom. Why can't you get ahead, just because Trump is so bad? Like I said, Sarandon has a point, you basically deserve your fate. Do you deserve better even though you don't think you do?
Mar 31, 2016 herm commented on Bernie or Hillary or Both.
@65 I'd like to respond, but you really leave nothing to....

@66 Is "'Serfs' the new 'sheeple'" some horrid, vapid, and ultimately meaningless hipsterism? Judging by the beehive I"m guessing so. So maybe you are the friend to turn to for "fashion advice", but when it comes to terms to actually bettering out lot in life, not so much. "Vote Hillary", indeed, beehive serf.
Mar 31, 2016 herm commented on Bernie or Hillary or Both.
I would've said Sarandon is brave to voice opposition to such violently ignorant ideas such as "lesser of two evils" voting, but I then realized those who sing it's praises are nothing but serfs. They are nothing but weak, voiceless nothings who pose no threat to anybody; Sarandon could say anything and stay ahead without any loss here.

Lesser evilism is how ignorant fucks are managed in elections. They are nothing but serfs eagerly waiting their beatings. "Life's not fair, we might as well accept the rotten crumbs our master gives us". That is the reality to these frightened, indebted serfs who will truly say anything to convince people to vote for the "lesser evil" their master told them is the right choice, the only choice.

The Democrats have become such sad sacks. How to handle such sad sacks? I can truly sympathize with Sarandon's dilemma.
Mar 31, 2016 herm commented on Democratic Party Close to Keeping Bernie Off the Ballot in DC.
Hey you loser Bernie supporters! It's not like they hired some guy to shank him! I mean, if they did that would be alright 'cause it's a political party and anything can be justified as long as I agree with it, so stop whining!
Mar 31, 2016 herm commented on Bernie or Hillary or Both.
@43 It seems like bland, middle-of-the-road, squishy-minded illiberals who support Clinton (such as yourself) really don't see how bad things are in the country, and many people turning out to vote for Bernie actually are 'disgusted and disillusioned'. They have a lot in common with themselves, yes. Disillusionment is happening everywhere. I understand your illiberalness doesn't allow you to see other points of view very well, but if you could you would plainly see.
Mar 31, 2016 herm commented on Bernie or Hillary or Both.
The Dems really shot themselves in the foot when they nominated Gore. People just didn't like him. (Yes, yes, yes, Nader, Nader, Nader. I don't want to hear your idiotic nonsense. I know you lack intelligence but even my potted plant can figure out punching hippies does not increase your vote count).

And they are about to do it again. Only worse, democratic voters are so bloody stupid they are favoring a candidate who has an unfavorability rating hovering in the mid fifties. Ha! It is laughable. People are going to stay home. Of course the same simpletons will blame the hippies, they seem to have this OCD obsession with making everything the fault of hippies just exactly like their favorite Think Progress wonk tells them to, but the people who dislike her most are actually the independents. They aren't in your tightly sealed dem echo chamber, and they won't turn out for her.
Mar 29, 2016 herm commented on Why Is Hillary Clinton Entitled to Any Washington Superdelegates At All?.
@39 Legitimate case? What a joke. Start my own party? How silly, how simplistic and childish. If I don't think they represent me I just vote against them. Stupid to think about another party when we can just throw the useless bum out.

Representative and democratic. You obviously have no clue, no idea what the words mean. You and the rest of you authoritarian clowns don't like upstarts coming in to spoil your party eh? Too bad, here we come. And there's nothing that a weak, whiny-ass simpleton such as yourself can do about it.

Do you know what's over? Your oligarchs calling the shots.