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Aug 6 whatthewhat commented on The Children of Mass Transit: Seattle Has Lots of Growing to Do.
If you see something, say something.

Frankly, it doesn't look like that bag is really in anyone's way. But, if you wanted to flip that bench down to sit, you should just ask/tell her to move the bag. There's no need to be rude about it - she might be a mass transit rookie. There's also no need to silently stew about it.

Since you're such a big city guy, be a good role model to the rest of us Seattlelite children and quickly and politely address the problem in the moment.
Jul 30 whatthewhat commented on Why I'm Done With the Democrats: The Blood Is Too Much.
Wait till you see the blood that comes from not voting...

We've actually been trying the experiment of having many likely Democratic and other left-leaning voters not vote for quite some time now. Suffice it to say it doesn't seem to be advancing your foreign policy aims.
Jun 4 whatthewhat commented on In Defense of Maureen Dowd Getting Too High and Writing About It.
I think Dowd's asking for some pretty common-sense precautions here. If I bought a pot brownie that was the size of a normal brownie, I might assume I was supposed to eat the whole thing. That's how portion sizes normally work in the food and drink industry, so it hardly seems crazy. It's either crystal clear labeling or required dosage/portion sizes like @4 suggests.

Alcohol has a bunch of labeling standards, plus we all have a lot of familiarity, and still people get more drunk than they mean to all the time. Especially inexperienced drinkers. So, it will happen. All the more reason to give clear guidance on what to expect from unfamiliar products.
May 30 whatthewhat commented on It's Cheaper to House the Homeless Than Not House Them (In Case Economics Is More Important to You Than Empathy).
Hey, we should do that here!

Oh, wait, we already do that here. In fact, we helped to pioneer that strategy here. 1811 Eastlake is only one such program (though it is famous because the original research supporting this model is based in part on it). We have thousands of units of this kind of housing, and spend 10s of millions of dollars a year on it.

Despite what Matt Yglesias says about it, the money still does have to come from somewhere. And unless we are going to close jails and emergency services, we can't actually reallocate those funds.

Here's an overview of United Way's campaign to end chronic homelessness, just as one starting point:


Should we do more? Yes, clearly we need to. But permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless is not a new idea here.
May 29 whatthewhat commented on Dave Meinert Threatens to Retire from Public Life, and Other Minimum Wage Mayhem.
I am shocked that Labor leaders would try to shape a bill to support the long-term goals and interests of Labor. And that Labor leaders would throw huffy tantrums (totally unlike the huffy tantrum Meinart is throwing right now) to try to get their way.

Welcome to politics.
Apr 25 whatthewhat commented on The Majority-Backed Minimum Wage Plan Obtained by The Stranger.
SEVEN years??? WTF is this BS? This is ludicrous on its face.

Take an alternative to the ballot with a three year phase-in for small business/nonprofits and a 100 employee cap.

Yesterday I wondered if Sawant was being a little bit grumps, but now I see why. This isn't a compromise so much as an extension of the status quo.
Apr 8 whatthewhat commented on Leaked E-Mail Shows Big Business Trying to Use Small Businesses to Weaken $15 Minimum Wage.
Total compensation is a non-starter.

A phase-in, sure, lets talk about it. I'm not convinced on a tip credit, but I'm following the discussion and open to hearing more from all the stakeholders about who that would help/hurt.

Deducting people's healthcare and retirement, on the other hand, is appalling and people should be embarrassed to ask for that publicly.

I'm more and more convinced that 'Cap Hill' really is a douche bag thing, btw.
Mar 21 whatthewhat commented on Seattle Needs to Start Behaving Like a Big City.
Don't be ridiculous. People do that all the time in New York, and I'm sure they do it in London as well as everywhere else that gets tourists and new people. Do what people in New York do and TELL THEM TO MOVE. That is how they will learn to pay attention in public. Not by reading an article about it.
Mar 5 whatthewhat commented on New Poll Shows Highest Support for Gay Marriage Ever, Pope Comes Out for Civil Unions.
If the RCC wants to bless gay civil unions as some kind of sacrament, then I think that is lovely. The Episcopal Church already does that - similar but separate liturgy to their marriage liturgy.

As far as the law, yes, what Dan said.
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