Jan 21, 2014 John D commented on I'll Just Slip into Something More Glassy.
I'm thinking about what I usually see when having sex and I don't think it would make very good video. There are some things that would be quite acceptable in a long shot, but my perspective is often his neck. Oooo. Hot!

Kissing during sex is way hot, and once again, it might look good on the long shot, but the closeup is his eyes and cheeks.

I'll pass on Google Glass.
Jul 10, 2013 John D commented on Watch Someone Try to Hire a Hit Man to Kill Her Husband.
The Batman logos on her phone and sweatshirt just make this. I mean, professional costume designers aren't typically this brilliant.
Jun 29, 2013 John D commented on LIVE: Gay Marriages in San Francisco.
Hey, #3, you might be mollified to know that while the Los Angeles county offices will be closed all weekend, all of the Orange County locatons will be open for those who wish to obtain a marriage license on Saturday.

Yeah, Orange County has its right-wing nutjobs. But it's also a place that will be issueing marriage licenses (and apparently without direct orders from the Attorney General).
Jun 21, 2013 John D commented on A Few Words on Our Use of "F" and "Sh".
But wait, they use "potty language" in the fucking New Yorker. All the fucking time. And sometimes their stories even depict people engaging in carnal intercourse. If she thinks they don't say "fuck" in the New Yorker, she is quite simply full of shit.
Dec 7, 2012 John D commented on "How Freakin Dare You?????".
I hit refresh and saw this attitude explained away as being "an older gay guy with PTSD from the bad old days." I'm clearly younger than Marc (since his 40 years of activism means he started before I hit puberty). I'm a little older than Dan Savage, who started a campaign to redefine "Santorum" after the then senator compared gay relationships to "man on dog sex."

I had heard that Rick Santorum had gone to work as a columnist for a right-wing Christianist website. Is he moonlighting as the Stranger's art director?

I don't agree with Marc that lawsuits are inevitable (over what?). However, I think the staff of The Stranger should be ashamed. I look forward to Dan weighing in on this.
Dec 7, 2012 John D commented on "How Freakin Dare You?????".
I have to agree with Marc. You guys are fuckheads. That is the stupidest, shittiest cover you could ever use. I am now totally lacking any respect for your art direction and editorial processes.

Face it, the obvious thing for Dan to do would be to make your name a joke, though you may have beaten him to it.

Apr 4, 2012 John D commented on The First Episode of Savage U.
There were too many [bleep]ing bleeped out words. I'm positive that they even bleeped out relatively tame words like "handjob." How do you make sense of "one point for making out, two points for a [bleep], three points for a [bleep]"?

Can we have hints on the [bleep] people are saying? Can we get the unexpurgated edition?
Feb 17, 2012 John D commented on WhoSigned.Org Goes Live with Names and Addresses of R-71 Signers.
Purocuyu (#49): different states, different laws. In California, the names submitted on initiative petitions do not become public. This is just another problem with the initiative process. While I agree that those who sign petitions should do so knowing that their names will be disclosed, the Supreme Court did not hold it as a requirement, merely that a state may have a law that the names of petition signers will be disclosed.
Aug 10, 2011 John D commented on Will Everyone Please Stop Beeking Out?!.
I have, only during the last few years, been noticing dead bees on my driveway. I am seeing the tiny, tiny corpses (and telling my dog not to eat them). Given the broad expanses of hard surfaces maybe it's just that I'm seeing them there and if more ground was covered with vegetation, I'd miss them.

I still like the explanation provided in one season of "Doctor Who." In going through odd events, Donna mentions the bees vanishing and the Doctor realizes they've left the Earth to return to their native planet.

Donna: You're saying that bees are aliens.

The Doctor: Don't be so daft. Not all of them.
Jul 1, 2011 John D commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mom's Argument.
I agree with #37 that your mom is in denial.

Later on, se may deny she ever said these things. "No, no, no! I was fine with you being gay. What could you be thinking. Your boyfriend is charming and I'm lucky to have him as part of the family."

When she gets to this point, and she probably will, let her. Pretend she never said the stupid stuff she's saying now. It's your gift to her, okay?