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Sep 21 busy_quilting commented on Savage Love.
EmmaLiz, several of my friends vowed and declared loudly throughout their twenties and most of their thirties that they were never having children, and then completely changed their minds.
Life is just not that straightforward.
I absolutely believe that he is too young to take having children off the table. He's got a lot of years ahead of him and it is his right to control his own body. I just don't see him as an asshole in this situation.
Sep 20 busy_quilting commented on Savage Love.
I'm with DonnyKlicious @25. SNIP sounds like a batshit crazy golddigger. It is utterly unreasonable to demand that her young husband has a vasectomy. He has a lot of years left in which he might decide he does want children.
Aug 22 busy_quilting commented on SL Letter of the Day: One and Done?.
@1, I thought peeing in the shower was supposed to be good for the environment! it's certainly not only guys who do that.
My husband's never asked me to pee on him but I would happily give it a try if he asked me.
Jul 28 busy_quilting commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Loving Wife, The Dicktease.
I'm glad other women are talking about hormonal libido changes, because I experience these very strongly in my 40s. For about two weeks from the end of my period my libido is very high and the sex I have during these times is the best sex I've ever had - my husband is surprised and very pleased by how easily I orgasm and how sexually dominant I am then. After that my libido pretty much disappears but I am happy to provide maintenance sex.

Luckily my husband has increasing sex-slavish, submissive tastes so when I don't have much libido I can order him to "perform" for me (masturbating in front of me etc.), which excites him a lot.

I haven't experienced a disconnect between sexual desire and sexual interest, but I guess that might come along with menopause.
Jul 27 busy_quilting commented on Savage Love.
vennominon, I think you are seeing problems where there don't appear to be any. If I praise my partner for being kind that doesn't mean I'm not kind, does it? Like EricaP, I took it as read that being GGG is a two-way street with these two.
Jul 13 busy_quilting commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Stray Text Message Outs Wrong Parent.
This Mom is an absolute fucking hero. I can't believe how much work it must have taken to raise this family while not having her sexual needs met, and encouraging them to be gay-positive the whole time their Dad is in the closet.
Why he's still sneaking around now I have no idea. He's obviously ashamed of being gay, otherwise why wouldn't he at least tell his fabulously gay-positive children?
Mom's done her bit. She doesn't owe anyone anything.
Jul 3 busy_quilting commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Man 4 Woman Annoyed @ Men 4 Men.
Roma, it's "man proposes, God disposes". I've never heard your version!
Jun 16 busy_quilting commented on Savage Love.
SophieX, just let it go. I feel that nobody but you cares.

vennominon, I don't understand "don't give up your day job" to BiDanFan. I am curious!
Jun 6 busy_quilting commented on Savage Love.
Philophile, that really is an immature comment. Are you sinking to the level of describing women expressing themselves as "catty"?

Years ago I worked in a male-dominated team in an investment bank. The men, although they wouldn't have admitted it, loved gossip and bitching about other people and passed a lot of time that way. However, if a woman ever contributed to the exchange it would be met by cat noises. It was so belittling.
Jun 6 busy_quilting commented on Savage Love.
msanonymous @140, no that was someone else with a very similar username - Marcela? Or something like that anyway. I remember who you're talking about.