Apr 18, 2012 coda commented on Laughing at Racism.
13 -- you said it. sigh
Dec 14, 2011 coda commented on I, Anonymous.
First world problems!
Dec 14, 2011 coda commented on Clergyman Claims He Was Brutalized by SPD.
i was standing there watching -- and that isnt' the way it looked to me. there is a difference between truth and exaggerated truth. sorry
Dec 9, 2011 coda commented on Currently Hanging: The Horror of the Dolls!.
Wow, you really scare easily.
Nov 30, 2011 coda commented on Blogger Says He's Seen Medical Records that Confirm Protester's Miscarriage.
Middle class white folks are always surprised to learn
what black moms teach their sons
No good ever comes from crossing the man
the man with the badge and the gun.
Oct 21, 2011 coda commented on SHARE Re-Opens 15 Shelters, Calls Off Homeless Occupation of the Gates Foundation.
giffy, with you on that one. why doesn't every person who works/advocates for SHARE just take a homeless person into their home and stfu
Sep 20, 2011 coda commented on Coming Out in the Military.
beautiful boy, wonderful father, great video. tx
Aug 2, 2011 coda commented on When Bikram Goes Badly.
It's not actually hell until u've done hot yoga too soon after eating beans and made a spluttering diarrhea fart that everyone in class could hear and smell
Jul 28, 2011 coda commented on And With a Child in the Back Seat No Less.
I can smoke, put on make up and braid my hair while steering with my knees! Just stay out of my way and everything will be fine. Thank you.