Jul 4, 2013 Zrob commented on SL Letter of the Day: Poly Ps and Qs.
@venominion Well, to implement a system of trust would take a certain amount of maturity and self reflection...if the LW were able to do that then they might at that time deserve it.
Jul 2, 2013 Zrob commented on SL Letter of the Day: Poly Ps and Qs.
My wife and I are poly and fairly slutty to boot, so we've had a lot of experience with this.
First we subscribe to Mistress Matisse's advice that the only veto you really have in any relationship is the one that you exercise on yourself. You can tell someone all you want to not do something and they will decide whether or not they're gonna listen to you. If they decide to ignore you then you can decide if you still want to be in that relationship. Believing you have any absolute power over someone is just deluding yourself.

That said, you can-influence- people. If my wife meets/hooks up with a guy that sets my hair on end, I tell her. It's a simple statement. "He's a bore." Or "He's kind of a douche." or something like that. If she asks me why I think that I'll tell her. 9 times out of 10 I just have to say the one sentence and the guy is already a distant memory. But to get to this point I had to generate credibility. The first couple of guys who set me off, I told her and she didn't listen. I turned out to be right. I also don't express that opinion lightly. I've really gotta truly dislike the guy before I say anything because I know that if I decide every guy out there is a choad then she's not going to think I have any basis of comparison. She gives weight to my opinion because she trusts that I'm looking out for her, not to protect my own ego.
This system may not work for you, but it might not hurt to consider it or give it a try.
May 21, 2012 Zrob commented on SL Letter of the Day: Anti-Gay Sister-In-Law Getting Her Kink On.
Well, this will probably be less popular...

There's also the possibility to likelihood that the hating SIL will actually be exposed to enough people of different lifestyle than she's used to that she might soften her condemnation of homosexuality.

But then...that would lead her into redemption and and audience would rather see comeuppance.
Dec 9, 2011 Zrob commented on My Playlist.
I have 46, some of them....
My Alcoholic Friends - Dresden Dolls
My Best Friend's Girl - The Cars
My Cat - Jack Off Jill
My Dad Sucks - Descendants
My Evil Twin - They Might Be Giants
My Favoorite Underwear - Liz Phair
My Generation - The Who
My Lovely Man - Red Hot Chili Pappers
My Life - Oingo Boingo (live version too)
My Many Smells - Dead Milkmen
My Man - Billie Holiday
My One Desire - Stray Cats
My Own Way - Duran Duran
My Sexual Life - Everclear
My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You - Johnny Cash
Nov 16, 2011 Zrob commented on More Damning Evidence of My Transphobia Emerges.
@3 based on my interactions with people in the JMG comment thread for the first incident...it seems to me that there is an undercurrent of "Why is Dan the spokesgay?!?, how come I didn't get a golden ticket to CNN interviews?" It's far easier to tear someone down than it is to work for 15 years or so to get to the position Dan is in the world. Now, I could be assuming that and putting a lot into other people's mouths, but that seems to be the one critique I get. Dan is over privileged and therefore undeserving of what he has rightfully earned through sweat.

Is it wrong that I've entertained the thought that this question was a plant by the GBers?

@24 do you understand the meaning of the prefixes cis and trans as they relate to Latin and chemistry?
Aug 23, 2011 Zrob commented on Can Slog & "Savage Love" Readers Save This Word?.
Ahhh Robotslave, this reminds me of an old story I once heard.

There's an old bull and a young bull standing on a hill overlooking a heard of cows.
The young bull says to the old bull, "I've got a great idea, let's run down there and fuck one of those cows!"
The old bull thinks for a moment and says, "I have a better idea. Let's walk down there and fuck 'em all."

So, go ahead, spend all your energy controlling things and being an "alpha." Some of us who aren't so uptight will be over here, being beats who get more ass than the proverbial toilet seat.
Aug 22, 2011 Zrob commented on Can Slog & "Savage Love" Readers Save This Word?.
@6 Sorry, but you're not quite right in that.

Depending on the lover, I can be a wittol or a cuckold (though I guess I'm always a cuckold by the original meaning). Some lovers I simply don't care to know about my wife having her way with, others I find it terribly exciting...and no I have not "quit" her nor has she "quit" me.
May 25, 2011 Zrob commented on About Those Parents Who Aren't Disclosing Their New Child's Gender....
@34 I'm not sure there are many truant officers who are going to pick up and haul in a FIVE YEAR OLD.

Good job on not reading the article.
May 13, 2011 Zrob commented on "It Doesn't Get Better FUCK YOU BULLY HYPOCRITE".
@66 oh, please enlighten us on how.....(really I want to see you dig the hole, please explain to use why women should expect to be raped)
May 13, 2011 Zrob commented on "It Doesn't Get Better FUCK YOU BULLY HYPOCRITE".
This letter illustrates my entire problem with the concept fo privilege. Instead of focusing on commonalities of oppressed minorities we decide that our own minority is the most oppressed or that if nothing else everyone else has it better than we do. It's a tool invented by the elites to sow dissent among the lower class. And we're swallowing it hook line and sinker.