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Mar 16 Nieuw Hollander commented on The Trump Revolution That Began With Brexit Ends in the Netherlands.
By making the entire election about scary, scary foreigners - Wilders' party came in third behind 2 other parties currently in government that had over the last few years adopted his shtick, minus the most extreme insults - vast numbers of people voted yet again to have their pockets picked.

The big winners in this election are really he beneficiaries of the current neoliberal government which looks set to continue: companies that have reaped the benefits of privatization, deregulation, and austerity policies. Health insurers, banks, dodgy "educational institutions" that rip off the vulnerable, etc.

The system works.

source: I live in the Netherlands.
Feb 8 Nieuw Hollander commented on The Mystery Behind a Creepy, Hilarious, Official-Looking Sign About a "Plague" That Appeared in Ballard Recently.
@2 tl;dr: viral marketing campaign from a zombie fiction author. nothing to see here.
Dec 11, 2016 Nieuw Hollander commented on A Sports Thing Happened.
@2 stand down, it's a Panamanian flag.
Oct 9, 2016 Nieuw Hollander commented on Second Presidential Debate: The Stranger's Live-Slog.
Everyone knows Hillary is in the tank for Wall Street. That's what the Democratic primary campaign was about. Bernie couldn't close the deal and Wall Street won, as it usually does.

Nobody cares about those leaks because they confirm something that was already obvious: Clinton is a triangulating politician dependent on donations from plutocrats who tailors a message to the audience. Good luck trying to sell that "dog bites man" story.

What's much more interesting is why the latest Trump tape has former endorsers running for the exits. It's also utterly unsurprising - everyone knows Trump is a narcissistic boor, and he's ALREADY SAID TERRIBLE SHIT ABOUT WOMEN IN PUBLIC, FOREVER. From here it looks like they were looking for an excuse to bail in light of the poll numbers after the first debate.

I'd revel in schadenfreude except I think there is a decent chance that the GOP might sort out a way to force Trump out, get the election thrown to the House of Representatives through some legal chicanery, and/or having retained slender majorities in both houses impeach Clinton and Kaine for the high crime of being Democrats immediately upon their inauguration. If I've learned anything from the last 20 years of American politics, it is that comity and respect for the electorate is utterly dead.
Mar 6, 2016 Nieuw Hollander commented on Nancy Reagan.
Just say no.
Nov 24, 2015 Nieuw Hollander commented on Morning News: Five Shot at Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Protest, SPD Increases Patrols After QFC Shooting.
MPD will not find the shooters, because the shooters were undercover MPD. What a shit-show.
Nov 14, 2015 Nieuw Hollander commented on Terrorists Attack in Paris.
Can we please all think a little more critically here? Coordinated attacks like this one appears to be aren't demented "terror-for-terror's-sake" art projects out of the minds of some comic book villain.

The organizers have goals, and expect the reaction to the attacks (rather than the immediate carnage inflicted) to advance them. Who the organizers are may never be known with certainty, but the lens of qui bono certainly narrows the possibilities.

Regardless of who's actually responsible, my most fervent wish is that the assholes on all sides expecting to profit from these events (whether they are hoping to start a war for religious reasons, or for mercenary ones, or hoping to ride a wave of fear to advance their own careers) are disappointed.
Aug 26, 2015 Nieuw Hollander commented on Federal Judge Calls The Stranger's Reporting on SPD "Inflammatory," but It's Clear He Learned from It.
@6 The DOJ isn't even thinking about race. The DOJ's top priority is preventing civilian oversight and transparency initiatives from gaining any meaningful influence over any major law-enforcement agency.
Aug 22, 2015 Nieuw Hollander commented on Seattle to Get Seven New "Hyperlocal" Low-Power Radio Stations.
NPR's shameless and vigorous lobbying (coordinated with the NAB) against LPFM is why I stopped contributing to NPR affiliates 15 years ago. Completely unacceptable, and I will never contribute another dime to them until they acknowledge and apologize for their role in stalling LPFM for over a decade.

Support your community radio stations instead.
Aug 13, 2015 Nieuw Hollander commented on Black Lives Matter Activists Interrupted Jeb! During a Town Hall in Las Vegas.
Let me know when one interrupts HRC, please.