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Jul 29, 2014 Tiredprogressive commented on King County Superior Court Judge Rules That the Woodland Park Zoo Is Not Subject to the Public Disclosure Act.
@3... then what is the "legitimate" reason they keep forcing impregnation despite multiple miscarriages and related health consequences? They are first and foremost responsible for the health and welfare of the animals in their care. They are doing a pretty s**tty job at that in their blind pursuit of whatever secondary and most likely subpar agenda they have for force breeding elephants regardless of the health consequences.
Jul 29, 2014 Tiredprogressive commented on King County Superior Court Judge Rules That the Woodland Park Zoo Is Not Subject to the Public Disclosure Act.
This should be solved immediately and can be done so very easily... simply make "compliance with public disclosure laws" a part of the non-profit's contract for receiving the public funds. Federal and state agencies extend whatever public requirements they choose to their grantees (procurement rules, minority-owned businesses, prevailing wage, public disclosure, etc). The City and County should do the same. This is really bogus and doesn't help the Zoo's already sketchy reputation on this issue.
Apr 18, 2014 Tiredprogressive commented on How to Enforce the Minimum Wage: An Office of Labor Standards Enforcement.
Easiest enforcement/penalty ever, no fines or anything... just wheatpaste a 24x36" poster on the front door of each offending business that with bold, Impact 4" font reads:

"This Business Exploits Your Neighbors and Fellow Citizens for Cheap Labor in Order to Maximize Profits"

This would become the best deterrent ever. Most restaurants see fines and administrative threats as just a cost of doing business. Publicly shaming their business and tapping the dependable Seattle liberal guilt of their customers? Now that will sting.
Apr 18, 2014 Tiredprogressive commented on Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar File Referendum, Suspend City's Rideshare Ordinance.
People need to quite conflating issues. There are the issues of safety, insurance, etc. and then there are monopoly protections. TNC's have already said they are open to establishing mutually acceptable training and insurance requirements (some are already working on it) but that has NOTHING to do with restricting the number of TNC drivers to protect the taxi monopoly (which is what the City Council "law" was really about). Once again the solution is simple... eliminate the corrupted taxi licenses altogether and start a universal driver-for-hire license. Weekend class, proper insurance, vehicle inspection. Done. Require TNC's and taxi company's to hire only these licensed drivers and provide or verify the required insurance. Done and done. This is not rocket science. If that doesn't satiate the City Council's regulatory hunger then they could even apply it to other commercial drivers that use their own vehicles (pizza dude, Chinese food delivery lady, etc). As a voter, I cannot wait to finally get a say in my daily transportation choices.

I just hope there is a clause added that requires City Council members to only use taxi's for ALL their transportation needs and forbids them from using their preferred choice. I can't wait to see them send their kids to school in a dirty taxi with an underpaid cab driver pushing through the 9th hour of a 10 hour shift.
Apr 15, 2014 Tiredprogressive commented on Drivers Decry "Predatory" Uber.
Wow... bold concept, customer satisfaction as the main determinant of job performance. As any regular Uber user knows, your driver really has to be sub par to motivate you to give anything less than 5 stars. I can almost guarantee that some of these disgruntled poor performing drivers are actually former taxi cab drivers who are used to not having to provide 5 star service and/or be accountable in any way to their customers.

I am so sick of this debate. When is the initiative coming to eliminate the taxi licenses altogether and create a universal driver-for-hire license. One weekend class, get some required upgraded insurance, get a vehicle inspection, and done. Then you better bring your A game for customer service. The whole unchecked-angry-cabbie-with-attitude thing is a relic of a bygone era. Welcome to the modern times where the customer ALWAYS rules through technology.
Mar 25, 2014 Tiredprogressive commented on Local Taxi Association Sues Uber in King County Court.
Distance meters approved by government agencies? Seriously? It's called GPS and every trip with exact measurements are sent directly to the customer with a map of the route as opposed to whatever cryptic electrobox the cabs are still using. Any route/billing disputes can be resolved in a matter of minutes.

It's the City's fault that they allowed licenses to be bought and sold like cocaine instead of requiring them to be be transferred through the City at face value. Either way the poor long term planning and lack of modernization of an antiquated industry should not be rewarded with the government sanctioned hit on a new, better alternative. YES we should create some basic safety and insurance requirements for ALL drivers (including perhaps even other delivery drivers using their own vehicles). NO, we DO NOT need to keep the medallion system or the taxi monopoly in order to do this.
Mar 25, 2014 Tiredprogressive commented on Local Taxi Association Sues Uber in King County Court.
I thought Uber abides by the traditional limousine rules? It was only UberX that didn't fit the existing regs .

Either way it would be comical if it wasn't so sad... the taxi cartel's monopoly won't save them from their horrible service so how is suing an even more superior luxury service going to save them? They are getting really bad advice from someone. The last thing you want to do in a private market is highlight how superior your competitor is. Uber should pay the taxi associations legal fees to drag it out as long as possible because Uber is about to get tons of marketing and earned media. Doods... Give it up, seriously. Your industry model is dead. Dead like laserdisc. Dead like Blockbuster. Dead like long distance plans. Someone get on the CB and tells these peeps to accept it and move on. They can demand that the City refund their "medallions" (seriously? that's how old this industry is) and then become Uber drivers (but only if they lose the cabbie attitude, Uber actually has customer service standards)
Mar 19, 2014 Tiredprogressive commented on After Lengthy Battle, Seattle Regulates Its Rideshares.
We only need 21,900 signatures to put a sensible solution on the ballot that isn't corrupted by the Taxi Cartel. It would be a slam dunk for voters. On one side of the issue would be tech industry voters, transportation solutions voters, environmental voters, free enterprise voters, downtown business voters, and the 95% of citizens happy with their TNC service (as opposed to the less than 50% satisfaction with cabs) A massive, unheard of coalition (basically ALL of Seattle) vs. a small handful of people that benefit from the monopoly protection of a dying taxi industry.

- Refund the 658 taxi license owners and kill the corrupt medallion system with fire.
- Create a simpler universal license for everyone with enhanced insurance requirements
- Let these new modern era drivers choose which company to work for.

I expect signature gathering clipboards to show up in all Uber, Lyft, and Sidecars... y'all should give free rides for every sheet of signatures your riders submit. We would have the signatures in a week. Then the City-protected taxi industry will FINALLY be held accountable AT THE POLLS for their 1.5 stars on YELP and their dismal customer satisfaction levels as shown over and over again in any independent feedback service or public survey ever done in the last 20 years. http://www.yelp.com/biz/yellow-cab-seatt…

Done and done.
Mar 19, 2014 Tiredprogressive commented on After Lengthy Battle, Seattle Regulates Its Rideshares.
I also find it interesting that the City Council's leading consulting firm on this issue "Taxi Research Partners" has principals whose primary business is selling taxi dispatching solutions. Look at this ridiculous 6th grade level "analysis" that describes Taxi's as "benign" and TNC's as "disruptive" and offers Captain Obvious solutions to save the Taxi industry (albeit admits its probably too late).


Why would Roger Teal of Taxi Research Partners say all this? Oh you know, because he makes his real money selling taxi dispatching solutions:


He is even trying to change the name of the company to hide it's history and the nature of its primary business.

Mar 19, 2014 Tiredprogressive commented on After Lengthy Battle, Seattle Regulates Its Rideshares.
The Seattle City Council has determined that businesses should not be allowed to determine how many drivers they need to dispatch in order to provide good customer service. Due to this determination, the Council is now looking at instituting similar caps on the number of pizza drivers, UPS and Fed Ex Drivers, tow truck drivers, water delivery drivers, grocery delivery drivers, furniture delivery drivers, shuttle drivers,and all other driver related business within the City limits. A business can opt out of these caps, however, by placing an envelope with unmarked bills in each Councilmembers inbox. The price is negotiable.