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Jun 5 GoBlueInSeattle commented on Two New Challenges to Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage Law.
For most small businesses in Seattle, its going to be $15 per hour in 7 years, not tomorrow. They just need to suck up and deal.

And I see the Slog's resident right wing looney tune -"Collectivism Sucks" - has twisted itself into such a pretzel of logic that it has teabagged itself.
Jun 4 GoBlueInSeattle commented on In Defense of Maureen Dowd Getting Too High and Writing About It.
Remind me why I should care about a privileged columnist for the corporate rag of the 1% who made her name sniffing Monica Lewinsky's underwear and slagging on Al Gore as a Presidential candidate because of earth tones?

Cry me a river.
Jun 3 GoBlueInSeattle commented on The Stranger Gets Amazon Employees to Comment—Here's What They Said!.
"Brogrammer" is a commonly accepted colloquialism to describe a certain kind of young, male (usually white) douchey software worker. If you are at all familiar with the tech industry, you've come across the term. Just because you are a square or don't know the term, don't get your panties in a twist. Even HBO's new comedy "Silicon Valley" name dropped the term in its first episode.

That paragon of amateur journalism known as "Bloomberg" even did a profile on it - http://www.businessweek.com/articles/201…
Feb 27 GoBlueInSeattle commented on Boston Mayor to Boycott St. Patrick's Day Parade Unless Gay Groups Are Allowed to March.
How many things did Paul "I moved here from Maine a decade ago & my knowledge of Boston is completely superficial" Constant get wrong? Let's take an inventory!

1. "St. Patrick's Day is a big deal in Boston culture." - Did ya know a lot of Irish-Americans live in Boston? Huh, didya? Traveling in the Boston = Irish caricature is pretty weak sauce. You know who else has lots of Irish? New York City. NYC actually has the largest St. Paddy's Day parade in the U.S. Chicago is also chock o' block full of the Blarney Stone. Every year for St. Paddy's Day, Chicago ties the Chicago River green. That's right, they turn their entire frickin' river GREEN. The truth is that while St. Patrick's Day is a big party day in Boston, its no bigger a party scene in Boston these days than...the Gay Pride Parade. Boston Pride Parade draws about the same number of attendees as St. Patrick's Day - about 400,000 people. The truth is, the real heart & soul festival of modern Boston is Boston Marathon Day, which is held on Patriot's Day - the 3rd Monday in April which celebrates the American Revolution. Its a city and county holiday, and also always a home game at Fenway for the Red Sox, who start their game in the morning that day so that Fenway fans can empty out onto the street just as the runners are starting to cross the finish line. Over half a million people turn out every year for the event. Put it this way, experts estimated the Seahawks parade drew closer to 450,000 or so people - meaning every year Boston has a street party celebrating a foot race that makes Boston look like the Seahawks parade - every year.

2. "Menino was the classic party shill, the kind of go-along-to-get-along guy who puts his head down and hopes he doesn't get noticed." - Mayor Menino was the furthest thing from a keep his head down party shill. He was Boston's version of Chicago's Richard Daley. He ran a Boston party machine that ensured his continued re-election for 20 years and he left office only due to his ill health. During his time in office, his political power was both widely respected - and widely feared. You did not cross Menino - ever. He had zero fear of the City's police & firefighter unions. He shaped the City forever and had a hand in almost every major development project. When he took office, Boston was a partly tweedy college town married to townie recovering regional manufacturing center trying to figure out how to avoid getting stuck in second (or third) tier status forever. He completely reshaped downtown, including playing a major role in building an entire new neighborhood from scratch (the Seaport District - which is sort of Boston's SLU, except way more developed and far more complete) - as well as having overseen (and supported) Boston's evolution from the Irish townie City in Paul's head into a robust cosmopolitan & diverse city. Boston today is slightly over 50% African American, Latino & Asian. Whites are a minority in Boston.

3. "So Walsh threatening to boycott the St. Patrick's parade is tantamount to treason for some Bostonians. The fact that the mayor of one of the nation's largest cities is standing up against some guy who is proudly nicknamed "Wacko" is the height of political intrigue in Boston." - Actually, no. Mayor Menino boycotted the St. Patrick's Day Parade starting in...1994. For the exact same reasons. Except supporting the LGBT community back then by boycotting the Parade was a much bigger deal back then. Something the LGBT community recognized and appreciated - which is in part why the LGBT community in Boston were one of Menino's strongest supporters. He had their backs early on and it was reciprocated. (Mumbles Menino was also known as a very strong supporter of the immigrant community - having created an Office of New Bostonians to specifically provide linkages to City services for recent immigrants.) All Marty Walsh boycotting the parade is doing is signaling to the Good Ole Boys that just because he's an Irish kid from the Dot doesn't mean the clock is getting turned back to the 1980s. ALSO, you know who else is boycotting a St. Patrick's Day Parade because gays are barred from participating? NYC Mayor De Blasio. Bet you didn't know that NYC's St. Patrick's Day Parade also doesn't let LGBT Irish Americans march in their parade as well.

4. "I bet there are some uncomfortable conversations happening in Boston right now." - Actually, no. Bostonians in 2014 are strongly supportive of LGBT rights - and have been for quite a while. (See #3 above.) The reason Massachusetts legalized gay marriage a DECADE ago is because of strong grassroots support for LBGT rights - especially in Boston. When the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court legalized gay marriage, the City of Boston (under direction from Menino) set up a giant tent in City Hall Plaza (along with a band) to celebrate and honor all the people lined up that first day for wedding licenses. And when the homophobic Westboro Church type protestors showed up (in a pathetically small number), Menino stuck them in a fenced off holding pen way off in a corner in the Plaza, far enough away so nobody could hear them. Then he had the music loudspeakers turned up for good measure.

Paul, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
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