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Sep 6, 2012 Alcon Blackhawk commented on Washington State's Stupid Fucking Anti-Vaccine Hippies Now 14 Percent Less Stupid!.
@shams: 29% to 25% non-vaccination rate means a 14% decrease in the non-vaccinating rate -- not percentage points, but a decrease in the proportion.
Oct 28, 2011 Alcon Blackhawk commented on The Men and Women Behind Candidates who Win Local Elections.
This is pretty damn awesome
Jul 6, 2011 Alcon Blackhawk commented on Metro by the Numbers.
Would there be service revisions that might compensate for the superficially ridiculous cuts (like the 43)?
Mar 13, 2011 Alcon Blackhawk commented on My Week in Pictures.
See, I went for "maybe [a] dick." Which must be wrong, because the truth is "definitely a dick."
Feb 13, 2011 Alcon Blackhawk commented on Hello, I Am Fat.
There is no chance you will read this, Lindy, but whatevs. Both you and Dan are smart people with some good points here, but let me tell you why I loved this. Dan's putting himself out there by stoking the fires of prejudice. I'm sure he believes what he's saying, but he sure seems enthusiastic on the shaming part. Sorry, that's just not an aspect of humanity I'm up on tapping into. "Hitting bottom" can work but that's because it instills urgency, not self-loathing. Dan's shtick is more about self-loathing.

You, on the other hand, are putting yourself out there because you give a damn. You're not just saying how you feel, but you're saying why how you feel matters. It's rare someone can take such an intensely personal, emotional perspective and apply it so thoughtfully. Also, you're hilarious. I'm a heterosexual guy who fully admits to having slimmer body type preferences. But I don't give a damn: There is nothing in this post that is not absolutely gorgeous.

Oh, and even if you were completely wrong, you would totally have won this argument. You're an amazing read.
Dec 18, 2010 Alcon Blackhawk commented on Sexy Teens: Christians Really Hate Them! (And by "Hate" I Mean "Get Horny About").

Also, creepy ending vampire blood-drinking is the most decidedly unsexy thing I've seen today.
Dec 14, 2010 Alcon Blackhawk commented on Only the Good Die Young? Seattle Tops Region in Life Expectancy.
I thought that life expectancy was based on the average age of people dying now, but maybe not?
Dec 3, 2010 Alcon Blackhawk commented on A Rampage on 2nd Avenue.
I'm kind of concerned that stabbing someone in the neck is only a misdemeanor.
Nov 13, 2010 Alcon Blackhawk commented on Fuck Cindy McCain.
I'm not sure it's a reversal. Sounds kind of like she's standing behind the good-heartedness of her man's position, or whatever. One of those nonsensical "I think what you believe is logically indefensible, but respect you too much to judge it for that" deals that only politicians seem to delude themselves into thinking cogent. Or maybe I'm just being optimistic.
Nov 2, 2010 Alcon Blackhawk commented on The Taste of Freedom (Fries!).
Psst, The Counter...nice sentiment, but as is pointed out pretty much every election year, it's illegal.…