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May 11 ahumanbeing commented on Why Aren't These West Seattle Workers Making the Right Minimum Wage?.
Call me naive, but I have a hard time a company this size wouldn't meet their legal requirements. It just doesn't make a lot of sense. Maybe very small businesses that are unaware, but certainly this company has HR? I wonder what isn't shared here. I do have experience however realizing that people (smart professional folks) sometimes aren't really clear about what they are paid, so maybe there is some confusion?

If it is just blatant, then why would it take this long. You take your paycheck in with your hours and it shows you your hourly wage. End of discussion. You take legal action against the company. Okay, I know it isn't that easy, but a year if there is such blatant disregard?
Apr 18 ahumanbeing commented on University of Washington Report on Minimum Wage Shows "Little or No Evidence" of Price Increases in Seattle.
Still a bit early. Retail can't raise their prices, they compete with Amazon. They either make it or they don't. We are still only at $12 for small business, $13 for big. Let's give it a little time before we conclude this is a success or failure.
Apr 18 ahumanbeing commented on University of Washington Report on Minimum Wage Shows "Little or No Evidence" of Price Increases in Seattle.
Interesting. I see it every day, prices going up. But hey, if the studies don't show it, they don't show it.

#3 How can someone be so ignorant? There are so many, many, many laws coming at small business owners every day from city, county, state and federal it is pretty hard to stay on top of them and work 80 hours a week at your small business.

And of course the city sent one postcard the day before the change went into place. Pretty easy to miss.
Jan 8, 2015 ahumanbeing commented on Northgate Mall Wet Seal Employees Slam Company with Sign in Store Window.
@ 46

Retail employees have no idea how much the company is making just because they see the sales. Of course, a public company makes the financials public so that is no secret.

If you don't like working retail do something different. Personally, I think it is a way better environment working with customers than sitting in a cubicle pushing papers, trying to meet random deadlines.

Most retail businesses give their employees steep discounts on products.
Oct 14, 2014 ahumanbeing commented on Ed Murray's Black Former Press Secretary, Who Was Making Less Than Her White Colleagues, Claims Discrimination.
#13 - Have you every had employees?

There are times you simply have to tell them not to interrupt you. Or maybe worked with an annoying co-worked. I had a staff member who had to tell her office mate "do not talk to me" because he kept interrupting.

That doesn't speak to discrimination. It is ridiculous to think he hired someone then when they made serious mistakes he let her go, and that somehow it is related to gender or race?

$5,000 difference is a drop in the bucket. When you hire a new person, they negotiate or you round it up because you really want that person. It doesn't mean even that they are more or less experienced, just that they are in a position to negotiate at a given time. Perhaps if the next guy made $120 there would be something to discuss.
Jul 21, 2014 ahumanbeing commented on Interim Seattle Public Schools Superintendent Named.
You really have to wonder why we can't keep a superintendent. As it was Banda was the only candidate willing to take the job and he decided to get out after just one year. The other candidates dropped out of the race.

The district is way to big.

Jun 12, 2014 ahumanbeing commented on The Poor American Middle Class.
This is about net worth. I wonder why nobody ever talks about America's love affair with consumer debt. If we buy things before we can afford them, we really are never going to get ahead. It gets really hard with even a little credit card debt.

I don't believe those other countries have a culture of the same accumulation of stuff that they can't afford.

Jun 5, 2014 ahumanbeing commented on Shooting at Seattle Pacific University: Multiple Victims, One Fatality, Two Suspects in Custody.
I do think the question is, why now are our young men taking out their aggression in this random way? We have always had guns and we have always had mental illness. What have we added into the equation in the last 20 years?

Someone suggested income inequality and while I know nothing of this case, I don't think that any of our recent shooters were poor?
Jun 5, 2014 ahumanbeing commented on Two New Challenges to Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage Law.
@15 - Here is why it is more government in all of our lives.

First as a business/employee you are governed by the federal laws and agencies. Often, in particular for business owners that requires more paperwork, compliance and threats.

Secondly as a business/owner employee you are governed by the state employment laws including the Washington Department of L&I and Unemployment Agency. Again, paperwork, compliance and threats.

Now the city steps in adds yet another layer. Then how about the neighborhood steps in and creates their own department of labor & industries.

At some point it is too much. We can debate where that point is, but there absolutely a point where it is too much government intervention, too many layers weighing down the system.

As well, it effects other outside of the city. As I understand if you come into the city to work for two hours a week, you become a Seattle City employer and need to comply.

All of this stagnates business and since the state needs their income too, they have a strong interest in not wanting the city to stagnate business.

As an aside, the law at the federal and state require me to keep two entirely separate sets of books because they disagree with how to handle certain things. Now the city will come in and require a third set of books? That seems like too much government.

Jun 5, 2014 ahumanbeing commented on Two New Challenges to Seattle's $15 Minimum Wage Law.
@12 - All business is not the same. A corporation has a responsibility to maximize the profit to their owners. That is their goal and their CEO should be doing that. Of course I don't personally believe that maximizing profits means minimizing pay, but there are different business models.

Certainly Walmart could care less about service and Americans seems to agree, they just want their cheap stuff. Starbucks is an example, although they have become a pariah as of late, as a company that did well by their employees as a business strategy to deliver good service. Again, that works for them. People like Starbucks, and a big part of that is you are met with happy, friendly employees.

That is very different than a privately owned business. They don't have to maximize their profit. They have to make enough money to make it worth the time and risk. There are plenty of businesses that pay valuable employees well. Maybe not your definition of well, but far above minimum wage, currently $14 average non-managerial.

Personally I didn't give a lot of thought to wages when I started my business. I thought it would be a valuable addition to my neighborhood. I found good people. They told me how much they wanted and if they were reasonable I paid them. But as time went on and a couple years profit came and we grew I shared that, adding benefits and increasing pay. After six years in a high turnover business I've had only two people leave because they had to take over as breadwinner in their families and needed full benefits. I do not believe that I am alone or rare.