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Nov 25, 2016 Chareth Cutestory commented on How Green Is My Recount?.
...and that was directed @7.
Nov 25, 2016 Chareth Cutestory commented on How Green Is My Recount?.
@8 How's that going so far?
Nov 25, 2016 Chareth Cutestory commented on How Green Is My Recount?.
9% of Democrats voted for Trump. Exit polls from the New York Times here.
Nov 25, 2016 Chareth Cutestory commented on I’m Not Giving Jill Stein a Single Dollar.
There are so many falsehoods in this article.

"...Jill Stein took it upon herself to play the hero, launching a fundraising effort on Wednesday to file for recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan."

The Guardian reported that the activists who approached Clinton about a recount also approached Jill Stein. Clinton, more worried about a "smooth transition" to Trump's fascism, refused to intervene, but Stein agreed. It's nice to see that The Stranger believes responding to experts concerns is egocentric, especially after the Democrats spent the entire election accusing the Russians of interference. You may find yourselves enjoying the rhetoric of a Trump Presidency more than you think.

"(Her vote tally in Michigan and Wisconsin would have helped elect Clinton, assuming most of those votes were from liberals.)"

That's a pretty big assumption. Considering the anti-establishment mood of the electorate, you can't assume that these people wouldn't just stay home or leave their Presidential vote blank if Stein wasn't on the ballot. If you had looked, the exit polls would have showed you that at least 60% of these voters would have stayed home instead.

You know what's an easier assumption to make? That Clinton would have won if the 9% of self-described Democrats who ended up voting for Trump had voted for her instead.

"Stein launched her bid Wednesday—at first asking for $2.5 million. Then, she moved the goal post to $4.5 million. Now, she's aiming for $7 million."

She mentioned that she was aiming for $7 million from the start. It was written in bold at the bottom of the donation page you didn't read. Each landmark is another state that has been fully funded.

Then, you conclude by quoting personal attacks from less-than-reputable websites. For all your lamentations about fake news, you certainly seem happy to generate your own.

Nov 23, 2016 Chareth Cutestory commented on Jill Stein Is Now Demanding a Recount in Three States.
I'm usually a fan, Charles, but you've got to be kidding with this nonsense: "She [Sawant] wants us suddenly not to see the broken logic of her position on Trump today in connection with her position on Trump before he was elected."

The broken logic that she still supports creating a national third party free from the corporate influences inside the Democratic and Republican parties? Do you really believe that she wouldn't be out organizing against Hillary Clinton and the neoliberal Democratic establishment with the same vigor should Clinton have won instead of Trump? Unless you believe that the last three years of her aggressive organizing, protesting, and legislating against neoliberal Democrats doesn't count for some silly and philosophically abstract reason, you have no logical support for your position.

On another note, all I want for Christmas is a Jill Stein recount to hand the election to Clinton so those low-information, politically invested once-every-four-years, paternalistic, privileged, empire-loving Democrats can shut the fuck up forever about third party candidates.
Nov 23, 2016 Chareth Cutestory commented on Lisa Herbold Wins the Budget Fight.
I really hope the writers around here don't begin framing Sawant as a useless radical as revenge for her totally obvious and expected national third party support. You can never underestimate their ability to hold a petty grudge, though...

Locally, Sawant creates the space for this type of legislation. Without her, this wouldn't get passed. Hell, before she started making noise, Mayor Murray literally said it was impossible to use REET money to finance public housing. Seattle Weekly actually ran a good article about this on Monday - How $29 Million For Housing Went From Im….

Like #3 said, why not offer a critique of the council members that automatically block her?
Nov 16, 2016 Chareth Cutestory commented on "Awash in False Conspiracy Theories and Petulant Immaturity, Liberals Put Trump in the White House".
It's astounding how much Slog loves the Wall St Wing of the Democratic Party. I swear, you all must hate Bernie Sanders more than you hate Trump.
Oct 7, 2016 Chareth Cutestory commented on Elections Are Being Rigged, but Not to Supress Trump's White Flock.
@26: Your argument depends on how you view the Democratic Party. Is it merely a political country club which makes the occasional gesture toward diversity and inclusiveness, or is it one of the only two platforms through which a person can run for President and push a national agenda? If the party exists only as a country club, then your argument makes perfect sense. He certainly didn't play ball enough to get elected as its ideological leader for four years.

Let's be honest, though - Americans only care about Presidential elections, and it's impossible to run as an independent unless you happen to be a billionaire. You can call Sanders' campaign personal ambition, or you can believe it was a genuine fight against structural deficiencies and structural violence; either way, it seems cheap to fault him for recognizing this political reality and running as a Democrat. In the end, the DNC did accept him as a candidate and did promise to remain neutral throughout the contest. Around 45% of the voters accepted him as well.

In your example, I have no issue with someone moving onto a different job after they've been passed over for a promotion. Millennials are so in debt it's practically a way of life. It's also drastically different than a group of people trying to sabotage your career.
Oct 7, 2016 Chareth Cutestory commented on Elections Are Being Rigged, but Not to Supress Trump's White Flock.
@20: Imagine that had happened at your place of employment and you found out about it. Would you feel as though there was bias, even though the person at the top told everyone not to go through with it?

Other leaked emails also explicitly mentioned talking to sources regarding Sanders, so it isn't like they completely refrained from campaigning against him during the primary process. As far as his status as a Democrat, he caucused with the party for his entire time in the House and Senate, voted with them on most issues, endorsed Bill Clinton, and even campaigned for Barack Obama. Sanders isn't some far-left third party radical; he is (both figuratively and literally) a very old Democrat that no longer felt comfortable being part of the slick, corporate-minded party that the '70s and '80s brought us.

@22: That's a cute performance, but I don't think you sold it enough. Maybe more emotion next time?
Oct 6, 2016 Chareth Cutestory commented on Elections Are Being Rigged, but Not to Supress Trump's White Flock.
"If you can remember all the way back to the Democratic National Convention, a number of Bernie delegates threw up their arms and decried the 'rigged' system that they fully participated in."

Oh, stop being such a prick. By that stupid logic, black voters that "fully participate" in our current electoral clusterfuck shouldn't be complaining.

The reality is that Sanders supporters felt super delegates provided an unfair advantage for Clinton, mainly because 440 of them pledged their vote to Clinton before the primaries even started. Even the DNC chair said that they exist to prevent competition from grassroots candidates. I suppose it depends on your definition of rigging, but a person could not possibly be so dense as to think the Democratic primary was completely unbiased.

Also, don't forget about the DNC leadership, supposedly neutral throughout the contest, pitching negative stories about Sanders and attacking his faith. Totally unbiased.