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Mar 20, 2014 rockchalk commented on Let's Show Some Love to LGBT Organizations.
Little known fact: The Northwest Network director ( is a Kansan who invented the "angel wings" counter protest used to block out the Phelpses and their hateful garbage.
Mar 8, 2014 rockchalk joined My Stranger Face
Mar 8, 2014 rockchalk commented on Domestic Violence Gun Bill Passes Washington State Senate.
@5 This has been federal law for years but it is basically not enforced at all in our state because we have not had the corresponding state law in place. Even in King County. King County does a better job with surrender of weapons in criminal domestic violence cases than most anywhere else. But there are still huge gaps in the enforcement of firearms restrictions in civil dv protection orders. Obviously, a protection order is a whole lot less effective if the abuser gets to keep his guns. So that's why it is a big deal.…