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Mar 21 libertine commented on Amazon: Killing Jobs One Robot At a Time.
A self professed Marxist calling Keynes a great economist, despite Keynes' public and private condemnation of Marxism. This is the socioeconomic realm Mudede lives in.
Mar 20 libertine commented on Take the Same Self-Defense Class That the Golden Gardens Jogger Did—For Free!.
Only a false hearted half apology. They still try to ude it as a relevant example of... whatever, some mindless rambling, transhate, etc.
Mar 20 libertine commented on The Morning News: Dave Reichert Might Be Worse Than the Green River Killer, First Hill Streetcar Is Back.
At 7 mph a healthy human being can outpace the streetcar a fair distance jogging. Before the speed limit, a healthy person could outjog it the entire length of the Broadway flat.

Perhaps this is the new strategy in transit and exercise. Make all vehicles, Link included, run so slowly that everybody gets out and self powers their entire commute or telecommutes.

I could see someone trying to sell that in Seattle.
Mar 20 libertine commented on Take the Same Self-Defense Class That the Golden Gardens Jogger Did—For Free!.
There are also occasional free/donation self defense classes run by SOSea, and for the LGBTQ crowd there will soon be regular Q Patrol classes.

If you feel the need to learn self defense, somewhere in Seattle the right program is out there right now.
Mar 20 libertine commented on A Ride the Ducks Truck Smashes Into Yet Another Car.
@11, the Ducks are very dangerous. They had to have axle brackets added on just to drive on our streets (brackets the Duck involved in the fatal crash last year didn't have, which resulted in a one million dollar fine). Furthermore, their high bow and driver position create a huge blindspot in the front, big enough to hide a Kia in, apparently.

@12, Sir William of Ockham (1287-1347) is a man you may need to become familiar with then, since the saying is attributed to him.
Mar 20 libertine commented on A Ride the Ducks Truck Smashes Into Yet Another Car.
#6, other media outlets state the Duck driver is at fault. Specifically the driver didn't see the Kia from his vantage point and tried to merge into it, with such force that upon sideswiping the Kia the latter vehicle was spun 90 degrees into the classic t bone position.

Which is more believable, someone didn't see an infantry assault vehicle or the vehicle with the blind spot directly in front of it didn't see something directly in front of it? Granted, we don't know all the facts yet, but Ockham's Razor can still be applied.
Mar 19 libertine commented on Watching Trump Get Punked By Foreign Leaders Would Be Funnier If It Weren't So Sad.
@14, the NSA didn't start monitoring the communications of foreign nationals until 1986, with Libya. Considering their history dates back to 1917 with the CTS, that 69 year gap makes me think you do not understand the history of the NSA. Their origin lies in breaking codes, turning the ciphers over to the DIA once the codebreaking was done. During the Vietnam War, they monitored the communications of US nationals, not foreign ones. The NSA you are thinking of is a Reagan era change to the agency.
Mar 14 libertine commented on The Morning News: Seattle Runner Fights Off Attacker at Golden Gardens, Texas State Representative Proposes Bill to Fine Men for Masturbating.
Wasn't Herron assaulted on the 5th, over a week and 6 Morning News columns ago? This is some awfully stale news.
Mar 12 libertine commented on Mayor Murray Interrupted by Youth Jail Protesters During Irish Week Kickoff Speech.
@45, that's odd, since bone of the people I know who were incarcerated (regardless of age while incarcerated) ever mentioned ruminating over what got them there or what they did wrong. Most of them mention entering a shut down survivalist mindset, due to the gangs and violence they are now forced to coexist with. Such an experience is known to result in PTSD and recidivism by psychologists, not rehabilitation (self or otherwise).