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Paul Margolis
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Nov 14, 2012 Paul Margolis commented on 216 Nipples Later.
The bottom line is, If I showed up to work one day and there was a picture of a dick on the wall with my name under it, I would say "What the fuck is this?" It is my legal right to have my request for the piece to be removed honored.

That is the law. The problem and the reason the work was censored was the context of the piece and how it was shown in the workplace. It was not censored because of its content.

Honor the workplace. Wholeheartedly support and stand behind these two women for exercising their civil legal right to a safe and harassment free workplace.
Nov 8, 2012 Paul Margolis commented on Taking Whatshertits to Another Level: Ben Beres's Print Is Cut from a Show at Cornish.
And Thank you to Jen Graves. The article is very well written.
Nov 8, 2012 Paul Margolis commented on Taking Whatshertits to Another Level: Ben Beres's Print Is Cut from a Show at Cornish.
#11 is right on the mark. It does not matter if the piece is Good or Bad. It is not being censored because it contains boobs. The content and the context constitutes Sexual Harassment and I hope that Cornish is legal obligated to remove the work. The 2 women who complained have every right to complain. Their names and boobs were put on this art piece in their work place without their permission! Nobody wants to work in an environment that is uncomfortable or hostile.

I am a man and have been sexually harassed on two different occasions in my work place and I was not comfortable or brave enough to come forward and say something about. I simply avoided the work site where the harasser works.

We should congratulate these two women for being brave enough to come forward and we should stand behind their choice. Saying things like "That is Lame!!!" and "This is Bullshit!!!" only perpetuate and support Sexual Harassment in the workplace and make it more difficult for people to come forward in the future.
Jul 24, 2009 Paul Margolis commented on Mud on the Leaves and Mud at the Root.
A Stuckist! I challenge you to go see the instillation and then go look at more images of the performance and question anyone who went and then after all that, if you still feel the way you feel then more power to you! But If you are making these comments without having ever been to the installation, then there can be no single action that is more ignorant.

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